Eindeloze Brand

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EindelozeBrand Saber.
Eindeloze Brand
Player: Merg
Origin: Science
Archetype: Blaster/Scrapper
Security Level: 44/39
Personal Data
Real Name: Brandon Richards
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Age: 14
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 100 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Student
Place of Birth: Paragon City
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Dating
Known Relatives: none living
Known Powers
Persistent bodily combustion
Known Abilities
novice fighting ability, practiced artistic skills
fireproof metal suit, personal force field generator
Young and shy, but with fire.

Eindeloze Brand is a teenage boy cursed with a constantly combusting body. For years he relied on a bulky metal suit to protect others from his flames, but now enjoys the freedom of a compact field generator. He's normally quiet and shy, but has a big heart and always tries to do the right thing.




Brandon Richards spent most of his early life alone. He went to school but didn't really have any friends, and the only hobby he seemed to have was playing with the modeling clay his parents had given him for his birthday. But that all changed during his 11th year.

Eindeloze Brand with suit.
An explosion at a nearby Crey chemical factory doused Brandon's apartment building with experimental toxins, leaving many people dead, including his parents. But instead of killing Brandon, it changed him, making him begin to emit flames from his body hot enough to melt iron. Brandon found himself unable to turn these flames off, and so was forced to use a bulky, deep-sea diver-like suit that protected others from his intense heat.

Homeless and alone, he was placed into the care of The Artful Dodgers, where he learned to use his powers to fight crime. But still he felt outcast, always trapped in his protective suit, never being able to touch or be touched.

A year later, he and some other survivors of the accident sued Crey Industries, a case which ended in a lucrative settlement. Now able to afford an apartment of his own, Brandon left the Dodgers and his life of crime fighting, cloistering himself in his fireproofed apartment away from the people he could harm.

School - Brandon's New Clothes

When a new school catering to meta-human children opened near Brandon's home, he was cautiously curious. The facility was state-of-the-art, and the staff appeared readily able to handle people with strange abilities. Having been unable to attend school after the accident, Brandon decided that he should continue his education and enrolled.

There he met with unfamiliar faces of The Artful Dodgers, kids that had joined the group after he left. He also met Synalin Bernling, a young fire mage with the ability to handle any flame Brandon could create. The two quickly became close.

Through his newer Dodger contacts, Brandon was directed to Reese and Amanda Taylor, two technological geniuses who were living in the Dodgers' sub-basement. They were able to provide him with an alternative to his bulky fire-suit: a small force-field generator that could be fitted to his belt. The device created an invisible force field around Brandon, keeping his flames in check. And thanks to some enchanted, fire-proof clothing provided by Synalin, Brandon was now free of the suit that had kept him locked away from people for 3 years.

Eindeloze Brand in school.

A Different Style

Being free of the suit was like having a new life. Brandon hated the idea of needing to use it to continue fighting badguys, so he developed a new way to fight. He figured out how to focus his heat toward one area - his hands - in order to punch through the force field, using his flames as a direct, melee weapon instead of a ranged blast. With some enchanted, fire-proof armor from Synalin, along with the added strength that came from years of wearing a heavy metal suit, Brandon could now fight toe-to-toe with the villains of Paragon City.


Brandon's power is a fairly simple one: he is constantly combusting. His entire body is forever on fire, with the average temperature being hot enough to melt iron when he touches it. Though the fire doesn't hurt him, it is very dangerous to those around him.

He is able to somewhat control the fire's strength and intensity through concentration. Though he can never turn it off, he is able to turn it down slightly, and when emotionally piqued such as during battle, he can cause his temperature to rise sharply into many thousands of degrees.


Fire-proof Suit

An outfit he was cursed with for 3 years, the bulky, ugly, heavy, and ill-fitting suit was the only thing keeping his flames from hurting others. Though old-fashioned in nature, it is equipped with several key features that Brandon finds himself still needing during his sessions of crime fighting, such as a mechanism and small wheels on the feet that allow him to propel himself at high speeds using his own flames as the propellant. The gloves also have a directional valve system allowing him to throw fire at his enemies, and the entire suit is covered with vents that allow him to make his surroundings very hot as a form of defense. Now that he's learned to control the intensity and focus of his flames better, Brandon is able to fight crime without the use of his suit with the aid of the force field generator.

Force Field Generator

Created by Amanda and Reese Taylor, this force field generator replaces the large metal suit for day-to-day activities. Though Brandon still glows, his flames are kept completely in check, allowing him to move around without the burdensome weight of his previous protective gear. Due to the ability to vary the intensity of the protective field, Brandon has learned to turn it down to let more of his heat out, or to let out just enough to be able to damage his enemies. In this way, Brandon can fight crime using only the force field generator. Though he misses out on key features such as the flame-powered skates, he's able to be much more flexible and agile in combat without the suit.

OOC Info

Ein was my first blaster, a Fire/Fire. I don't have much else to say about him, other than while I do enjoy taking him in missions, it's mostly been about the RP the last several times I've logged onto him. Someday he'll get to 50.

Due to plot advances I recently made a second version of this character, EindelozeBrand Saber, as a Fire/Fire Scrapper. He is also not yet 50. But in a way, it makes sense for the character. I'm not sure I'd want him to get too powerful; it's likely even if I do get him to 50, I won't IO him out or make him an Incarnate.

Current Status

Brandon is still attending school along with some other Dodgers, with the occasional jaunt out for crime fighting. He is also dating Synalin Bernling.

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