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The Every-man's villainous foes!


The Any-man


Real Name: Unknown

Height: 6' 4"

Weight: 218 lbs.

Age: Unknown

Occupation: Terrorist/Anarchist

History: It is unknown where the man who calls himself the Any-man came from. No one knows why he's here, what his motives are, or why he picked Paragon to plot and scheme. The only thing people know is that he appeared like a hurricane, blowing through the world of the Every-man. Any-man is the anti-thesis to Every-man. Where Jason's world is order, this man's world is chaos. Where Jason wants to help humanity, Any-man wants to destroy humanity. The motives of the Any-man are known only to him, and him alone, but it seems that he has no true motive at all.

The truth is, Any-man envisions a world without rules or boundaries. He seeks to eradicate government, destroy the economy, erase borders and property lines. If he had his way, the Any-man would send us all back to the Stone Age. A firm believer in any man for himself, he constantly pushes the boundaries of chaos and turmoil to their limits.

Any-man, much like Every-man, has no superpowers. He is born of flesh and blood, and is at the peak of human physical condition. However, Any-man employs various weapons of chaos including two .45 Colt pistols, Molotov cocktails, and tear gas. He is a one man army of disruption and destruction. Justice may belong to Every-man...but Any-man can bring it all crashing down.

Inspirations: The Joker, Hush, Ra's Al Ghul

The Conundrum


Real Name: Conner Nudrum

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 178 lbs.

Age: 30

Occupation: Criminal Mastermind, Former FBI Profiler

History: Within the ranks of the Federal Bureau of Investigations forensic behavior consultants, Conner Nudrum was considered the best. A man obsessed with details, no clue went unnoticed, no behavioral motive unchecked. When you couldn't solve a crime, you called Conner. That is, until he started making clues point to the wrong people.

It turned out that Conner was accepting bribes from the people he was profiling. Conner was good enough to clear the guilty party and frame an innocent, all for the sake of money. An undercover sting operation ended Conner's game, and he was imprisoned. Stewing in jail, Conner was angry at the fact that others couldn't accept his genius. Using his skills of deduction and deception, Conner escaped from prison, and now plots the perfect crime to prove to his superiors that he was the best.

The Conundrum, as the papers call him, is the greatest cerebral challenge for Every-man. Obsessed with planning the perfect crimes, Conner tries to factor every clue, every motive, every contingency that could arise. He has found that the Every-man can keep up with him despite his constant planning. Every-man will rue the day he entered a battle of wits with the Conundrum!

Inspirations: The Riddler, The Penguin, The Mad Hatter, Paul Giamatti's character in "Shoot Em' Up" (Villians who are weak, but brilliant}

Jack Grizzly


Real Name: Jack Behr

Height: 7' 9"

Weight: 532 lbs.

Age: 34

Occupation: Muscle-For-Hire, Professional Criminal

History: Jack "Grizzly" Behr was a mean mountain man. He ate red meat, cussed like a sailor, and had no idea of the meaning of sublety. Jack was a bully at heart, and greedy to boot. It was only a matter of time before he turned to crime. Jack quickly became known as a tenacious muscle-for-hire in the criminal underworld.

However, Jack's greed didn't stop at money. He also lusted for power. He saw that opportunity in an open trial for Crey Industries' genetic splicing program. A willing candidate, Jack was the first participant in the splicing program. The program mixed human DNA with animal DNA, in an effort to create a stronger, more durable human. The program worked all too well for Jack. Crey had mixed Jack's DNA with, what else, the DNA of the North American Grizzly Bear. As Jack was the first participant, he was also the last. Upon awakening, Jack's new animal instincts took over, and he slaughtered all involved with the program, and escaped.

Jack "Grizzly" now possesses the strength of ten men. His powerful forearms can crush bone, and his powerful legs can have him leap amazing heights, or run at amazing speeds. Jack has inherited the grizzly bear's keen sense of hearing and smell. Despite his new animalistic nature however, Jack is still Jack, a greedy crimnal who uses strength to get what he wants. Easily Every-man's strongest foe, Jack Grizzly tests the Every-man's physical limits.

Inspirations: Killer Croc, Stephen Colbert's fear of bears, the North American Grizzly Bear, Clayface

Robyn Blynd


Real Name: Robin Thompson

Height: 5' 6"

Weight: 120 lbs.

Age: 23

Occupation: Department Store Sales Clerk, Professional Cat Burglar

History: By daytime, Robin Thompson is an unimposing sales clerk in one of Paragon City's various department stores. She pays her bills does her taxes, even visits her sick mother in the hospital. She is an extrodinarily average, run of the mill, Paragon City citizen.

By night however, that's a different story.

At night, Robin is one of the world's greatest cat burglars. Dressed in a skimpy leather outfit, and armed with various lock picks, security device tamperers, rappel lines, and the like, she operates under the name Robyn Blynd. Robyn is rare in the criminal underworld in that she doesn't steal for profit. Robyn is in the game strictly for the thrill of it. She steals treasures of incalculable value, but never sells them, never keeps them, never does anything with them. To her, it's all about the thrill of commiting a crime, and getting away with it.

Perhaps, the biggest thrill of all, is the persistence of the Every-man. The only man who has ever been able to keep up with her, Every-man and Robyn Blynd have a complicated relationship. She can't be the bad girl gone good, and he can't abide by her constant disregard for the law. So, they continue their nightly dance, a dance of thrills and passion!

Inspirations: Catwoman, Black Cat, Scarlett Johansson

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