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Player: @CeeGee




Threat Level:


Personal Data
Real Name:

Carly Lynn Boyd

Known Aliases:

Flamethrower girl, Cinder Lass


Human Mutant

Date of Birth:

1992 (age 25)




125 lbs

Eye Color:


Hair Color:


Biographical Data

US citizen with no criminal record


High School Student, crimefighter

Place of Birth:

Paragon City, RI

Base of Operations:

Atlas Park

Marital Status:


Known Relatives:

Michael Boyd (father), Lynn Boyd (mother), Kaley Boyd aka Frostbelle (sister), Shane Boyd (brother)

Additional Data
Known Powers:

Fire control, flight

Known Abilities:

Sports athlete

Known Equipment:

GAH communicator

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Flamabelle is a teenage superhero in Paragon City. Possessing powerful fire control powers, Flamabelle is a member of the Young Gods of the Golden Age and serves as a part-time hero while completing High School.


Character History

Carly Boyd's life started out fairly typical. She was a member of the in-crowd at Benjamin Franklin High School in Paragon City. She had it all; looks, brains and a potentially bright future. However, sometimes things don't turn out as we hope they do.

While at a barbecue at her friends house, Carly had begun to suffer a blinding headache; along with an elevated temperature which seemed to be rising quickly. As her headache and fever continued to rise, Carly prayed for the pain stop. Then all at once, the neighbors tool shed suddenly caught on fire. The fire department came, and the sudden blaze was blamed on a carelessly tossed cigarette.

However, soon afterward, Carly came to witness more unexplained fires everywhere she went. She then realized that she was the one who was causing the fires to suddenly appear; and she went to her parents about it. Her parents, worried about their daughter, consulted their family doctor; who in turn directed them to see the people at Freedom Corps.

The doctors at Freedom Corps determined that Carly's abilities were the result of a mutation. She was developing the ability to create and control fire. She was offered training it the use of her growing powers so to help her avoid a potentially deadly situation. Carly and her parents agreed to it.

The initial training lasted three weeks. Other heroes with powers similar to hers would come and help her to understand and use her powers better. In time, Carly did manage to get better control, although she still remained cautious about using them in order to keep from getting out of control.

Besides herself, Carly saw that there were other teens like her who were learning to use their powers too. Many of them planned to use their powers to help in the city as heroes. Carly, intrigued by this, decided to do the same.

Her parents at first balked at the idea of their little girl running around in tights and fighting crime. However Carly assured them she would be careful. And also that she would continue her schooling while fighting crime. Eventually, her parents decided to support her decision; her mother going so far as to make her first costume. Carly decided to use the codename Cinder Lass, and so began her new life as a superhero.

Shortly after starting her career as a superhero, Cinder Lass was recruited by the Young Gods of the Golden Age, and has remained a steadfast member of that team for a couple of years. She has fought many of Paragon City's and the worlds most powerful and dangerous villains from the lowliest street gangs, to some of the greatest threats the world as seen such as Nemesis and even Lord Recluse. While at the same time, working hard in school and somehow having a social life outside the superhero community.

Recently Carly's mother Lynn, who now works in City Hall with the Superhero Licensing Bureau gave her daughter a new codename as a Christmas gift: Flamabelle. At first not understanding why, Carly quickly discovered the reason for the name change. Her twin sister Kaley, had also begun exhibiting abilities and was undergoing training as a hero. However unlike Carly, Kaley is able to create ice from the moisture in the air. She also has an appropriate codename; Frostbelle.

Today, Flamabelle still attends High School, while continuing to use her powers to battle the forces of evil in Paragon city


Flamabelle is a member of the Young Gods of the Golden Age, as well as an ally of the All Star Teen Sentinels of America.


Flamabelle loves the fact that she is a superhero. She loves the whole experience; as well as being a member of such a well known and respected group as the GAH. She's normally very energetic and friendly; but prone to episodes of being hot-headed.

Flamabelle does have a tendency to get a little starstruck when in the presence of other, more well-known heroes, and has been known to ask for autographs from some of them. She normally waits till after major fights before doing so however; to avoid accidents.


Flamabelle is a mutant who possesses the ability to create and manipulate the element of fire. She can create fire through force of will alone and maintain it indefinitely as long as she has fuel to keep the flame burning. Flamabelle is able to envelop her entire body in fire without suffering injury and maintain that form for several hours at a time. She is able to hurl fire balls at her opponents and can create objects and weapons from flame. Flamabelle can also absorb the heat from her surrounding area to replenish herself if weakened. She is also able to project fire behind her to generate thrush, enabling her to fly at near-supersonic speeds.


Flamabelle is an athletic young woman who is an avid Soccer and Tennis player.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Flamabelle has a particular weakness in cold environments. She's more susceptible to colder temperatures than other people.



Flamabelle is allergic to dust.

Flamabelle collects autographs from other heroes as well as other superhero memorabilia .

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