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Ellaurandiel, underground.
Player: @Quessir
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Blapper
Security Level: 6
Personal Data
Real Name: Tina Onders
Known Aliases: Ellaurandiel
Species: Human/Angel
Age: 24/Immortal
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 140lb
Eye Color: Various/Soul-burning blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: British/Divine
Occupation: Unemployed/Angel
Place of Birth: England/Heaven
Base of Operations: Portsmouth/Heaven
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None/Numerous brothers and sisters, Father
Known Powers
Immortality, Divine manipulation
Known Abilities
See 'True' form, Flight, Physical regeneration

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Tina Onders. A simple office worker for yet another generic insurance company, and quite deeply religious - quite innocent, for someone unfortunate enough to live in the place she was born. There was no reason for what happened to her, she merely happened to be in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Making her way back from the local shop, after having found to her absolute horror that she had no milk for hot chocolate - she had the great misfortune to witness a mugging - not the most unusual sight for the area, it must be said.

Mayhaps a little foolishly, the... not the -most- intimidating woman, being (at that moment) cursed by being quite 'pretty', decided to intervene, yelling out for help. Well, yelling - and charging the mugger with nothing but a plastic bag containing a loaf of bread. Needless to say, it did not go well, and the resulting stabs wounds she gained while the original victim fled, would eventually prove to be quite, quite fatal. Deprived of her phone by her assailant, the unfortunate woman hauled herself to the roadside, and promptly lost consciousness.

When next she woke, she found herself alone, on life support, and... not -quite- alone after all. Perhaps the most beautiful thing she had ever seen was with her. She couldn't really -see- it, for it knew that if it revealed itself, the mortal woman wouldn't survive the ordeal. For what felt like hours, the two spoke - Tina confessing all that she had done 'wrong' on her life, and it listening compassionately. Humans were odd in their need to do that. And when she had finished speaking, it explaining that she was dying, and that her quite inconsequential list of sins were of no matter, and would be washed away entirely if she accepted the following request. It needed a host. It... 'She' was a Divine being, and it was Her time to walk the Earth, joining Her brothers and sisters who also walked amongst the men and women.

Needless to say, in a flood of tears, Tina accepted, and in those few moments that it took for the two to become one, Tina knew bliss. And then nothing. Tina had moved on, and in her place, Ellaurandiel walked amongst men.


A common Angel of Heaven, her existence has been mercifully free of the need to find a host, and walk amongst the mortal races. Why that situation changed was beyond her - she had done little wrong so far as she could tell - she listened to the prayers of those below, and occasionally intervened when she deemed it necessary. She loved her Father, whom none had seen in millennia, unconditionally. She loved her brothers and sisters without question, and she scorned those who fell, as she was supposed to. And so Ellaurandiel was confused. But, the 'compassionate' being she was, rather than pick a healthy host, as so many of her brothers and sisters did, she waited, and watched.

She travelled the small orb called Earth, looking for a being of sufficient beauty, and of sufficient 'goodness' to contain her presence. And thus she met Tina. Some may accuse her of tampering - Tina had no need to involve herself in that mugging, but Ellaurandiel had her orders, and needed a host that was on the verge of death. And so she 'nudged' the woman to take action, and watched. Tina put up enough of a struggle to ensure the original victim could flee, her last kind act in this life - a suitable way to pass, Ellaurandiel thought. She was with Tina the entire time, sustaining her through what should have been fatal wounds, travelled by her side the entire journey in what they called an ambulance, and waited for the woman to wake on her own.

What was, in fact, minutes later, Ellaurandiel slipped into her host - enhancing an already natural beauty, adding her Divine strength, amidst a myriad of other benefit, to her new form. Finding a mirror took little effort, and only one Human had to look into her eyes, see the being that rested there. One loss was acceptable, the person was of no consequence and had no significance part to play in events. Admiring the limited beauty of her form, Ellaurandiel signalled that she was ready to travel onwards. Strewn across the stall before her after such a signal, her armour, and all that she was to wear.




Tina's body, with Ellaurandiel in it, is for all intents and purposes, immortal. Everlasting. This is not to say it, nor She, is invincible. If the host suffers too much damage, then Ellaurandiel is forced to focus inwards, and begin the regrowth process. The amount of time required for this form of healing differs depending on the severity of the wound, but there is nothing that cannot be physically healed. Knife and/or bullet wounds? Hours, at worst. Dismembered limbs? No problem, a few days. Total annihilation of her physical form? A lot longer, but she -will- return. And probably quite, quite upset with whatever caused such a mess.

It takes a lot to hurt an Angel. Certainly no conventional methods work, nor many of the 'traditional' methods of dealing with supernatural creatures - silver, garlic, beheading, burning/cremation etc., are all quite useless in being used to attack Ellaurandiel directly. And she knows this. As with many of her kind, her belief that she is nigh on invincible is quite, quite arrogant, and is quite, quite correct. it's also something of an undoing. Should someone of sufficient knowledge find a way to attack the being within the body directly, then She can be banished, while also causing the body to simply cease to exist for a time. While it is theoretically possible to kill an Angel, the methods are few and far between.

Divine manipulation


Immunity to time


Because of Her origins, Her vision is just and true. Deceiving her eyes is a challenging task, requiring very specialised magic or something similar, from a very powerful source. The 'common' mortals that comprise the flock would be unable to reach this level of power, but are also quite unlikely to have anything to hide. Meta-Humans on the other hand, are more likely to find this sort of power easily attainable. The resurgence of magic in recent times is a cause of great concern to Those in heaven. Naturally, what passes as 'technology' is a source of much humour to Her and Her kin (Also something that may be an undoing), but using any means of technology to bend light, or some such, is futile.

Those of Fel origin, naturally, would find it quite challenging to hide what they are, much as She from they.



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