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Jon Fargo circa 03/2006
Player: @Helostrom
Origin: Science
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 20
Personal Data
Real Name: Jonathan Fargo
Known Aliases: Jon
Species: Human (augmented)
Age: 43
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 250 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Hero
Place of Birth: Paragon City
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None living
Known Powers
Fire blasts, minor ice control
Known Abilities
High level of education.
None on file
Accomplished Scientist

What could only be described as a "new-old" character, Drakenul was my first (and failed) attempt at doing any sort of RP. For recent storylines involving the characters Toxpin and Helostrom, it seemed right to bring him back.



During his first run as a hero in Paragon, Jon was all about being a classic hero. Help others, square jaw, all of it. Then he went on a road trip and decided he didn't like himself like that. Two years on the road, and he's returned, a lot more like a brash kid than anything else, despite his age. After all, what the heck, if you're gonna go about life and death business, you can't be so life and death about it and stay sane, right?


Despite being very different forces, Drakenul has found that he can control both fire and ice, although fire tends to come more naturally. This manifests itself much in the way the game depicts it, he throws or projects flames, fire bolts, and fire balls, and then lets nature take over with the results. Similarly, he forms and shapes ice, both near and far to trap enemies or as a nasty surprise for someone who gets too close. In addition to these abilities, his metahuman abilities have granted him the ability to fly.


Jon Fargo currently holds a position in the Zenvious Foundation. He has formerly worked with Power's Allegory as a hero, and prior to becoming a hero worked for Crey Industries Biotech division.


Prior to his employment at Crey, Jon Fargo lived a rather unremarkable life, an only child with a mind for science. He earned a PhD in Chemical Engineering from PCU, leading to his work at Crey.

Worst Job Ever

Originally hired on to then fledgling Crey as a drug researcher in the 1990s, as Crey grew, Jon's job changed. Interested in nanomaterials, and their uses in treating injuries, he was assigned to Project: Therasin to design a material that could be constructed by nannites in the human blood stream to speed healing major wounds. For the majority of the project, he worked in a lab, designing and testing materials via computer simulation, and after a year of research, his team discovered nine possible compounds that needed further testing. Unknown to him, a captive subject involved in a recently completed project was moved to his first human tests.

Discovering the source of his "volunteer subject", Jon used the computer simulation controls to reprogram the nannites in the subject's body to create an unstable compound that with proper control mechanisms in place would grant him metahuman qualities. The subject, Jacob Wyatt, escaped after the reprogrammed nannites were activated, gaining control over fire. Wyatt would later go on to become Helostrom after the Rikti war.

After the incident, Therasin was scrubbed, and Jon was reassigned to Project Nueva for four months to oversee then nanotechnology elements involved before being sent to work on Project: Thermo, a PR friendly project to find a pharmaceutical remedy for hypothermia, started after a group of kids died from the disease in a terrible accident off the coast of Nova Scotia. Funded in part by the Canadian government, Jon's joint lead on the project discovered the sabotage of Therasin, and after three months of animal trials, all unsuccessful, leaving the mice tested dead of uncontrolled mutations, injected the last test serum into Jon forcefully.

This injection left Jon in a coma, but alive, from 2001 to December 2004, awakening months after Statesman call for heroes. Now possessing metahuman powers of his own, he discovered he had already undergone the first stage mutation that occured in the mice, and began to track his symptoms.

Symptoms of PT224.8

The first two stages of mutation are shown as they affect human subject zero. Stages three and four observed in animal subjects only. This is only a brief summary, full details classified.

Stage One: Dissolution of fat tissue, mass transferred to muscle. Subject appears to be perfectly fit at this stage. Hypothermia disappears. Goal stage with possible side effect that can be marketed as obesity aid? Metahuman abilities develop.

Stage Two: Loss of five percent bone mass, further increase of muscle mass percentage. Subject takes on appearance of high level athlete. Bone loss and muscle gain continue slowly through this stage.

Stage Three (animal results only): Loss of organ mass, further increase of muscle mass. Nervous system shows damage, mobility decreased. Reproductive system destroyed entirely on all male subjects. Major reproductive harm in female subjects.

Stage Four (animal results only): Central Nervous system shutdown, all internal tissue converts to muscle. Death.

First time out

In the middle of 2005, Jon Fargo appeared in public as Drakenul, wearing a makeshift costume, likened to a faded bathrobe. Shortly thereafter, and for the rest of his first campaign as a hero, designed professionally by Icon employees, undergoing a small number of cosmetic changes throughout. During this campaign, Drakenul worked his way to Security Level 31 before leaving the city to begin his long road trip. Only briefly during this time did he involve himself with other heroes, when he witnessed a confrontation of the hero Xanatos and a group of villains.

Hitting the Road

From sometime in early 2006, until December 2007, Drakenul took to the road, choosing to enjoy what life he believed he had left, entirely believing that he would progress to stage three mutation outside of the city. Prescribed a regimen of calcium and vitamin D supplements, in addition to osteoporosis drugs, he travelled west for much of his trip, ending up in Arizona.

In late October 2007, a group of heroes from the Zenvious Foundation, including Nick Wyatt, were mentioned in Phoenix area newspapers for a battle at Kitt Peak Observatory against the Council. Recognizing the name Wyatt, he decided to return to Paragon.

Back in Black

Arriving in Paragon two months later, Jon Fargo immediately settled back into an apartment and costume, once again professionally designed by Icon. Having heard about the Foundation in Arizona, he set about applying for a position there, before he had even re-established himself as much of a hero. Much more physically present than he has ever been, with the carefree attitude he adopted on the road, he's once again settled into heroics, quickly working up to a security clearance level 16, and resecuring his right to fly within city limits.

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