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The Malicious Mischief Maker
Faux Show
Player: @DigitalBee
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Scrapper
Threat Level: 35
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: Annoying
Species: Human
Age: 23-35
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 185lbs
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Rogue Islander
Occupation: Criminal
Place of Birth: Rogue Isles
Base of Operations: St. Martial
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Street Justice, Super Reflexes
Exploding Balls, Lethal Jacks, Throwing Cards, Guns
A real clown

WARNING: A Seriously Silly RPer

Faux Show is based on and an homage to the various clown and trickster theme'd villain of comics. Such as the "Trickster" , "Prankster" , "Toyman" , "Arcade" , "Harley Quinn" and of course "Joker". He is meant to be silly and sinister and fun. He is not meant to disrupt any one else or ruin any good times. In short he's a troll IC but not OOC.



(Work in Progress)


(Work in Progress)

Abilities and Equipment

As a normal human he has no known powers. He has however mastered some skillsets that allow him to pull off the criminal antics he performs. Extremely acrobatic and flexible he is able to contort his body in all manner of shapes and poses most people could not achieve. He is a skilled magician (sleight-of-hand), juggler, and blade thrower.


A style of combat combining acrobatics, Capoeira, and Krav Maga. Using his acrobatic flexibility he combines his showmanship with the natural flair of the capoeira moves to always be in a new place and the ruthless efficiency of Krav Maga's strikes to deal punishing blows.


Utility Belt - A simple belt with all manner of useful tools. Rope, a hammer, lockpicks, batteries, ect.

Playing Cards - A set of sharp edged cards he can fling at those trying to run - most heroes will find them to be a minor annoyance at best.

Explody Cards - A set of sharp edged cards he can fling at those trying to run - these are highly dangerous to anyone.

Jumping-Jack Caltrops - Known to have Jack-shaped caltrops he can spread on the ground to slow you down and trip you up.

Gag Gun - It's a revolver. The Joke is it shoots real bullets.

Juggling Balls

He carries a variety of juggling balls on his person. They can do various things

Glue Balls - Green in color and filled with a glue-like substance these can be hurled to cover the victim in sticky glue

Boom Balls - Red in color and full of metal shards and explosives these can be hurled to cause harm to multiple people at the same time

Snow Balls - Blue in color these are just snowballs. He wiffs them at people to be annoying.

Gag Bag

A bag full of various tricks, jokes, and pranks

Real fake money - A few stacks of cash with Faux Show's face on it.

Bomb! - It's a bomb and it's fuse is lit! haha no It's not. But it will explode.

Fart Smell - It's a vial of liquid that smells like flatulence.

Itching powder - It's powder. It's itchy. It's ALL OVER YOU!

Electric Joybuzzer - What a shocker! BZZZT! hahahahaha! Get it? It's a classic!

Fake cockroach - A big rubber bug. YUCK!


Known Henchmen

When a charismatic maniac gets put in a confined building full easily influenced unbalanced individuals is how you get henchmen. You'd think Paragon City would have realized this by now. The first few crimes Faux Show was captured for he was placed in the care of doctors to try and cure him of his mental instability, all they did was provide him with a grab bag of the insane that he calls his Circus of Crime

Punchline - Paul Wesker is a large built man with penchant for violence and a willingness to please. He was all too eager to live out his childhood dreams of joining the Circus. Classified as a Brute-class villain with Super Strength and Willpower status offence and defenses. He goes by Punchline, the joke being he punches you. Hard.

Laugh Riot - Fredrick Tafferman was a manic-depressive with a flair for invention. While in the Asylum he had been using his skills to help improve the lives of his fellow inmates. Music boxes, fun games, and toys. However soon after Faux Show arrived they took on a more sinister edge. All his music began to play calliope music, his games became lethal and the toys deadly. Classified as a Mastermind-class villain with an army of Thugs and Traps as his offence and defenses. He's turned the inmates who once fans into frenzied worshipers who will do anything to keep the music playing and the fun times going. Starting riots while laughing.

The Setup - Simone Sais was your the drug addict daughter of a ninja master. She was once a member of the Carnival of Shadows before her mask was shattered and she suffered a mental break. Ending up in the Asylum and already prone to violent outbursts and sneak attacks on orderlies she was kept in solitary for months before Faux Show found her. The villain's chaotic lifestyle of buffoonery and whimsy appealed to her rabid need for a new high. Classified as a Stalker-class villain with Savage melee strikes and Ninjutsu abilities as her offense and defenses. She's lives for the first strike and the look of fear and shock on her victims faces.

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Crimes Committed

While he has committed many crimes from simple robbery all the way up to murder there are some crimes that have stood out.

Rubber Duck Traffic Jam

On May 16th in the Skyway City district of Paragon City, Rhode Island. During the height of rush hour traffic, the villain Faux Show inflated an 80 foot tall rubber duck on the roof of a tall building and let it fall onto the highway. The resulting crash injured and killed several motorists and causes a backup of traffic for over seventeen hours while damaged cars and road were repaired. The entire incident was prolonged by a large wind propelling the duck around the area causing multiple crashes. Faux Show escaped custody leaving behind a bill, in a form of sick joke. Punchline was captured and incarcerated.

The Pigeon Parade Incident

During the Hero Appreciation Parade in Steel Canyon released thousands of sick pigeons over the parade. The deluge of bird droppings unleashed by the birds was enough to scatter the streets and end the parade. In addition he had managed to tamper with the confetti released during the parade which caused many of the pigeons to explode violently when they consumed it. During the event He and his henchmen robbed the 38th Street Bank and escaped custody.

Glitter Bombs Away

In the Founder's Falls district Faux Show set multiple bombs throughout the area and released a statement only some of the bombs were real and some were fake. The real bombs were all placed on a dam while the bombs in the city were all filled with pounds of glitter. In a mad attempt to cover the area in glitter then blow the dam and flood the town in order to spread the glitter over as much of the area as it could. Luckily several heroes of the city working together managed to foil his plan and stop the damn from blowing up. Several glitter bombs did detonate and were shiny for months. Faux Show was captured and incarcerated for his crimes. He and Punchline escaped prison shortly after with the help of his Henchmen

Jelly Beans

In order to "prank" hero Malcontent the villain filled several apartments in the King's Row district with unappetizing flavored jelly beans. He left a note saying he couldn't figure out which one was the heros so he filled several and to please deliver the leftover jelly beans to her. He escaped custody for this crime.

Theme Song

"Kazoo Kid Trap Mix" By Mike Diva


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