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((This Profile is very old and is currently being reworked. Please disregard anything you see here for now.


"I just became 10% more awesome, that brings me up to 230%"
Player: @Archimedes-88
Basic Data
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Controller/Warshade
Security Level: 50/rising
Occupation: Member of New Age Mutants
Personal Data
Real Name: Dorreen Samantha Winter
Known Aliases: Side-shift, SS, Shifty, Side
Species: Mutant
Age: 15, Aged herself to look 17
Height: 5'7
Weight: 100
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Blue
Blood Type: Void
Biographical Data
Birthplace: Paragon City
Birthdate: June 16, 1994
Citizenship: Thai American
Current Residence: New Age Mutants Base.
Team Afilliations: New Age Mutants
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Dating Jacob Fayte
Known Languages
Known Relatives
Gabriel Winter: Adoptive Father, Francis Porter: Father, Brittany Porter: mother
Known Powers
Destructive powers fueled by the void energy from the black hole in her chest. Formerly: Reality Control.
Training / Abilities
Suit designed to contain and focus her powers.


Early Years

"After Dad got rich, I dont think the Rents gave two shits about me."'

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"I needed food, shelter, and protection. And they needed a teleporter."

((coming soon))


Joining NAM

"The greatest thing that ever happened too me was being captured by Keira . . .she brought me to N.A.M."

((coming soon))


Current Status

"Everything's going to hell . . .But its always like that so it's okay."

((coming soon))



"People whose lives have become that much more awesome by knowing me"

((If you think you are a friend of SS's and I havent put you here yet, Add your name and ill put what she thinks about you. ))

  • Gabriel Winter: Leader of N.A.M., and her father. Gabe is one of the very few people Dorreen will listen too. They first met after Keira brought her in and she tried to pickpocket him as he was waiting for her in the D. He was very good-natured about it. Soon after joining he offered to adopt her and she immediately jumped at the chance.
  • Nigredo Fist: Albert is another one of those people who Dorreen will listen to. Second in command of N.A.M., whenever she has a problem he is one of the first people she will go to. More of a big brother then a leader to her, she constantlly looks up to him.
  • Glimmer: If Albert is like a big brother to her, Then Glimmer is a big sister. They got off to a rocky start, what with Dorreen stealing from her over and over again. But they soon became fast friends, and Dorreen will go to her whenever she needs moral support.
  • Enterphase: Every family needs a drunken uncle, and Enter fits the bill perfectly. Violent and rude, he rubs nearly everyone wrong. But Dorreen love him very much. Hates it when she says he is nice, so she calls him a asshole.
  • Jacob Fayte: A young mutant in N.A.M.. Jacob is a close friend of Dorreen's, and they often get into mischeif together. She has a not so small crush on him.
  • Lightmare: Another person who Dorreen got off on the wrong foot with. They generally hated each other, until Lightmare saved her life. They are now the best of friends. She knows more about Dorreens life then anyone else.
  • Knight Sentinel: Always perfect, always right, she just wishes he could fail and become as flawed as she is. But no matter how many times she insults him, or steals from him, or yells at him, he just stands there and smiles, or delivers a fine speech. The hate she has for this man can only be descibed as the with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns! . . . She really wishes he would come back.
  • Aquila Hawk: Initially viewed as a totally stick in the mud she has grown very close to Kyle, enjoying his company. He has saved her life several times. Had a small crush on him at one time, but has given it up.
  • Matt King: A good friend, he watched over her during a trip to another dimension where she feel terribly Ill. She has decided to be nicer to him as he is dating her close friend Glimmer.They have grown closer together after Glimmers disappearance.
  • American Avenger.: One of the people she loves to bug, She likes to sit in his office as he recuits new people and make fun of them loudly.
  • Lo' Puma: Dorreen's thought on Puma "GOD DAMN JACKASS!"
  • Blue Mage: or as Dorreen calls him, Preacher. Some sort of priest for some sort of religon. A little "preachy", be he is alright in the end.



" . . . Let's not talk about him, okay?"



"Wanna see them!?"

Side-Shift has many tattoo's. ((not sure what any of these look like, if you want to take a crack at drawing it give me a message In-game.))

  • On her forearms, from her elbow to wrists, are scenes of Wild Fires, Earthquakes, Lightning Storms and Avalanches. She has about two of each scene on each arm.
  • Starting next to her Right eye, extending to her left eye is a intricate tribal design.
  • Between her shoulder blades is the thai word for Thief.
  • Vertically down her right arm are the letters N A M.
  • On the outside of each ankle are little animish Angel wings.
  • On her lower back is a black circle surrounded by curved black lines, or a Black Hole ((Sun 2 from chest detail))



"Everybody knows I'm the best."

((If you are a friend of Side-Shift, Put what you think about her here.))

  • "Dorreen is a very interesting young lady. I haven't known her for that long, but I have come to see past her rebellious nature. Underneath it all, she is a sweet girl, and one of these days, she will be a great hero to the people of Paragon City." - Matt King's thoughts about Dorreen.
  • "What can you say about Dorreen..really. At a glance you'd think she was a rotten little kid..well..ugh, nevermind. What I'm trying to say is that despite her first impressions, take the time to speak with her. An amazing teleporter and friend, I will continue to speak with her whenever I have the chance." - Aquila's thoughts about Dorreen.
  • "Side-shift...there's a great deal to be said about that young woman. I'm not sure I have the faculty to put it to words. I have been impressed by her sheer power but am concerned for her demeanor. She often seems at a state of...unrest. I hope that she finds some measure of peace in the years to come." - The Knight Sentinel's thoughts about Dorreen.
  • "I often find myself shielding attacks directed at Dorreen. I don't always hear a thanks, but I know she thinks it. She is a pleasure to be around when she's not stirring up false rumors about me. If times get rough, I'll always be there to get take that /sucker/ punch to the stomach for her." - American Avenger.
  • "There are many things I could say about Dorreen. And I'm aware that many people don't like the first impressions that they get of her. But I will say this. She's a wonderful and good-hearted girl. Despite her mischievious disposition, she's a very good friend." - Albert's thoughts.
  • "Dorreen's my best friend. If you're smart, you'd be her friend too." - Lightmare's thoughts
  • "Dorreen is the best daughter one could wish for, sure shes a little stubborn, but I love her. Shes smart, talented and great in every way. -Gabriel Winter's thoughts



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