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Claurice was originally a Matrix Online character who had steadily developed after a year and a half when I finally took a semi-permanent Haitus from the Mega City. Originally I had a personality that needed a face; Claurice's appearance, as well as some of her backstory, is based off a very goodfriend of mine. After a long run on The Matrix Online I decided to join a few of my friends who jumped ship, taking the most versatile character in my arsenal with me. [Note: This page serves two purposes - to inform others and to remind me, hence it's very specific. My memory isn't so great...]

"Pft. Huh. Sounds Complicated."
Player: @ExiledAlice
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Stalker
Threat Level: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Margaret Dean
Known Aliases: Flesh-Eater Claurice, Claurice
Species: Human
Age: 32
Height: 5'6"
Weight: Confidential
Eye Color: Violet
Hair Color: Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Confidential
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Ninja Blade, Super Reflexes, Teleport
Katana, Kevlar outfit, Butcher Knives



Under Construction


Fighting Style


Under Construction

Early History

Recent History

Present Day


Under Construction

Ninja Blade

Super Reflexes



Under Construction



Void Bound

A Curious Inexistence

Under Construction

The Radio

"Radio Free Opportunity!"

Amanda Vines

"You're not a knight in shining armor, but you'll do. Let's get out of here."


"You don't look much like a Philosopher."

Ace McKnight

"Let me introduce you to my friends in Longbow."

Claurice didn't like (or trust, or even tollerate willingly) Ace McKnight from the moment she met him; unfortunately, she felt this intense dislike of most people she met, so she shrugged it off. He was still Willy Wheeler's contact and the one responsible for her income at the time, no use biting the hand that feeds. In the end, she wasn't all surprised when Wheeler confronted her with the truth - Ace McKnight was a Longbow Agent. Leaving the sniveling contact and forgiving him for doubting her ability to bring him in alone, she tracked the brazen man down to the warehouse where he was holed up.

It only as she confronted Ace McKnight, even as he taunted her from his safe position between his guards, that she had a profound realiziation.

He was a pawn. So was she. The concept of using another wasn't something only Villains did, but Heroes stooped to as well. He was the piece played by Longbow, by extention Heroes and beyond them, the abstract pattern of "Good". Even though she loathed to admit it, she was a token put forth by Arachnos, beyond him the Villain concept itself and further still, by the abstract consciousness know as "Evil". Perhaps even "Good" and "Evil" were pawns in some larger game, a power play by the universe, following the orders of "Creation" itself.

Even though she defeated the Longbow Agent and saw him fall during the resulting skirmish, Claurice does not know where Ace McKnight is now. Nor does she care.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Human - Claurice is still fundamentally human on some level; as such she is still vulnerable poison, disease, fatal injuries and exposure.

Swordplay - Claurice's ability to use a Katana is rather underdeveloped and mostly self-taught, as she had no proper teacher. As such she constantly has to hone the ability and would most likely lose to a truly skilled swordsmen (regardless of level).

Belief - The belief in Existence and Inexistence that fuels Claurice's less mundane abilities is also her greatest weakness. Because of her (perceived or otherwise) constant struggle against Inexistance, if she ever where to completely believe she did not exist, she would literally erase herself from the face of reality.

The Void

Under Construction


Despite Claurice's complete lack of belief in what she does being "magic", it is, on its most fundamental level - an individual of sufficient willpower exerting, through their understanding of the universe, their will upon reality itself. Instead of using spells or mystical trappings, Claurice's world is defined by her philosophies; anything that works according to her understanding of the world is feasible, while anything sufficiently alien to her understanding is outright dismissed, leaving her incapable of performing that action until her understanding evolves.

Because of the belief her "magic" is nothing more then the obvious conclusions drawn by an acute observer, Claurice gives off no magical aura what so ever, nor do any effects she create give off anything distinctly magical. Only someone well versed in magic (or the theory behind magic) would recognize what she does for what it is.

Convincing her of this is an entirely different matter.

Old Description

This woman seems to have more trouble staying visible then not; when she finally fades back into sight she is of nondescript height, a beautiful light coffee complexion covering the exposed reaches of her body under a shock of impossibly red hair. Her face is always pulled into a sadistic grin, half smirk and half annoyed glare, violet eyes quickly sizing up anyone who comes into view. With the nickname "Flesh-Eater" attributed to this former mass murderer, she disappeared into solitary confinement,only surfacing again during the last jailbreak.



Theme Songs

Current: "The Great Destroyer" by Nine Inch Nails

Past songs: "Unthinking Majority" by Serj Tankian, "Before I'm Dead" by The Kidney Theives, "Vicarious" by Tool, "Fairytale Gone Bad" by Sunrise Avenue

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