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The Emerald-Sentinel
Player: @Gaia1
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Defender
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Peter Hunter
Known Aliases: Chosen of Merlin, Herald to the Keepers
Species: Humanoid
Age: 40's
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 200
Eye Color: Right: Light Hazel Left: Covered with a patch
Hair Color: Blond
Biographical Data
Nationality: Confidential
Occupation: Professor at Paragon University, Archivist for MAGI and the Midnight Squad
Place of Birth: assumed rural Ireland
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Father (possessed), Mother and 6 siblings (deceased)
Known Powers
Powers channeled through the Eye of Merlin and uncanny natural abilities
Known Abilities
Flight and sense magic energies, create dimensional rifts to pull team mates to safety
Wand and Staff
Other characters with possible connections to the Keepers of the Eternal Flame: Viridian Sentinel, Cosmic Nexus


Character History

It was predicted in ages past that the 49th in the line would be the ultimate guardian and the 48th could destroy them all.

Peter Hunter has memories of growing up in Ireland and moving around to various academic centers in England before his family came to the United States. His father and mother were both mages in the World Meta-Human Affairs affiliated with the United Nations. Naturally it was expected he would go into the family business being the 7th child. Which in magic circles is considered to be lucky.

His mother taught him to read the Tarot at an early age. Unfortunately he learned to read them too well and for a time became obsessed with their mysteries. His parents intervened and put a stop to it after one particular prophesy kept being repeated by him.

Childhood was rather lonely for him. He did not make friends easily. His brothers and sisters were much older than him, eventually joining MAGI's service once they moved to the States.

One was killed by the Coven when Croatoa began its incursion into Salemenca. Three fought in Omega Team and were never heard from again. Another was taken by the Hamidon. And the last of his brothers was killed in Astoria. His ghost still wanders Moth Cemetery.

His parents with drew further and further from him. Jonathan became obsessed with trying to bring his children back. Morgan tried to stop one particular summoning and made the mistake of crossing the inlaid brass circle in the basement. This gave the being his father was bargaining with a foothold in the world. Peter, who had night courses at the University, came home to find a demon in his house. The two fought and the monster eventually fled into the foggy night.

He went to the basement and found what had happened there. To this day he will not speak of it. There was also an old box on a table. It was carved in intricate designs and glowing. Fascinated he went to it and opened it. A round green gem was gleaming there. On impulse he picked it up and held it up to look through it. Next thing he knew he was in terrible fiery pain, holding the left side of his face and his normal sight was off. He looked over at where the other event had happened and could see traces of various magic energies.

Trying to reach out to the trace energy patterns the wand materialized in his left hand and he was holding a staff with power arcing off of it in his right. You want to go after the monster that did this? Bury your family first before taking revenge. You are the one we've been waiting on a long time. Open the doorway and come home for training, said a voice. Instinctively he knew what to do.

After his training he returned and eventually helped in the formation in the Union Supreme supergroup. He has since disappeared although some evidence of possible foul play has shown up in the form of mysterious notes at the Union Plaza base.

Known superhuman powers

The Eye of Merlin (he found this out with research and it telling him so) grants him stability in his spell casting along with able to shoot energy beams, heal, teleportation, open dimensional gateways, build constructs out of energies, hold opponents in place, and even resurrect fallen comrades. Still discovering its other properties.

Spell casting, after many years of training. Usage of the Eye stabilized his magic previous to it he could only rebuild artifacts and knew minor cantrips.

Flight, some sort of odd natural ability.

Superhuman strength/endurance, is also some sort of odd ability. Has learned to hide it unless closely approached in combat when other defenses have been exhausted.

Other Abilities

Photographic memory (dates, times, places, pages in books).

Hand to hand combat training, his archives and artifacts department at MAGI needed other protection other than magic so he took up Taikwan Do.

Staff fighting. Can use the Staff of Merlin as a hand combat item.

Swordsmanship. A couple of elves on the MAGI staff trained him much to Azuria's chagrin. They taught him the blade dance of their people.

Knowledge of magic. Has studied various spellcrafting plus reverse engineered artifacts in order to help in artifact restoration.


Some how being around Lucian the Cursed, which is the assumed name of the demon his father summoned. Weakens his powers on some level. This is an ongoing issue. Its been indicated the two may have a history somewhere but Emerald is reluctant to talk about it.


Magic armor which can be manifested with a thought. It gives off an aura of protection.


Wand of Merlin: The name given to the black and purple fire enshrouded wand he uses. Though he has started questioning where the actual source of it power comes from.

Staff of Avalon: Able to knock-back foes and deal electric lightning charged damage, he has found that it is not magic powered but something other worldly.

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