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Player: @Saucy Mynx
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Emme Ross
General Stats
Name: Emme Ross
Age: 25
Birthday: June 20
Eyes: Baby Blue
Hair: Black with a blue cast
Height: Roughly 5' 5"
Weight: 103 lbs.
Occupation: Employed by Dynalith IT Solutions
Residence: Cap au Diable, Etoile Islands
Marital Status: Married
A Glimpse at The Woman
(( WIP ))

Fatal Kismet
Classified Information
Callsign: Fatal Kismet

There was a group of men with grand plans. Plans which were set in motion and then deeply buried. Plans that would benefit them and certain people they chose worthy enough. One of these plans involved a young girl.

Real name: Moselle Leona Russo

Moselle was born into the care of one of these men. He was American. An entitled, haughty, rich businessman who did lots of travelling.. She wasn't part of the family... He had one of those. A perfect American trophy wife, two kids that attended private schools. Moselle was the child of his mistress, an exotic looking woman of Egyptian and Japanese descent who worked at a strip club.It was about the time the child was six months old that the group of men decided to begin their plans. Moselle was a prime subject... and the decision was made to relocate the mother and child.

The pair was sent to a rather large piece of private property in the middle of Nevada. There, they joined a group of seven children ranging from the age of 5 months to one year, each accompanied by what would seem to be the childrens' mother. All their needs were taken care of. Each pair had a two bedroom living space and were given access to the best doctors, cooks, and tutors. For women who had previously worked so hard to keep their lives in order, this arrangement was heaven.

For their part, the fathers made frequent visits, giving the children attention and making sure the mothers stayed loyal. The eight children were encouraged to become playmates, grow close and be friends. If one looked at this, it would simply seem like a well-funded commune of sorts.

However, the children were being raised to be dedicated to their fathers. For the first six years this was how it went. Doting parents, happy families. And then the manipulation began on several levels. Hints were dropped, seeds of doubt planted. Maybe the children were just there because the mothers were selfish, not wanting to leave the lavish estate for a life with the fathers... Why did they feel the need to hide them anyhow? The young impressionable children were shown movies of happy families, reinforcing the full family stereotype. The mothers were pushed toward the idea of being trapped, the kids acting as living chains. It would take three years of the subtle manipulation to break it all.

Months before Moselle's tenth birthday, it happened. Her mother drew her father into the other room. The conversation was heated, yelling and then soft murmurs. Sobs. After three hours, her mother came out with a duffel bag, kissed the girl on the forehead and left. Confused and hurt, the child found solace in the arms of her father. He showered her with affection and apologies. It would be okay. He still loved her, these things happened, didn't they? He'd take care of her, bring her home. A few things just needed to be taken care of.

She was sent to one of the doctors at the estate. Bloodwork was run, scans and x-rays taken. Records showed that they had missed a few vaccinations, and so those were caught up. She might feel sick, should probably be quarrantined for the time being, just to be safe. She might feel a little weird, but no worry, it is common and they just want to be sure she would be completely taken care of before going home with her father

During the next four months, similar situations occured with each of the seven other children. Mothers leaving, fathers adoringly claiming them, actions taken to make things right.

Occupation: Hacker, Thief, Assasin

Miscellaneous Information
(( WIP ))
Notes and Associations
Without very good research/hacking skills, it would be difficult to link Emme and Moselle as being the same person. Emme has gone through herself and erased any pertinent information on her original persona.

Chris - Emme met him in one afternoon in Pocket D. She found him handsome and surprisingly easy to talk to. Over the next couple of days, they spoke often at the club. And then one day they ended up on the same job in the Rikti War Zone. Following that, their interactions increased. Emme foud herself falling for him and soon found him falling for her. They began to date, then moved in together. When he went missing, she was a wreck. The day he came back, she knew she had to do something. And so, recently, Emme proposed. They are scheduled to be married on July 23rd.
Darien Noel Russo - Emme's father. The feelings here are complicated. Though she feels a sort of dedication and connection to him, she more recently found herself angry at continually being used without the public acknowledgement of the family tie. Even in light of their obvious physical similarities.
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