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OOC Information:
There are some prerequisites for characters that must be met. I didn't want to have to enforce such a standard, but without some form of guideline, people's concepts have a tendency to get out of hand. So, here goes.

1. All characters in this super-group MUST be from the ocean. Be it the actual Great City of Atlantis or something of the nature, you better put some effort into making your character fit within the scope of things. Whether they be Atlantean or Merfolk, or any other species (subject to approval) they must be from the sea. No space aliens or humans or some fucked up, convoluted bullshit. There is a color scheme and a naming convention of sorts and I expect it to be adhered to. Both are at the very bottom of the page.

2. This is a heroic group. Does that mean I'm going to tell you "we don't kill"? Hell no it doesn't. I, for one, don't believe that you can "arrest" someone by exposing them to ridiculous amounts of fire and radiation then finishing 'em off with a broadsword move called "headsplitter". No. Ain't happenin'. What I will say is this. If your character kills, try to maintain a sense of nobility about it. If you lop off a guy's head, don't take a dump down his neck. Don't eat your damn kills. I understand there's nothing more badass than eating your foes, but take into account what you represent.

3. Your conduct when interacting with other people in game is important. It's important because it reflects not just upon you, but upon the SG as a whole. So, remember when you're out there to put your best foot forward.

4. Cliques. Yes, I know people have certain people they like to RP with, but the purpose of an RP group is to RP WITH that group. If you've got a group member trying to interact in your RP, it's bad form to ignore them. Try to interact with them. If you don't feel comfortable RPing with them, or don't like the way they're trying to push the story, then tell them this. TACTFULLY.

5. Drama. I have no tolerance for it. None. Whatsoever. If I see it, you're done. If I catch wind of it, it will be looked into and people responsible for said drama will be gone. This is not a threat, this is just the way the ship's gonna sail. No infighting, no back-biting, no disrespect of your SG mates; especially not in public. If you disagree with each other, then discuss it behind closed doors, not in public. Once I'm done with you, I'm done with you. I don't debate my decisions, nor to I revoke them. The one thing I do believe in is consistency of disciple.

6. Regardless of the prestige you may have earned, if you are inactive for a period of 30 days without notification, you will be removed from the roster. I don't care about your level or how much prestige you earned, let me reiterate that point. If you're not here, you're taking up space for potentially more-dedicated roleplayers to fill.

File:Empirecolors copy.jpg

The naming convention can be Greek, Roman, or a play on nautical terms. Look, no names like Aqua Dude or Mermaid Woman. That ain't happenin'.

OTHER THINGS I've not touched on:

It seems that a lot of people like to take the "amnesia" angle with their characters. I've had 3 or so of my last few inductees play an angle of amnesia. Well, guess what?

NO MORE FUCKIN' AMNESIA. I swear on Poseidon's soggy ballsack that if you bring me another goddamn character that has AMNESIA I'm going to assume that you're too goddamn lazy to write a decent background based around the lore and I'm going to tell you to get lost.


NO MORE REFORMED TRAITORS! I mean, c'mon. What kinda bullshit is that? "I'm an immensely powerful being built by the gods with shiny insides and magic and bridge to terebithia or whatever the fuck and I was built to destroy Atlantis, but...uh...I changed my mind."


You really expect me to allow someone who was originally planning to destroy Atlantis into the SG all because their char "changed their mind"? That's like Osama Bin Laden asking to join the U.S. Army or somethin'. The concept of it is silly and won't be given second thought. Real talk.

No technology. There's a reason I said no assault rifle and no devices. The Atlanteans are a mystic race. They use magic. No technology, ya'll.

DISCLAIMER: "This isn't what Plato wrote!" Duh. I know that. Why? Because I hate every Plato wrote about the legendary city. So, instead of using his writings or anyone else's I decided to go with a completely original take on the concept. Why? Because I think people would much rather build their own legacy. So, Plato's work or anyone else's work for that matter, concerning Atlantis is pretty much irrelevant to this SG. If you can't deal with that, oh well.
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