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Persephone and Tigress.wiki.jpg
Feral and Persephone

Artwork by Leah Keeler

Feral Tigress
Player: @SoulTrain
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Katarina "Kat" Janus
Known Aliases: Kitty, Tigress, Kat
Species: Siberian Tiger (human-genome-augmented)
Age: 23 (approximate)
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 165 lbs.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: USA
Occupation: Predator, Heroine
Place of Birth: Independence Port, Paragon City RI
Base of Operations: Paragon City RI
Marital Status: Married
Known Relatives: Mistress Persephone (Spouse)
Known Powers
Claws/Super Reflexes
Known Abilities
Landing on her feet
Product of an aborted Council genetic manipulation experiment - Hates Council, and has to be restrained from killing them occasionally

Feral Tigress is a recent "immigrant" from Guardian Server. She was originally the "obligatory catgirl" but has since taken on a storyline all her own. She is also my second level 50.



Tigress was born from a Siberian "White Tiger" that had been injected with a strange blend of human and tiger recombinant DNA. As a result, four of the five kittens died either at birth or soon after, along with the mother. Tigress however, seems to have drawn the 'lucky' card - She not only survived, but thrived.

Despite being furred and definitely catlike, her body structure is human.


Tigress is a predator cat, at her core. She attacks with teeth and claws, and darts in and out of battle with a leap-and-tumble methodology, twisting and rolling. Most of her targets end up severely mauled, and her claws are sharp enough to shred ballistic nylon with only a few swipes.


She's a cat. Cats have sharp claws, and the reflexes to use them.

In human guise, she uses a set of Qatar blades, or a set of Talsorian Rippers that were given to her by a Vanguard soldier she rescued.

Super Reflexes

She's fast, nimble, and always seems to land on her feet. When things get REALLY dire, and her fight or flight reflexes kick in, she's nearly impossible to lay a hand on, seeming to be just out of reach[1].


Like all cats, Tigress has incredible leg strength. She can scale most buildings quickly[2], as well as cover open ground at nearly 40mph, up to 60 when sprinting[3].


Tigress is a very lean and energetic cat, only growing tired during protracted fights. She also seems to shrug off what few injuries come her way, as only the most severe trauma has ever 'laid her out' for more than a few moments.

Weapon Mastery

The Goddess Artemis has given Tigress a few weapons as a small wedding anniversary present.


These tetragonally-shaped devices will always land with a point sticking straight up. Their sharpened tungsten-carbide tips will punch through most shoe soles, and cause extreme distress to the feet of any foe that walks on them. Enemies are slowed, and dealt trivial damage as long as they're on the spikes. They also make it impossible to Jump, so once on them, only flying away or teleporting (or getting knocked away) are viable as 'quick escapes'.


These star-shaped throwing blades cause Minor damage, but are very accurate. When they hit specific muscles or nerve clusters, they can cause temporary paralysis[4].

Explosive Shurikens

These are just as sharp and accurate as their simpler cousins but also contain a small amount of explosive and an impact detonator.



Friendly, playful, yet intensely focused and predatory when she gets set on something[5]. She's not quite as 'ditzy' as the stereotypical 'catgirl', and definitely isn't as big on getting attention from everyone else. Instead she approaches life with an aloof yet curious attitude, and when she finds something she likes, she'll make it known.

Against certain enemies, the "feral" portion of her name becomes obvious. Because the Council, in their supersoldier machinations, were responsible both for 'killing' her mother and the rest of her litter, and later the adoptive parents she had in the original researchers working on the project, she goes after them with considerable savagery. There have been several instances where her hero license was put on probationary status, because she mauled the Council troops so badly.

Against Rikti, she is slightly less savage, only because she knows a bit about why the war was started, and who is behind it.



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Recent Updates

Current Areas of Focus: Founders/Peregrine/RWZ

  1. Elude... ever had a cat you were trying to catch?
  2. Super Leap is RP'd as her being able to CLIMB buildings rather than leap over them outright.
  3. Swift plus double-slotted Sprint
  4. Devastation, Chance for Hold
  5. Scrapperlock!
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