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Death on a moonlit night...
Dominick Von'Carston
Player: Ltbaked
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 41
Personal Data
Real Name: Dominick Loren Von'Carston
Known Aliases: The Blind Jester, Fool (or taken as an mocking insult…) The Crippled Clown
Species: Undead (Vampire)
Age: 383
Height: 6' 2''
Weight: 240lbs (with wings and armor)
Eye Color: Purple
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Unknown
Occupation: Left hand to the Earl of Orchards
Place of Birth: Central Europe near the southern border of modern day Germany
Base of Operations: Unknown
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Dominick is extremely proficient with his blades and has mastered numerous combinations to carry out his duties as quickly as possible with the least effort required
Known Abilities
Being a sworn servant to the Earl of Orchards, Dominick's wounds heal at an accelerated rate and he feels less pain compared to that of a normal being. He might even be given life again if the Earl so wills it in his favor.
Two, 3' blades, Shattered Eye pendant and ticket roll to The Carnival
383 years of life without the release of permanent death has left him with internal organs made of sand and dust and a tendency to talk to himself when he's bored.

This is Dominick, my blood sucking (although not really), undead, cynical, slightly-off-center, self defeating character. Enjoy. (adding more as I can, just couldn't let it sit blank, sorry for the sparseness)



"Nearly four hundred years I have assisted the Earl in his endeavor to achieve never ending glee, a constant state of bliss and happiness. His efforts have been most fruitful thus far and I would venture to maintain it as such. Should you leave me no other choice I will dispose of you quickly and quietly without hesitation, I must admit I would be depressed to have to do so to such lovely company… please enjoy your stay."

-Dominick Von’Carston

Dominick is a man with no self motivation, he’s failed to find his personal role in life and such has devoted it to helping the Earl of Orchards run The Carnival. His jobs are numerous in the Earls service, but none take up so much time as the collection of fluids and tissues for the less devout members of the Earls inner circle.

Normally a society would brand people like him a murderer and demand the proper authorities hunt him down and burn him alive (he’s had experiences like this before). The Earl expected this, but hadn’t expected him to find a loop hole. For in the history of humanity someone has always wanted someone else killed. Dominick used this to make his job extremely easy. It was as simple as killing those who society had already condemned to being in the service of evil. He made his way across the world, globe trotting continents in the guise of the soldiers of various militaries, collecting everything from blood and bones to skulls and skins from those he defeated.

His inventive (somewhat obvious) solution to a problem the Earl had been wrestling with for years, quickly earned him the affection and trust of the Earl and his closest compatriots. He was the first servant of the Earl in over one thousand years, to also become one of his best friends.

Though Dominick is not dim-witted and the Earl is far from frail, the two have taken on a ‘Brawn-and-Brain’ relationship. The Earl stays in The Carnival and organizes equipment, entertainment, money and other resources while Dominick makes it his mission to procure more to be managed. Relatively recently the appearance of the Carnival of Shadows has made the Earl concerned for the renown of The Carnival. Hundreds of wackos running around in masks causing strife and havoc using a Carnival as a disguise are not going to draw the right type of attention to his achievement.

The Carnival

"For thousands of years I have watched the societies of this earth twist and turn themselves over and over. They create death and destruction for their own sick enjoyments, namely this new woman, Vanessa DeVore, and her ilk in the ‘Carnival of Shadows’. In all my time on this earth, those who have sustained me have done it willingly or by grace of mercy from my left hand Dominick. I will not stand by and have the reputation of our method of entertainment soiled by her debauch ideals or the ideals of those who would kill for pleasure.

With that said… where’s the Sherry?"

-The Earl of Orchards

The Carnival (not to be confused with the Carnival of Shadows) is a non-stop party with tens of thousands of beings, started and supplied by the Earl of Orchards, a man known for his love of fine wine (and finer women). The on-goings of The Carnival generally keep themselves light in mood and spirit even with the usual eccentric entrances Dominick makes early in the morning.

Though most would consider those who practice dark magic in any way to be unsettling to be associated with or near, those affiliated with the Earl of Orchards are more mischievous than malevolent. His company numbers many, from all walks of life and all races imaginable. The Earl holds no previous transgression against his guests and customers and as long as they’re not lighting things on fire or causing great distress to his other company he doesn’t much care what you do in his presence.

Due to the earls’ lax attitude towards the inclusion of guests Dominick has come across many strange albeit interesting individuals and groups of people and creatures in his service. Here’s a few.

The Earl

Taking form in a pudgy prolific man who looks to be in his early thirties, the Earl of Orchards is a man of mystery. Completely selfish and undeserving of everything he has while at the same time being able to show boundless compassion and tolerance when needed. The Carnival is his greatest achievement, creating a place where every type of being in the known (and sometimes the unknown) parts of the universe can co-exist without harsh attitudes or prejudice. Where the Earl comes from is unknown, some say he was bred for the soul purpose of creating The Carnival, other’s say he is a defeated military officer from the Middle Ages. Dominick doesn’t really care either way, he is his servant in exchange for everlasting life and that’s all he needs to know.

Four of Souls

The Four of Souls can be most compared to a pack of cards, four groups of individuals sharing similar characteristics but separated by ideals. Tied by their packaging like cards are, they are the physical representations of the four emotions, each with their own leader (named after their respective attitude) and followers.

Misery (The Throes)

The aspect of misery is lead by The Throes, a man with deep personal issues and a low self esteem problem. His subjects are typically clad in purples and grays. Two purple tears on the outside of a larger tear enclosed in a circle, is recognized as their symbol.

Elation (The Ecstasy)

Elation, the emotion of happiness, controlled and guarded by The Ecstasy and her minions, clad in light blues and off whites they live lives of complete enjoyment and are as such the favored of the four by the earl, who finds himself embraced by Ecstasy and her followers for his hedonistic nature. The symbol of Elation is a large, deep blue, smiling mask.

Dread (The Horror)

The Horror watches over the domain of Dread, taking the form of a timid little girl dressed in a Victorian style gown. The Horror has never won a fight. She’s never had to fight one, most of those who challenge her go insane and kill themselves before confronting her in battle. Followers of Dread drape themselves in dark greens and browns. A large green screaming skull represents Dread.

Lust (The Coveted)

Lust and general feelings of desire or love are lead by The Coveted a fast talking pretty boy wearing stylish light pink and red clothing. His attitude towards life is much like Elation’s though he never finds himself truly happy, always in a state of want and craving he’s the ultimate addict. His companions are generally dressed in the most lavish of clothing always trying to outdo themselves and others. More than once The Coveted has gotten into a fight with a mirror and won. A heart surrounded by two roses has been adopted as their crest.

The Hands

Even gangsters require a retreat from the daily city life of gunning down rivals, selling drugs and woman and shooting their way to the top. The Hands are a small gang of elite thugs, hit men and con artists lead by Elario Mannecci. They have no quarrel with the Family, as they are often employed by their members for tasks requiring a subtle touch.


The reds are the basic division of The Hands, pushing drugs and other illegal products at the street level. Though not to be confused with common criminals because of their strain of business, Reds are conniving, cheating, thieving no-good crooks who’ll do anything to further their own enjoyment. They’re also the most fun to be around.


Whites are members of the more secretive of the Hands, typically hit men and spies. These members take out contracts for large sums of cash and are naturally the ones who enforce the will of Mr. Mannecci.

Elario Mannecci

Elario is the man behind the Hands, building from a small group of hometown friends and family members; he laid the foundation for his success using his own hands. He entered The Carnival on personal invitation of the Earl of Orchards and has a contract to deliver drugs and other items of consequence in exchange for money and free service from the carnivals other suppliers.

Pyk Demons

Pyk Demons are the lowest common denominator in demon pecking orders. They are roughly the height of a tall wine glass and, due to their extra-dimensional tissues, weigh about as much as a quarter. These little buggers have nothing better to do than cause havoc and play practical jokes on everyone in The Carnival. Having no where else to go (other than back to the demon realms where they’re nothing better than food) the earl keeps a nest of roughly one thousand in The Carnival under the presumption that they won’t light anything on fire.

The Undead

Ah, the undead. As normal when talking about these… unique members of society, they’re usually taken in completely the wrong way. The undead of The Carnival are not the mindless servants to the desire for warm flesh one would normally expect to find. These special members of The Carnival are usually the direct servants to the Earl (it’s easier getting to know a staff of over four thousand if most of them are already dead).

The Earl has even gotten his hands on some more rare commodities, ghosts and ghouls of long deceased heroes (and villains) and a virtual who’s who of celebrities. You might even be able to find a few loved ones roaming in the pits.


The Carnival would be interesting enough even without the entertainers working full time to keep everyone amused. It’s near impossible to shy away from crowds in The Carnival; entertainers are always there to pull you back into the fray of enjoyment with smiles, laughter, painted faces (and a healthy dose of cleavage for the more stubborn men)

Tight rope walkers, minstrels, jugglers and magicians, men swallowing swords, breathing fire and walking on stilts. The entertainment at The Carnival has all its bases covered and they’re pleased to please you.

The Majority

The Majority rules these days, because that’s what they are, the Majority. Ravers, punks, rockers, rappers and normal party-goers still make up 70% of The Carnivals populous. Anyone with a ticket can get in and anyone who works for the Earl can give out tickets. The Majority consists of a little bit of everything you can find on the streets of Paragon from Arachnos to Wyvern, the Banished Pantheon to the Vahzilok.

Tales from the Shattered Eye

The Shattered Eye pendant around Dominick’s neck records the events and actions taken part in by the wearer and those around him. A gift from the Earl of Orchards, Dominick has used it to collected 364 years of first person accounts of his life. Mainly for the entertainment of the Earl (who likes to keep up to date on Dominick’s activities), the pendant also serves as an amazing tool in amusing the Earls close compatriots. Care to see a few?

The First Years of the Dying





Great Terror and Great Profit

Of Saints on your Sanity

Skipping the Pond

Setting up Shop

Spreading the Word

- Although most of Dominick's organs have turned to dust, he still has two that work perfectly fine.
- Dominick isn't completely blind, he can see body heats and life forces.
- 'The Blind Jester' isn't just a title, Dominick can juggle, sing, dance and entertain in many ways.
- With organs of dust Dominick doesn't bleed, however he does empty out like a sandbag quite nicely.
- Dominick's 'armor' is made of heavy cloths and skin tight materials to protect him from the sunlight when his business takes him out during the day.

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