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Beware of rashness, but with energy and sleepless vigilance go forward and give us victories.
- Abraham Lincoln, Letter to Major General Joseph Hooker (January 26, 1863)

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Extractor in his main costume
· Science Scrapper ·
Energy Absorption
Energy Projection
Player: @Wravis
· Other Affiliations ·
Real Name
Gareth Koenig
February 29, 1992
Cardiff, Wales
joint United Kingdom and United States Citizen with no criminal record
Paragon City
Union Plaza, Talos Island
Hero, Intern, Student
Legal Status
Registered Hero of Paragon City
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Dr. Tobias Koenig (Father), Dr. Teagan Koenig (Mother)
Physical Traits
Homo sapiens
Apparent Age
146 lbs
Body Type
Powers & Abilities
· Equipment ·
HUD-equipped Goggles
· Other Abilities ·
Multilingual, Genius IQ, Chemistry, Biology



Extractor has the ability to absorb and store most forms of energy into his muscles, which greatly increases their effectiveness.

Energy Absorbtion

The extra energy means Extractor has the ability to run at great speeds, and leap great distances. He is able to channel the absorbed energy to specific areas of his body to increase specific functions, such as muscle repair, or to his entire body to enhance his physical stamina overall. Extractor is in the habit of keeping a steady flow of extra energy to his brain to increase his basic senses, as well as provide a resistance to psionic attacks.

If he is about to fall in battle, Extractor has the ability to absorb a large quantity of energy into his body in a quick burst, which usually revitalizes him, allowing him to continue fighting.

Energy Projection

Extractor can channel the energy he absorbs into his hands, and project small bursts of condensed energy short distances. This is Extractor's preferred method of fighting as it does not involve shattering his hands every time he punches something. When desperate, Extractor has the ability to expel almost all of the energy in his body, which causes a massive pulse of energy to hit everything in his surroundings (this is the roleplay explanation for using the "Self Destruct" power).

Additional Powers

Although not a combat ability, Extractor is also able to stay awake for very long periods of time. Due to his ability to provide a steady flow of energy to his brain, Extractor does not need to sleep to conserve and recharge. However, because sleep also increases the body's immune system and repair functions, after about a week, Extractor does have to sleep.


Genius IQ, Multilingual (English, German, Welsh, French, Dutch, Russian), Extensive scientific knowledge (Biology, Chemistry, Genetics)

Weaknesses and Limitations

Extractor can only project energy about 30 feet. Extractor has never tested the limit on the amount of energy he can absorb. His body temperature rises if he absorbs "too much", but he has never attempted to quantify it.


Most of Extracor's costume has no special function. He wears it for cosmetic reasons, aside from protecting his identity. However, his goggles have a HUD that displays a map of the city, a compass, coordinates, the current temperature, his body temperature, and the codename of the people who are talking to him over his communicator. The inside of his goggles have receivers for the energy he absorbs so he can adjust the settings of the HUD (like changing the brightness, zooming in on the map, etc.) by sending different amounts of energy to them.



Character History

Early Career

Gareth Koenig was born in Cardiff, Wales on February 29th, 1992. His father was a German biochemist and his mother was a Welsh geneticist. Gareth was born with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. His parents moved to Paragon city to work for SERAPH when Gareth was 5.

Gareth's early life was relatively uneventful. Because of his medical condition, Gareth spent most of his time either with his parents and their coworkers in Galaxy City, or studying, as he could not play sports or be very active. He entered elementary school the year after arriving in America. He didn't have many friends in elementary school, because he could not play with the other kids without getting tired. Gareth spent most of his time at the labs and offices of SERAPH.

Muscular Dystrophy

Middle School was a big change for Gareth. His Muscular Dystrophy was progressing, and he was no longer able to stand, so he had to use a wheelchair. To make matters worse, his classmates stopped simply ignoring him, and started teasing Gareth. Although he loved learning, Gareth began to hate school, and most people his age. Whenever Gareth was not at school, he was hanging around the SERAPH offices and labs, assisting and learning from his parent's closest friends, who Gareth began to consider part of his family. He never associated with his classmates outside of school.

Unbeknownst to Gareth, his parents, and some of their closest colleagues, had spent the past few years researching ways to cure Gareth. They kept it a secret because they were not optimistic, and didn't want to get Gareth's hopes up. Although Gareth could tell they were hiding something from him, he assumed they were hiding their despair that he was going to eventually die from his illness.

The research they used consisted mostly of the medical data of the Super Heroes they worked with. Gareth was often introduced to these heroes, but he never thought much of them, because he met them when they were not working, so he only saw them as people. By the time Gareth was nearing graduation, the scientists at SERAPH believed they had found a cure.

Gareth’s parents and their colleagues decided to surprise Gareth after his 8th Grade graduation ceremony with the news. They explained everything to Gareth, and told him it was his choice whether or not to undergo the procedure. Gareth was eager to proceed. He was well aware that his illness was fatal, so to him he didn't have anything to lose. They carried out the procedure.

They put Gareth in specially designed machine that simultaneously injected Gareth with multiple samples of mutated Dystrophin, various modified DNA sequences from heroes, and exposed him to a high concentration of beta particles. It worked, but there were unexpected effects. The DNA used didn’t just work, it gave Gareth superhuman powers. An unintended side effect caused by the DNA samples of the heroes that were manipulated to create the cure gave Gareth the power to absorb energy from his surroundings into his body. Eventually Gareth also discovered that he could focus this energy around his hands and project, at very short distances, bursts of kinetic energy.

Into the "Normal" World

Gareth spent the summer before freshman year building up his muscles and relearning how to walk. For the first time in his life, Gareth felt energetic. He could run for hours and never get tired. More importantly though, Gareth discovered that he could study for hours and never get tired. Although he was urged by the scientists at SERAPH to learn to harness his powers so that he could eventually become a hero, Gareth felt it was more important that he continue his studies so that one day he could become a scientists, and perhaps find a real cure for Muscular Dystrophy. One without side effects.

High School was a very different experience than Middle School. Gareth found that people actually noticed him. They wanted to be his friend. Unfortunately, they wanted to be the new Gareth's friend. Gareth wouldn't have minded, but he quickly found out that after years of only ever talking with scientists, Gareth didn't know how to talk to anyone else. This became apparent to anyone who tried to get to know him, and they quickly lost interest. His teachers, however, loved him. He was the perfect student. He had all the answers, did all his work, and never acted as if he knew more than anyone, even when it was true. After realizing he wasn't very good at making friends, Gareth once again set his focus on his studies. Gareth took 14 AP classes in High School. He scored of 5 in Chemistry, Biology, and German, and a 4 in the rest. Gareth graduated #1 in his class. He achieved a perfect score on the ACT, and a 2390 on the SAT.

Gareth only applied to two schools; MIT and Harvard. He received a full scholarship to both schools, but chose MIT because most of the SERAPH scientists he was closest to either went to MIT, or did not like Harvard. Gareth attended a full year with a double major in Biology and Chemistry, and a double minor in Energy Studies and German. He finished the first year with a 4.3 GPA. At the beginning of Gareth's second year of college, he headed back to Paragon city to join a SERAPH research team as part of MIT's Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program.

Wake-Up Call

Gareth was working in Galaxy City on the day it was destroyed. He was in a lab with some SERAPH scientists when the building they were in was attacked by the Shivan. Gareth did his best to hold off the Shivan and let the SERAPH scientists escape. Gareth quickly regretted never training with his powers, because he was unable to hold off the Shivan for long. Gareth was knocked down, and watched as the Shivan tore the building apart. A piece of the building fell and hit Gareth in the head and knocked him out.

Gareth was shaken awake by a SERAPH scientist who was badly injured and clearly dying. Gareth got up and tried to help the scientist out of the rubble, but the scientist stopped him. After a failed attempt to persuade the scientist to let Gareth carry him out, Gareth cleared a spot and eased the man onto his back.

When word got back to MIT about the incident, they granted Gareth two years leave without revoking his scholarship. Gareth headed back to Paragon city almost immediately. He registered to be a hero. He designed and purchased an outfit from Icon, and hit the streets. The last words of the SERAPH scientists ringing in his head.

"Go, protect the city."


  • SERAPH: Gareth Koenig is an intern at the Atlas Park branch of SERAPH.


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