Duncan Prydain

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Duncan Prydain
Player: @Big Lunk
Origin: Magic.gif
Archetype: Controller.gif
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Duncan
Known Aliases: Duncan De Prydain
Species: Human
Age: over 1500 years old.
Height: 6'
Weight: 190lb
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Multiple
Occupation: Salesman
Place of Birth: Flavia Caesariensis province, Britania.
Base of Operations: '
Marital Status: Widower
Known Relatives: None of note
Known Powers
Immortality, nature control through magic.
Known Abilities
Various magics, and divination.



Despite his age, Duncan has not aged since he became immortal, so retains the appearance of a young adult.
Duncan also has a large but faded scar on the front of his abdomen, with a matching one on his back, a smaller scar on his lower abdomen, and two faded bullet wounds, one on his shoulder, and the other on the left side of his chest.
He has an average, if slightly stocky, build, and has developed a small beer belly from years of high alchohol consumption.

Becoming Immortal

Born almost two millenia ago during the Roman occupation of Britain, to a native family of the Coritani tribe, Duncan spent his formative years training to become a druid under a group avoiding the religious prohibition.
When their grove was raided, their Archdruid attempted to raise an enchantment to protect them, but was killed before he could complete it, and the soldiers cut down everyone they found, including the young apprentice, Duncan.

Awaking some time later, Duncan found that the enchantment had left him immortal, although not impervious to pain or short term damage.


With little in the way of tradeskills, Duncan became a drifter, traveling the length of the country, working where he could, and entertaining locals by performing small magic at inns to pay for food.
Eventualy, these tricks were noticed by a band of entertainers, who invited him to join them, and travel across Europe

Duncan spent many years with the band, although they eventauly out aged him, and he then settled in Byzantine. It was during this time he began to be known as "Duncan De Prydain", Duncan of Britain.

Trinkets and curios

Duncan set up a small shop, selling charms he created, objects he had picked up in his travels, and herbal remedies.
Over the years, his business has moved from the Eastern Roman Empire, to Northern Europe, through to the Chinese coast, and back again, setting up stall for a decade or two, then moving on when he thought the market had nothing more to give.

For the last 50 years, Duncan had been running a used book shop in Darwin, Australia.


After accepting an offer from Tyrfing to purchase his store, Duncan began working with the company as an antiquities advisor and sales representative.
He volunteered himself to be part of the US expansion team solely as it was "somewhere he hadn't seen yet".


Duncan's immortality manifests as being unable to remain dead. Although he can be killed, and has been on more than one occasion, it is temporary, with duncan regaining conciousness after a time.
He still retains scars from incidents where he has died, but the nature of his immortality causes any fatal wound to be healed to a point where he can function again.
With many years of practice and learning, Duncan has developed a high skill in magic, specificaly in the realm of nature control, being able to control and cause burst growth in plantlife, as well as localised weather and geological control.
He is also adept at divination through augury and cleromancy
Duncan also has some knowledge of herbal remedies.

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