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Firanima portrait.jpg
"Tell me about your family, dear."
Player: @The Cheshire Cat
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 33
Personal Data
Real Name: Dr. Ellen Timmit
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Age: Mid 30's
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 110 pounds
Eye Color: Really, really green
Hair Color: Orange
Biographical Data
Nationality: Canadian
Occupation: Professor of sociology
Place of Birth: Montreal, Quebec
Base of Operations: Paragon city, RI
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Mystic thorn embedded in her heart gives her very strong magical abilities (Although she'd never admit she does anything more than dabble). Her primary expertise is fire spells, but she knows several minor cantrips.
Known Abilities
Nothing of note.
A notepad she carries with her at all times. A large supply of writing implements.
The spikes are the thorn. I thought it would be more interesting than just the eyes. Plus I had to go for 30 levels with no eyes, so I had to have something that made her look weird.

I don't really have any commentary on Firanima, she's a pretty straightforward character. So into the bio!



Firanima never goes by Firanima. If someone calls her Firanima, she asks them to just call her Ellen. She absolutely does not believe she is a superhero, despite having all the qualifications for being one. In a stressful situation, she seems to unhinge a little bit, and turns into a bit of a pyromanic. If asked, she'll always say it was "Self defense".

She's very cheerful and optimistic, almost annoyingly so. She doesn't like to talk a lot about her history, but she LOVES to let people know that she has a PhD. She can seem a bit timid at times, but she actually has a rather headstrong personality, and while she respects other people's rights to have opinions, she tends to treat anyone that disagrees with her in a patronizing way. She loves hearing other heroes talk about themselves, although most might find it a little unsettling that she insists on taking notes while they talk. She tends to press people for information as if she's interrogating them, although she'll back down if she senses any discomfort. Unfortunately her discomfort sense isn't particularly refined, and it tends to take a while for her to catch on. Despite all this, she does come off as being genuinely friendly, and can make for cheerful company if one is able to put up with her more annoying tendencies.


For the majority of her life, Ellen Timmit was just a normal person. She spent her first semester of university as a science major, at which point she decided that even the basics of science and technology lay off in a far away land that she would never, ever reach. So she changed her major to sociology, which set her off on the path the rest of her life would take.

Ellen had always been interested in superheroes, but not for scientific reasons. She didn't care for the "Why" of metahumans, she was interested in the "Who". Especially in the years following the Rikti war, she found that superpowers were developing into a subculture of their own, and she had to know what made that culture tick.

Unfortunately, Ellen's curiosity got the better of her. She wrote a paper about the Circle of Thorns, which they felt gave away a few too many of their secrets. Not being happy with the body of Ellen's work in the first place, the Circle decided it was time to deal with her. They took her away in the dead of night, dragging her deep down into Oranbega itself, where she was "Initiated" into the circle by having a magic thorn from the tree of thorns itself plunged deep into her heart. Her heart stopped beating that night, but she didn't die; the magic of the thorn was more than powerful enough to keep her blood pumping through her body. In the final stage of the ritual, Ellen's soul was replaced with the spirit of a long dead Oranbegan, allowing her to use Ellen's body for the Circle's own twisted goals.

Ellen has a very strong soul, though. Stronger than average, certainly stronger than the Circle anticipated. She was subdued inside her own mind for a year as the Circle committed their atrocities through her body. Maybe it was a moment of weakness on the part of the Oranbegan, maybe Ellen simply couldn't take being a prisoner in her own body anymore, but for whatever reason, after exactly one year she managed to dominate and banish the Oranbegan's soul from her body.

The experience, while emotionally taxing, granted Ellen enormous power. For all intents and purposes, Ellen is still a mage of the Circle of Thorns; she didn't so much quit as just stop showing up to work. While not trained enough to tap on the full power of the mystic thorn, she retains the memories from her time with the circle, and as she was a fire mystic, has a good mastery over fire magic. She has since pursued magical study in her spare time as a hobby, and is picking up new spells and tricks every now and then.

Since returning from the circle, her colleagues have been a bit uncomfortable around her (Look at her, wouldn't you be?) and have suggested that if she wants to make a really good paper, she should spend more time working with her subjects. Ellen thought this was an excellent idea and registered with the hero name "Firanima", and has since joined up with the Guardian Angels to, in her words "Observe the hero culture in its natural element".

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