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When Atlantis was a part of the surface world, it had no use for a military. As a nation of peace, the concept of war was not even thought of. However, many warriors from around the globe did visit Atlantis's shores. Being an inquisitive people, the Atlanteans became curious of matters of war. Not only why wars were fought, but how. Records of these fighting methods were kept. Greeks and Romans had visited the Island. It is said that warriors from the far east had come as well.

After Atlantis was pulled to the bottom of the ocean, The Atlanteans came to the conclusion that if the peace of their people was to be preserved, they would have to take up arms to protect it. The tomes of knowledge acquired from the many visitors to Atlantis were soon compiled and turned into a training regimen to build the first Atlantean War School.

The Atlantean military as a whole is simplistic in nature. Each different sector has it's duty.

The Infantry- The infantry are front-line soldiers. Usually wielding swords, shields, axes, maces and heavy armor, these men and women are the backbone of the army.

"An infantry soldier is fast, fearless and more than willing to give life and limb to Poseidon for victory. Whose lives and limbs? Well, that of the enemy, of course." -Fathom

The Scouts- Scouts are the soldiers who specialize in quick, precision strikes. They are infiltrators, spies and saboteurs. Scouts are expert trackers and usually act as forward observers in battle, relaying intelligence back to the swift approaching infantry.

The Cavalry- The Cavalry are fast moving troops usually mounted upon sea steeds. These warriors are armed with bow and trident and specialize in mounted combat. Cavalry, when not deployed, are charged with patrolling the outskirts of Atlantis with troops integrated with the infantry.

"It is my job as a Cavalry archer to stand firm on my mount, aim my bow and fire my arrows at the sight of any danger approaching our waters. And with Poseidon's blessing I will be accurate, fierce and victorious" - Palaemon

The Interior Guard- This specialized unit is the police force within the walls of Atlantis. This is an all-female force, dedicated to patrolling the streets of Atlantis and keeping them safe. They are recognized in the city by the purple capes they wear. No other unit is authorized to wear the purple cape.

The Royal Guard- These soldiers are hand-picked by the High Council to guard the gates and the interior of the Royal Palace. The Royal Guard is held in high esteem for those who serve on it are always veterans of combat tours that have been decorated with honor.
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