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Player: @First Player

NAME: Miles Benedict
AGE: 31
OCCUPATION: Superhero, Inventor

    The ability to possess an innate understanding of mechanics with little to no study.


  • TECH
    Utilizes advanced technology allowing flight, energy blasts, force fields, enhanced strength, and various other abilities


Miles was always a bright child, but the full scope of his intelligence didn't become apparent until he was in middle school. Miles was fascinated by technology. All forms of it. As he grew, his technological aptitude progressed rapidly, even without increasing his study in such areas. His teachers however, misunderstood his intellect and assumed he was a true savant, and moved him up to ninth grade when he was just thirteen. But midway through the school year it became apparent that his brilliance only applied to math and engineering. He was promptly switched back to his proper grade level before the year had even ended. With a fervent passion for video games as well, Miles' social skills declined as he spent most of his time with technological devices and video-game consoles rather than people. His mother perished in the destruction the Rikti's sacking of Paragon brought about. After the dust cleared and the city returned to a semblance of normality, Miles and his father relocated to Kings Row.

"It's not the greatest place to grow up, but when your back's against the wall and you've got nothing left, it'll do. My dad couldn't pay the bills by himself, so I got a job at a junkyard cleaning out sheds and stuff."

As a teenager, Miles spent much of his free time on the streets or in the junkyard, scavenging discarded tech. From trashed appliances to outdated computer systems, Miles' performed dozens of QoL upgrades to his apartment tenement through DIY life-hacks. Around this time his latent mutant ability to instinctively know how things worked manifested. Widely regarded as a true wunderkind by his peers, Miles’ talents put him on the radar of some of the tech world’s biggest names and a handful of prestigious academies. His father however, had descended into alcoholism in the wake of his wife's death. When his erratic behavior caused him to lose his job, Miles made the decision to put off college to assist him in recovery.

"For old times' sake, I visited Old Man Spencer's junkyard. We sat around sometimes, just shootin' the breeze. One day we were sitting out back and he asked me what I planned to do now that I'd graduated. I told him I didn't know and since my college aspirations had fallen through, I didn't really care. I'll never forget what he told me. "Life is like a game. How a man plays the game shows something of his character... How he loses shows all of it."


And then, The Battle for the Multiverse took place. Hundreds of vigilantes and superheroes were killed in the catastrophic invasion and in the months following, their absence would be felt by the entire city, civilians and criminals alike. The crime rate skyrocketed and Miles’ block didn’t go unaffected. The number of Skulls gang-members surged and the neighborhood felt the effects. Robberies, extortion rings, and the advent of Superadine plagued the community. Miles wanted to fight back against the new wave of crime, he just wasn’t sure how. Until, while scrounging around in the junkyard, he stumbled upon a crate full of old, discarded Sky Raiders gear.

”And that was it. My chance to get off the bench and into the game.”


As a kid he used to zap bugs with a homemade taser made from an old blender, a mini-fan, and some chicken wire. When he was twelve he shut down his middle school's entire computer network to get out of English class. At sixteen, he was manipulating ATM's into giving rather than receiving.

As one of the youngest and most gifted inventors of his generation, Miles has become a sort of rockstar within the geek/tech world, his first claim-to-fame being ’’The Slice’’, a smart phone of his own design that gained critical acclaim. Though highly sought after, Miles keeps the majority of both his tech and talent to himself, which keeps everyone in the business world on the edge of their seats waiting for what might come next.

He's a self-confessed video-game addict. Everything from consoles to MMO's, to retro arcade games like Pac-Man. In fact, when not kicking super-powered ass or tinkering away in his lair, it's a good bet Miles is hanging out in one of the many arcades around the city. Just don't ask him to hit pause.

  • Gadgeteer Genius - With the ability to intuitively determine how anything mechanical works, and by this point, after years of exposure to all manner of gadgetry, Miles is able to whip up practically any manner of gadget you could possibly imagine in no time flat. Even with just a box of scraps. He'll make it work.
  • Mr. Fixit - It doesn't matter if he's never seen it before, has never seen anything like it before, is unfamiliar with its working principles or doesn't even know the stuff the box is made out of; Miles will be able to repair it.
  • Flying Firepower - With his rocket boots and his energy blasting power gloves, Miles usually functions as ranged support in combat.
  • Rich Idiot With No Day Job - Miles started up his own tech company, Extra Life Solutions, as soon as he turned eighteen and has licensed many of his prototypes and inventions. A multimillionaire by the age of twenty-one, Miles has no need to work a day job. He divides his time between chilling with his girl , developing new and innovative technology, fighting crime, and of course, playing video games.



Miles possesses the power to intuitively understand the operation of any mechanical device and subconsciously/effortlessly create a schematic in his mind. Backed up by the ability to visually perceive mechanical energy in action, this power allows him to instinctively recognize the potential and functional uses of any machine or technological device in his visual range, a skill that combined with his natural intelligence gives him the ability to conceive, design and build highly advanced mechanical devices and operate, modify and disassemble existing technology or create countermeasures for it with little effort. He's capable of MacGyvering complex devices or weapons out of mere scrap.



Engineered to project energy blasts from their palms, Miles power gloves were originally just a pair of standard Sky Raiders gauntlets, however he’s upgraded and modified them so many times over the years they no longer resemble the outdated tech they began as. He’s modeled them after Nintendo's Power Gloves.


In combat, Miles wears a high-tech visor that displays a hologram-like heads-up display that monitors such things as the energy levels of his gear, health readouts, mini-maps, etc. Miles has customized the layout of his HUD to mimic first person shooters, with targeting reticles, objectives, threat-identification, and his enemies defenses.


In lieu of any physical superhuman abilities, Miles wears a lightweight, all-purpose combat suit (that is easily worn underneath his clothes), made from an imperivum-mesh weave material. The experimental material protects Miles from stabbings, while a high-tech "Power Belt" is incorporated into his suit that projects a thin force field around him and allows Miles to withstand more powerful impact forces like energy attacks, and gunfire.


Not necessarily an item he uses in battle, Savepoint is Miles' base of operations, equipped with state of the art technology and an artificial intelligence named R.O.S.E. Inside the base, Miles has constructed a command center, which consists of a large bank of monitors capable of doing anything from monitoring crisis points around the city to playing the most advanced of video games. The base also possesses a high tech workshop, where Miles repairs his gear and builds new devices. The base itself is an old abandoned bomb shelter located underneath a junkyard in Kings Row.


HIGH SCORE: Casey Peterson. His fiancé, the love of his life, his Player Two. She's on another level. Literally. Miles never really had any serious girlfriends before Casey, but when he met the ivory-haired bombshell, it was all over. To Miles, she's the only girl that matters. Even if she's got the mouth of a sailor and the aggressiveness of a pissed-off pitbull.

AGLOW: Lilah Brenner. She's an artsy chick Miles met years ago. An artist and tattooist, Lilah's personality is just as colorful as her wardrobe. Miles admires her artistic talents and endeavors and also does tech work for her every now and then.
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