Fiery Dynamo

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Fiery Dynamo
Player: @Fiery Dynamo
Origin: Science/Mutant
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Katherine O'Connell Ph.D
Known Aliases: Fiery Dynamo
Species: Human
Age: 79
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 116 lbs
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: White
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Research Scientist in the fields of Chemistry and Genetics
Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois
Base of Operations: Kate owns and operates two laboratories in the city, one in Founder's Falls, and one rebuilt in Steel Canyon in addition to using the facilities located in the Abbey
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Atomic manipulation resulting in thermal projection and control
Known Abilities
Device construction and repair
AI driven targeting drone, self cloaking device, TotA sub-vocal comm device

Katherine O'Connell Ph.D, known as Kate to her friends, is a vigilante turned hero of the city operating in Paragon. Originally a member of The Unseen Syndicate of Paragon, she now helps the Templars of the Abbey however she can, largely due to her friendship with Kara Reynolds-Dengo.



Kate was born in Chicago, IL and at an early age exhibited signs of her intelligence. Her mother died in child birth, leaving her father the responsibility of raising her. She flew past grades in middle and high school and entered university level education at the age of sixteen. Receiving her bachelor's in Chemistry, she moved on to graduate school in Paragon City, where she began studying under Dr. Vahzilok.


Her father became stricken with a strange illness soon after, and medical science was at a loss. Kate worked day and night with the guidance of Dr. Vahzilok to find a cure through genetic manipulation. Soon Kate found a cure, a genetic alteration that would leave the subject impervious to disease as well as prolong their life almost indefinitely. She was desperate and administered the alteration to her father. Dr. Vahzilok had betrayed Kate however, he had hidden the fact that the alteration would destroy the persons mind and would transform the subject into nothing more than a shell of what they were. This was the beginning of the wasting disease.

Kate was furious and vowed to take her revenge on the Doctor. She worked further with her genetic alterations and isolated the changes that affected length of life. She administered the gene treatment without test on herself. The procedure had unforeseen side effects. Kate spent the next decades tracking the Doctor. She met a young man from Japan that took her under his wing. This man was known to her as Unseen Stalker. Together they formed The Unseen Syndicate of Paragon.

When that group was finally put to an end, Kate spent several weeks in Zigarusky prison for her vigilantism, but was released after her selfless efforts in ending one of the largest prison breaks in the prison's history.

Upon her release she is invited to join the New Porter Institute for Psychical Research by her close friend Kara Reynolds-Dengo. She takes the job and becomes a chemistry teacher at the school. When the school is destroyed by Dr. Nemesis and the Nemesis Council, Kate agreed to follow her friend and join the Templars of the Abbey.


Fiercely independent, Kate prefers handling her own problems. She has a few very close friends, and likes to stay behind the scenes in order to influence situations.


Kate has the ability to modify and control material on an atomic level. The limit of her abilities however, is very narrow. Initially she was only able to affect the particles around her own body, but over the last two years she has been able to gain a greater understanding and control of her powers.

Fire Projection

The simplest of her powers, she uses the free atoms around her own body. Increasing there vibrations she is able to heat the particles and ignite them. She then propels them in a desired direction giving the illusion that she is simply shooting flames from her hands.

Molecular Kinetics

Resulting from a mutation caused from her constant tinkering with her own genetic code, Kate has gained the ability to control the properties of atoms that are already part of a complex structure, such as a human being.

Fire Control

Also resulting from her recent mutation, Kate has gained the ability to not only project heated particles at targets, but she can retain her control of them, allowing her to subdue foes, and direct the flames as she wishes.


Kate was a member of the Unseen Syndicate of Paragon during wich she had close dealing with both Crey and Malta operatives. She was also a teacher at the New Porter Institute for Psychical Research before its destruction, and she is now a member of the Templars of the Abbey.


Kate has very few affiliations with those in the Templars. Her closest friend being Kara Reynolds-Dengo. She holds several others as acquaintances, among them are Mazin Wystan, Melissa McDougall, Bryce Witherspoon, Lucianna Te Addo, and Galen McCormack.


Kate keeps close tabs on Dr. Vahzilok currently being held in Zigurausky Prison. She has been known to help low security level groups arrest him when he escapes. She

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