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Player: @Holiday
Origin: Science
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Eric Samuel Walters
Known Aliases: The Electrical Echelon, "E", Elec, Sparky
Species: Human
Age: 27
Height: 6' 5"
Weight: 225 lbs.
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Irish/Italian, born in America
Occupation: S.E.R.A.P.H. Security Guard, Costumed Adventurer
Place of Birth: Detroit, MI
Base of Operations: Steel Canyon, Paragon City
Marital Status: Single, formerly engaged
Known Relatives: Samuel Walters (father, deceased), Paula Walters (mother), Susan Walters (sister)
Known Powers
Electrical blasts, electrical manipulation, flight, electromagnetism, air wave manipulation
Known Abilities
Strategist, quick thinker, good with tools, leadership capabilities
MD-600 Field Medic Regenerator, Vanguard/Portal Corporation Battlesuit
"There's a way things ought to be..."

Any chance this character had to interact with people on his way to level 50 all happened on the Infinity server. Created before I joined up on Virtue, Electrode was my main character, the character I started out with from scratch in the very beginning. Now with the server transfer feature, I can breath new life into this character who was built to roleplay from the start, but never got the chance.

Electrode is a Golden/Silver Age style hero, inspired from various sources.



Electrode was once the friend of numerous superheroes and contacts alike, but thanks to the intervention of Dr. Inferno, his arch-nemesis, all memories and knowledge of Electrode's existence in this timeline has been erased. Now he works with Ouroboros to repair his past, and ensure his future.


Eric Walters is a man of confidence and bravery. As Electrode, he rushes headlong into danger no matter what the cost. He places the lives of others before his own, as he feels this is what a true hero is meant to do. Eric also believes that, as a hero, he can not place judgement on people, and therefore he never kills. He's an amiable person and tries to stay on good terms with everyone he meets. Those who meet him find that he is a responsible, trustworthy friend who they can rely on when the chips are down.

Sometimes, in order to preserve his secret identity, Electrode will downplay his heroic attributes in order to divert suspicion. It is extremely hard to keep a secret identity in Paragon City, yet Electrode makes due. His "Eric Walters" persona is used the most when he is at work. Otherwise, Electrode is the same man he is when the mask is on.


Thanks to the accidental blast of a supercharged experimental military weapon, Electrode has complete mastery over the forces of electricity.

Electrical Blast

Electrode has the ability to shoot electrical arcs from his fingertips. These electrical blasts run at 1,200 feet per second, at a maximum distance of 100 feet, sometimes further if Electrode exerts himself. At maximum charge, he can kill a man 10 feet away, however, he never does. The force of these blasts at maximum charge are strong enough to incinerate wood, shatter stone, and bend steel, making Electrode a very powerful hero.

Electrical Manipulation

Electrode is powered by high voltage biological electricity. Bioelectric currents run through his body in the form of brain synapses and nerve ending relays, much like a normal human being, only amplified a hundred times over. The biological functions result in Electrode being able to manipulate electrical forces with his thoughts. He uses this power to entrap foes in fields of hazardous electricity, and manipulate electronic devices. While he can't get too complex, Eric can turn on and off electrical powered machines, open electronically locked doors, and gain information from databases to a limited degree. One of Electrode's more famous electrical "tricks", is the localized electrical orb of energy that follows him around when he creates it. He affectionately refers to this ball of electricity as "Bob".

Electrode also uses his electricity manipulation to create force fields, although this takes a lot of concentration to do. Sometimes released on reactioary instinct, the force field is capable of deflecting solid projectiles, and to a limited degree some energy-based projectiles.


The Electrical Echelon can fly under his own power. By ionizing the air currents around him, utilizing electromagnetic properties, Electrode can lift himself off the ground, and propel himself through the atmosphere. He can achieve a maximum flight ceiling of 15,000 feet, and fly as fast as 80 miles per hour.


A power he expermients with frequently, Electrode can use electromagnetism to lift heavy objects the average human being wouldn't be able to lift. This power is unwieldy however, as Electrode doesn't have complete control over it.

Air Wave Manipulation

A superpower Electrode recently began experimenting with is what he calls "air wave manipulation". What he does is he tries to feel out the frequency for radio waves and cell phone waves. By doing this, he can listen in on the police band and react to crimes earlier than usual. He can also listen in on cell phone calls, and CB radio transmissions. If he tries hard enough, he can pick up other forms of communication outside the normal frequency range.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Limited Power

While Electrode is a formidable opponent, his powers have limits. Electrode acts as a human battery. Over-expending of his electrical energy will leave him drained if it's not replenished. If Electrode does not recharge himself, he will experience symptoms of exahaustion.

A Conscience

Electrode is very mindful about his actions. He fears injuring the innocent, and sometimes even the guilty. This stems from an experience way back in elementary school when he put a school bully in the hospital. Enemies in the past have used this flaw against him, forcing Electrode to go to extreme measures to stop them, and leaving him with guilt.

Secret Identity

Electrode also fears villians using his personal life against him. The nefarious Dr. Inferno constantly preys upon Electrode's loved ones via his hero identity, and his secret identity, most recently negating him from existence. This is perhaps the most personal victory Inferno has had over Electrode, as Electrode has to rebuild his life from the ground up.


MD-600 Field Medic Regenerator

This device allows Electrode to heal others and himself in the heat of battle. While he uses it sparingly, the little remote shaped box has saved Electrode and his allies on more than one occasion.

Portal Corporation/Vanguard Armored Battlesuit

The P.C.A.B. (P-Cab), or more recently known as the V.A.B. is a suit of armor that protects Electrode when the danger level is more than he can handle. The suit protects his body from emitting electrical energy while going through portals, insuring he doesn't short out the portal midtrip. The suit also protects him from high-energy laser blasts, as well as a special lining in the helmet that protects him from mental attacks. The suit is currently being redesigned with the help of the Vanguard.

Character History


Born in Detroit, Michigan, Eric Walters was raised by a kind and loving family. Things were tight financially, but they always managed to pull through. It wasn't until Eric's father was injured in an accident at the auto factory when things began to get really tough. Eric was forced to pick up a job to support his family. Going to community college by day, he got a job as a security job at a research and development facility at nights. He was age 19.

It was here that Eric met the up and coming scientist Dr. Victor Wagner. Victor was something of an upstart scientist, one who thought that the world of science trembled with each step he took. Arrogant and demeaning, he and Eric never saw eye to eye. Neither realized they would become bitter enemies in the future.

It was Dr. Wagner who organized that fateful night. Short on research funds, the doctor had planned for a group of mercenaries to break into the R & D lab, and steal a prototype handheld tesla-coil cannon in development for the military. The would make off with the cannon, and Wagner would recieve a cut of the money they would get for selling the cannon on the black market. Wagner didn't count on the ineptitude of the robbers, nor on the fearlessness and heroism of Eric Walters. As most of his gang was apprehended, one of the thieves made a last ditch attempt to escape with the cannon in hand. Unexpectantly blocking his path was Eric. The startled thief came to an abrupt stop, dropping the cannon. The cannon misfired, blasting Eric with intense electrical energy. The thief was apprehended, and Eric was rushed to the hospital.

Amazingly, Eric didn't suffer any electrical burns. In fact, there wasn't a scratch on him. The blast had activated a latent meta-gene inside of his body. Thanks to the blast from the cannon, Eric now had complete mastery over the forces of electricity! Realizing he had been given this amazing ability for a reason, Eric decided to use his newfound powers for the greater good. Donning a costume and a mask to hide his identity, much like the "mystery men" of old, Eric became Electrode, the Electrical Echelon!

The Early Years

Becoming one of Detroit's greatest champions, Electrode worked hard to use his new found powers for truth and justice. The public became enamored with him. Not only was he upholding the morals and ideals of his city and bringing down the crime rate, he was a morale booster. He attended charity events. Gave to the needy. Championed the weak. As time passed, Electrode became Detroit's favorite son. It seemed the whole world loved him...

Except for one.

Deep down, Victor Wagner despised Electrode. This man, this colorful fool obviously had great power. And he chose to squander it on helping the weak and defenseless? This Electrode could have the city, maybe even more, in the vice grip of power. It could all belong to him. Victor could stand by and watch no longer. In a dangerous experiment, Victor imbued himself with is own set of superpowers. If Electrode could control one of the elements...Victor would control his own element. Granting himself complete mastery over fire and heat, Victor Wagner became Dr. Inferno. His mission: to destroy Electrode and seize the power and authority that Electrode would not.

Thus began a bitter rivalry that would echo to this day.


While Electrode gained popularity as a hero, Inferno gained infamy as a villain. Time and time again, The Electrical Echelon and the Infernal Inferno would clash. Almost each time they would fight each other to stand stills. Numerous times Inferno would attempt to burn Detroit to the ground, or seek to incinerate the innocent, most times merely as ploys to destroy Electrode.

Inferno became obsessed of ridding the world of his enemy. Electrode made it his duty to stop Inferno at all costs.

Electrode knew Inferno was Dr. Wagner all along, he made no attempt to hide this fact. Yet Electrode's identity eluded Inferno. Dr. Inferno knew he needed to find out this crucial piece of info to hammer the final nail into Electrode's coffin. He recieved his wish by obtaining a sample of Electrode's DNA during one of their epic battles. Suddenly, the world was Inferno's oyster.

Electrode suddenly found himself they victim of personal attacks both in his hero identity AND his civilian one. He realized his arch-nemesis had found his true weakness. It wasn't his electrical energy...it was his compassion. Electrode could not have Inferno hurt the one's he loved strictly because of him. He placed Inferno under lock and key time and time again, knowing full well that the time would come where he would have to make a choice: the lives of his friends and family, or the life of Inferno.

This choice haunts him to this day.


On May 23rd, 2002, portals to another world opened up in major cities all over the world, including Detroit. Electrode, just over three years into his career, found himself thrust into the frontline of the Rikti War.

Electrode fought valiantly in the war. He rallied the other cities heroes around the army and other fighting forces to keep the alien invaders at bay. He did what he could to stem the loss of life, but the Rikti forces were overwhelming. It wasn't until November, when Omega Team's valiant sacrifice changed the tide of the war. The world's heroes had the Rikti on the run.

A disgruntled Rikti Ship Commander wouldn't leave Detroit without a fight. Detroit was an important battlefront, as it contains a good portion of America's automotive and industrial factories. Before the Rikti mothership over Detroit could retreat, it decided to fire a city-leveling hyper laser at The Motor City. As the beam charged, and the skies lit up, Electrode decided to make the ultimate sacrifice: himself for the lives of the city he had fought so hard to keep safe all these years.

He launched himself into the sky. Gathering all the ambient electrical energy the city, and beyond he could muster, Electrode fired a final blast at the same time the Rikti ship's laser fired it's own. The two forces of energy clashed in the sky...but Electrode's will proved to be too strong for the ship's systems. The mothership exploded in a brilliant flash of light over Detroit. The Motor City was safe...but Electrode was rendered powerless. Electrode would spend a good year in the hospital.

Coming To Paragon

When Electrode heard the call from the "City Of Heroes" to come help fill the void left by it's deceased and missing champions, he could not stay away. Even in his severely de-powered state, Electrode realized that Paragon City needed help so it could become the shining bastion it once was.

So, leaving the city he protected for so long, Electrode hopped on the next flight to Rhode Island so that he could help the troubled Paragon City rise from the ashes.

During his time in Paragon City, Electrode found himself lost in a sea of heroes, no longer the recognizable icon he was in Detroit. He fought valiantly none the less. Gaining power over time, The Electrical Echelon would prove himself worthy to help Paragon City in it's darkest hours. He also picked up a new security job at City Hall, working security in the S.E.R.A.P.H. offices.

A Hero's Hero

In all, Electrode would spend three years in the City Of Heroes. In time, he would become just as recognizeable a hero as Statesman. It wasn't just the heroic acts that he did, it was the extra effort he put into them. He became a hero of the people, a relateable symbol of justice that the city came to realized it could depend on no matter what.

It was because of this, that after all of his hard work, Paragon City awarded Electrode it's highest honor: Hero Of The City. It was another good time for Electrode...

And another bitter period for Dr. Inferno.

Inferno had escaped into the Rouge Isles sometime after the Rikti War. Here he toiled to think up the perfect plot to destroy Electrode and seize true power once and for all. Overstepping his boundaries once again, Inferno drew the ire of Electrode once too many times. Electrode decided it was time to end this rivalry once and for all.

Asking for the help of D.A.T.A. and S.E.R.A.P.H. combined, Electrode managed to put together a device that would strip the superpowers out of an individual. After an intense battle out over the Atlantic Ocean, Electrode used the device on Inferno, robbing him of the abilites Inferno thought would propel him to world domination. Inferno was finally defeated.

Electrode confined Inferno to the Ziggurat, finally content that he could end this destructive rivalry and keep his friends and family safe once and for all.


You can't remove the powers of a megalomaniac and not expect reprocussions.

Inferno made connections in prison. Eventually he obtained the means and technology to escape and travel back in time. Originally his plan was to go back in time and obtain his powers, but Inferno decided to do the next best thing...

On a cold, bitter night in January, Inferno exacted his revenge. Electrode was ambushed and rendered unconcious by thugs hired by Inferno. It was in this unconcious state that Electrode was brainwashed, and sent through a time/space portal, three years back into an alternate version of Paragon City.

Here, Electrode was merely Eric Walters, lowly security guard. For three long years, Eric lived this way. He was content, however, he always knew something was wrong, that things weren't right. There is a way things ought to be. If not for the intervention of Ouroboros, all might have been lost.

Ouroboros And The Return

Electrode's dissappearance from the timeline, while seemingly inconsequential, had major reprocussions. This called for the Ouroboros Menders to get involved. While Electrode wasn't physically removed from the time, his actions were. No one could recall who saved Detroit from Rikti devestation. No one could remember who saved Paragon from countless villian groups. His existence was negated from everyone's mind.

But Ouroboros revealed to Electrode his history and brought him back to our present time and reality. Enraged, Electrode has begun the search for Dr. Inferno, as well as using Ouroboros to mend his broken past, and insure his future.

Current History

Currently, Electrode is working with the Ouroboros, the Midnight Squad, and Vanguard to repel the menace of the Rikti, as well as protect the past from sinister forces.

He has yet to confront his arch-nemesis, Inferno.

Content, however, to go out on top, Electrode has hung up his mask, opting to help only when the situation is most dire.


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