Fire Styx

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Can't tell what he's really doing, can you.
Fire Styx
Player: @Darkshot Avenger
Basic Data
Origin: Originicon science.png
Archetype: V archetypeicon brute.png
Mercenary Level: 25
Occupation: athletic competitor, mercenary in the Isles
Personal Data
Real Name: Edgar Sanchez
Known Aliases: none established
Identity: not established
Species: human (mutate)
Age: 28
Height: 6'5
Weight: 210 lbs.
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: black
Blood Type: A-
Biographical Data
Birthplace: San Diego, CA
Birthdate: April 17, 1982
Citizenship: U.S.
Current Residence: Sharkhead Isle
Religion/Faith: Agnostic
Sexual Orientation: unknown
Marital Status: single
Known Languages
English, Spanish
Known Relatives
Ramona Sanchez (mother from Spain), Fernando Sanchez (father - US born), Lizette Sanchez-Madera (24-year old married sister)
Known Powers
fire melee, electric armor
Training / Abilities
he needs no footnotes

A man with a simple dream. An athlete with aspirations of going to the Olympics. He trained night and day but to no avail, he did not even make it to Nationals in hopes of being a part of the 2008 Summer Olympics. One day, he found and answered an advertisement in the San Diego Union-Tribune about increasing your strength. Only for things to go wrong later. Very very wrong. He then finds himself in The Rogue Isles, not wanting to associate with Arachnos. He made connections with several brokers doing odd jobs. And while doing those jobs, he could earn the money he needs to get back at whoever is responsible for making him what he is today. It is this that he finds himself being a resident in The Rogue Isles and becoming some sort of mercenary and vigilante.


Life Start

Edgar Sanchez was born on April 17, 1982 (the second of two kids) in the northern area of San Diego, California to Ramona Sanchez, an immigrant from Spain, and Fernando Sanchez, a native of southern California. They lived in the Hillcrest neighborhood and lead a relatively normal life. Like some Latino kids in San Diego, he was taught to speak English growing up by his father and his mother taught him her native tongue of Spain's Spanish. In a way, he was an odd kid out. But nevertheless, he was fairly normal and had friends in the neighborhood.


Growing up, Edgar was finding himself becoming interested in sports. Particularly, track and field. When he first entered high school, he took a physical ed class in track and field and tried out for the school's team. It wasn't until he was a sophomore, however, that he would actually be accepted into the school's junior varsity team.

His first year he was accepted into the JV team, he would be benched for half the season after his first game. He had specialized in two throwing events (the javelin throw and the shot put) and two jumping events (the long jump and the pole vault). All four of events, which he apparently failed at. His coach had told him that this was not the performance he saw in Edgar when he first tried out. Again, he would be benched for half the season for further training.

He would, however, pull through. He would train during his track and field class and even stay two to three hours after school training and conditioning himself the best he can. One would even say that he may have been too devoted to it, almost ignoring everything else. After being benched for half the season, he would pull through and out-perform even the varsity team.

Edgar would then be then be accepted into the varsity team in his junior and senior year without question. He would continue to perform tremendously and even enter into regionals and nationals. In his two years in the varsity team, he would be awarded the VIP for the team in the team's sports banquet every year for out-performing most schools and being mostly responsible for taking them so far into competitions.

Entering college, Edgar started looking into furthering his accomplishments and then had his sights set on something bigger than regionals and nationals. The Olympics. Little did he know, this was gonna be a lot harder than he thought.

Lack Thereof

Edgar's first opportunity into the Olympics was in 2004 and it was to be hosted in Athens. He felt that he had trained long and hard for this and had the best confidence that he would grab one of spots for the U.S.A. in the athletics division for the events he specialized in (long jump, pole vault, javelin throw, shot put). Unfortunately, he found that his competition was very fierce and he would be rejected from entering the trials to form Team U.S.A. He found that he wasn't strong enough, fast enough, and not reactive enough.

The next four years would prove to be nothing but training for him. It was almost as if his life was on auto pilot and he did nothing but train for the 2008 Olympics after work. He had no social life, he had no outside life, and he pretty much had no life with his parents and sister and they were getting overly worried about him.

The time then came for national competitions and in 2007, he once again received an invitation to trials for spots in the 2008 Summer Olympics for the U.S. team. Again, he found find his competition very fierce. Even better than last time. But training pretty much nonstop for four years would yield him results, right?

Unfortunately, Edgar did not score high enough on the trials and was placed 4th in all the events he tried out for. He was already frustrated at himself all those years. He did everything he could to train. He did everything the coaches he trained with told him to do. He followed their regimen to the point and to the dot.

He fell into a state of depression for awhile but then later got the courage to try it again for 2012. But he honestly could not figure out what he was doing wrong. Why was he not fast enough, strong enough, and quick enough to react? The only answer he could come up with is more training and practice.


In the midst of more mindless training, Edgar ran across a newspaper advertisement in the San Diego Union-Tribune. Something about enhancing your strength. Naturally. Edgar couldn't believe it at first but after calling the number that was listed in the advertisement, he made an appointment to see if this was the right thing for him. At 5'10 145 lbs, the experts at aXXis easily accepted him to be part of their trial process. Nine other people would be selected. These included Elizabeth Conway, Chris Rousseau, Rey Makaiau, Andrew Petrelli, and Andrea Jackson.

When the trial process began, they were first tested to see what their strengths were, and what they were all aiming for. Whether it be strength, speed, or precision, the process was apparently the same according to these experts. The first thing that they were put through was a series of injections of certain drugs. Drugs that were not approved by the FDA, and drugs that did not meet certain criteria to be even put on a trial basis. They were also put on a strict training regimen and diet. While results varied, they were noticed within days and were quite unbelievable. They gained the speed, strength, and the precision they were looking for. Some even gained some muscle mass. For Edgar, he noticed that he grew an inch after two days along with gaining the strength and the precision he wanted.


After six months of this strict training and diet regimen, continuous drugs, and supposed support, things were definitely looking up for all the "specimen". For Edgar, he had grown a considerable amount of height and muscle mass now standing at a height 6'5 and the weight scales at approximately 210 lbs. This was pretty much the point where Edgar wanted to be at. His strength was impeccable, his speed was great, and his precision was fairly incomparable. After speaking with the advisors of aXXis, Edgar was told that his stay was not yet complete. He was told he needed to stay for an entire year and the program would be complete, as it is stated in the contract that he signed. Edgar would then seem like he dismissed the issue but in reality, he was very suspicious. He had enough sense to know that there was no way that anyone, especially in his age, would grow eight inches and grow quite a bit of muscle mass in six months. He began to snoop around and see what in the world was going on. He befriended fellow subject Rey and told him what he found out.

From this point on, the shit started to hit the fan.

One by one, the specimens slowly started to become out of control. Their abilities would go either way beyond what had been expected of them, they would become absolutely sick, or they would just suddenly die. It started when one of the other subjects just suddenly pass away. Supposedly, from "unforeseen complications". Another was found dead when the entire fitness room was covered in ice. Both events were, for the most part, kept from the other subjects but Edgar knew about it. He knew there was something going on, and he wanted to know what it was.

Then more shit hit the fan.

Edgar had every intention of leaving. He wasn't sure what was going on anymore and he wasn't sure why people were dying and why some were getting out of control somehow. He packed up his belongings and raced for the door. Unfortunately, he would be run after by aXXis employees, who were "superbeings" themselves. Still, he ran for the exit to the facility. He was then cornered into the supply building and he felt absolutely threatened. He heard an explosion that seemed nearby but he couldn't stop for that. He needed to keep running. Just then... Edgar would find himself engulfed in flames and would make the building explode and become engulfed in flames itself. After the explosion, he would still find himself engulfed in flames and wanted so badly to not be a human torch. He then collapsed in the midst of all the rubble and the flames that engulfed his body turned off.


He would awaken the next night and find himself in a hospital in Los Angeles. His vital signs were normal, and he was breathing on his own. He felt alright. He didn't feel abnormal. Okay, so maybe at the sight of being hooked up to machines in the middle of the hospital in the middle of the night startled him so he ended up releasing a static discharge from his body, then setting his room on fire with his fists from this new shocking discovery. The first thing he wanted to do was get out of there and instinct told him to jump out the window. Well, he did and found that he could actually fly. He flew out as far as he could.

Edgar ended up flying cross country and eventually landed in what is now known as the Rikti War Zone. In there, he was met by a Fortunata who told him that his powers seemed interesting and directed him to The Rogue Isles and meet a woman by the name of Kalinda of Arachnos. She told him that he wanted vengeance. Payback to the ones who had done this to him. Edgar took this woman's words with a grain of salt but did head to The Rogue Isles. He ran across a man named Matthew Burke and told him to not let anyone manipulate him into doing anything he doesn't wanna do. Edgar grew to respect him for giving him options and not making him feel tied down to something. After gaining enough of his trust, Edgar told him about aXXis and what they had done to him. Understanding his plea, Matthew said he'd keep his ears open but he had not heard of them.

He gained the name Fire Styx from officers of Rogue Isles Police and the number that he has seemed to have put in the hospital with second and third degree burns.

While always on the look-out for aXXis, Edgar currently resides in Sharkhead Isle and keeps away from Arachnos business. He has an agenda and he is driven to meet it. Find out who was responsible for turning him into the way he is. And kill them? Nah. Make them taste their own medicine.

The Character

If it's anything that Edgar has, it is eagerness, determination, willpower, and devotion. He devoted himself and disciplined himself to train nonstop even if it didn't take him anywhere. Due to the events of his past, he has also become brash and abrasive with his words. He has also become naturally uncaring because of what has happened to him. Though underneath that shell is just a man who is trying to make ends meet and now try to live his life because he threw his life away by wanting to be stronger, faster, and quicker to react.

Noted Individuals

The man behind the man

I'm at @Darkshot Avenger in-game. Contact me for further details.


Power Grid
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  Energy Projection
  Fighting Skill

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