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...a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing...

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"...I kinda want a donut."
Emergency Break
Player: @PlaidMage
Origin: Confidential
Archetype: Tanker
Security Level: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Holly Andropoulos
Known Aliases: Emergency Break; Dynamometer; the Lost Spark; Someone Else
Species: Human (or, very technically, mutant zombie)
Age: 25
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 202 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Greek/Italian
Occupation: Mechanic/Hero
Place of Birth: Mobile, Alabama
Base of Operations: Paragon City, Rhode Island
Marital Status: Bidon De A
Known Relatives: Anais Andropoulos and Gregory Andropoulos (parents), Tyler Andropoulos (brother, missing, presumed dead)
Known Powers
Super strength, invincibility, ability to generate and expel electricity, skill at constructing/repairing various objects, speed
Known Abilities
Various "everyman" skills.
Rebuilt Crey-based super suit, homemade gun and traps, Nemesis staff, assorted tchotchkes
No additional information available.



Early Life

Holly Andropoulos was born a healthy, happy child on April 3, 1982, in a suburb of Mobile, Alabama, to Gregory and Anais Andropoulos. Her childhood was normal and happy - she liked to get dirty, climb trees, and do the sort of things that tomboyish little girls enjoy. She also spent quite a bit of time with her brother, Tyler, and many were their mischiefs. Unfortunately, when Holly was five and Tyler seven, their father landed a much better-paying job in that jewel of Rhode Island, and the little family packed up their things and went north.



Current Events

Holly and Bidon's future daughter, Anais (named after Holly's mother), has traveled to her parents' time with the aid of Ein's time machine. Anais has taken up residence on the Angelus with her parents, and seems to be enjoying the company of her ridiculously immense extended family.


Emergency Break

Holly's original alias. Originally, she had to wear her Crey-built powersuit to use these powers, but after her death and subsequent resurrection she now makes liberal use of them in any outfit she can dream up. As Emergency Break, Holly uses her super strength (able to lift up to thirty-five tons) and invulnerability (able to turn away most blades, bullets, clubs, etc.). This is by far her favorite set of powers.


A few months ago, Holly discovered that through one means or another, she'd become a mutant. It started with a lightbulb turning itself on when she picked it up, and culminated in the development of some fearsome electric abilities. She can now create and toss bolts of lightning to an unknown distance. In addition, she emits electricity in a manner disturbingly similar to that of a Tesla coil when she's particularly angry. Recently, in an attempt on Sky-Scar's life, she seems to have burnt out these powers.

The Lost Spark

Holly named herself the Lost Spark after stories she enjoyed when she was younger, about the Heterodyne Boys and their wild inventing adventures. Holly herself has quite the talent for cobbling things together in a McGyver-like fashion - in fact, she built herself a quite functional gun and several multipurpose devices to help clean up the Rogue Isles.

Someone Else

As in Someone Else's problem. In this guise Holly wields two swords she's crafted out of the flesh and tail of the demon Shade Nefarious.


Holly's recently injected herself with a serum that reworked her DNA to give her regenerative powers. She doesn't plan to use this new ability in her heroing, but simply to extend her life expectancy to that of her love.

Holly is strong, fast, and agile. Her legs are strong enough to propel her quite far into the air, allowing her to leap tall buildings in a single bound. She's also shown some signs of developing much-faster-than-normal speed.



BaronessSamedi: Holly met the voudoun priestess one night when she was feeling particularly down. They, ah, comforted each other, and have been fast friends ever since. Recently the two blushing brides have been giggling together over their upcoming marriages and children.

Bonfilia Carlo: Holly is actually quite fond of Bonfilia, and she doesn't even bother to ignore all the stabbing threats. Every menacing remark is corrected with a gentle "killin' people's bad, Bonfilia" and perhaps a fond little kiss on the cheek. In a stunning show of trust, Holly let Bonfilia take a lock of her hair.

Bidon De A: Holly's fiancée, the Praetorian of Ein Dose, and the woman Holly trusts most. Holly picked up the pieces after The Midnight Kestrel left Bidon, causing the woman to go mad.

Ein Dose: The Primal Earth version of Bidon, frequently referred to as her sister.. Ein impregnated Bidon with Holly and Bidon's child, using the goddess-powers she got from a battle in which she enlisted the help of an imaginary Holly who was bearing Bidon's Kheldian, Dawn. Yes, it's all terribly confusing, isn't it? Holly has quite some difficulty explaining it.

Jolene Anderson: A woman who healed Holly after Sky-Scar shot out her kneecaps. She's got the power to lay on hands, which has saved Holly's behind in numerous situations.

Shade Nefarious: Shade and Holly had a bit of a rocky relationship to start out with, being that he killed her with little provocation, but now they're almost close. Holly's taken quite a liking to the demon, perhaps due to the fact that he also has a wife and children.

Thag Zhug: Holly can't quite remember how she met Thag, but it was probably in Pocket D. They frequently adventure together, accompanied by Thag's girlfriend Jolene. Holly finds Thag's gruff manner highly endearing and similar to her own.

Unit v4.0: Unit Four and Holly have quite the complex relationship, but Four has said that when and if he has to press the big red button to end the world, he'll tell Holly to grab Bidon and "get off this rock." They've got each other pegged, it seems.


Aliyah Sabal


Arlow: Holly and Austin can't decide whether to help each other or leap at each other's throats. Lately they're in a period of friendship, although Holly takes great delight in mocking Austin for his woman troubles.

Alexia Dale: Alex and Holly were formerly very close, even busting the Countess who ruined both their lives. Recently, after Holly was removed from the Hyperion Force due to creative differences, they've drifted apart.

Ani Reaves: Up, down, up, down, up, down. Ani and Holly flip almost every meeting from being the best of friends to hating each other's guts. Holly was once Ani's ghoul, but after being tortured by Shade, her need for the vampire's blood faded - without quite getting rid of her acute sense of smell and hearing.


Holly is brash, irritating, overbearing, loud, incorrigible, perverse, and annoying as all hell. She's got an IQ of 124, but you wouldn't have an inkling just talking to her. She'd rather fight to the death than run away, and all the world's problems are hers. She cares for her friends, her crewmates, her fiancée, and the general rest of the world (in no particular order) more than she does for herself. She picks fights, which frequently end in her injury. She'll take into her care anyone whom she thinks needs it.

She's also ridiculously superstitious. She'll never break a mirror or walk underneath a ladder, but she's likely to pet any black cats crossing her path. If she's making a pact with someone, she'll spit and shake or get them to repeat themselves three times - especially if it's some manner of magical creature. Under no circumstances will she willingly give away her last name, not even to her fiancée. The reason for this is, according to her, if someone knows your whole name they can summon you by it - and in fine European tradition, she has no middle name.



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Musical References

Over the Hills and Far Away - Led Zeppelin

When The World Ends - Dave Matthews Band

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