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Patrolling King's Row.
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Protector
Security Level: 25
Personal Data
Real Name: Lina Mei
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Age: 16
Height: "Being short sucks"
Weight: "Think I'm gonna tell?"
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Ice Cream Shop
Place of Birth: Paragon City
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Deceased
Known Powers
Controls and manipulates Light
Known Abilities
Cooks delicious food.



Teenage Superheroine on the Virtue Server. A Mutant Origin Protector Archetype, she uses protection bubbles and blasts of pure offensive Energy all originating from her manipulation of Light. She is currently Security Level 25, is enrolled in the DIETY (( Dr. Eisley's Institute for Talented Youths)) institute, which is allied to a large coalition, The Shield of Paragon.

Flourescent's real name is Lina Mei. She is 16 years old, was born in Paragon City and has no living relatives. She is an active girl, typically enjoying her time off hunting for new fashionable clothes and accessories. She works at an Ice Cream parlor in Galaxy City, and enjoys her time with the Shield Coalition while she goes on her many adventures as Flourescent.

This is the second creation of her character on City of Heroes, but the first one where she has actually been "characterized".


Lina Mei is a typical Sixteen year old girl. She is very talkative, often speaking a mile a minute. She likes to hang out with her friends, often to seek out the latest potential sales. She considers herself fashionable and always makes sure to keep up on the latest trends. This doesn't make her snobbish however. She is outgoing, usually wanting to make friends and help people. Sometimes she likes to try and help people too much. Perhaps this is because she has no surviving relatives. She has no recollection of both her mother or her father and quite recently her grandfather, Justin Mei, was killed during a robbery of his robotic's lab. Although the perpetrators, a Hellions gang, were apprehended, it left her quite depressed and morose for a time.

When she found out she had powers however, she was quick to don a namesake and sought to fight crime. She has vowed to make sure that nobody will ever have to go through the pain she had experienced. At times she has pushed herself to points that has sometimes lead her to physical exhaustion. She will go out of her way to help someone, sometimes even disregarding her own health at times.

Lina chats on her cell.

She enjoys cooking in her spare time and has often made references to becoming a future chef as her career path. Her current job, An Ice Cream Parlor in Galaxy City, is her first step. But she dreams of one day owning her own restaurant. Although she is sixteen, sometimes she is spotted at Pocket D trying to knick some Liquor.

She can come off as chatty, sometimes even bubble-headed at times. She's not very good at understanding complex machinery, though she is skilled enough to keep her myspace page up to date. She does well on he exams though and she's capable of holding intelligent conversations.


Flourescent's powers come from her mutant origin. She has the ability to manipulate light, encasing allies in Force Fields that shield against damage. Her Force Fields can also encase enemies, temporarily removing them from the battle. She can also project a large Force Field, allowing extra defense to those around her. When Flourescent is in danger, she can encase herself in a Force Field, but the strain limits her abilities and does not allow her to attack. Her light powers aren't just for defense purposes.

Lina can also create solid beams of light and project it towards hostile enemies. The blasts can pack enough power that in some instances it can send the receiver flying through the air. She has mastered many potential waves to send these beams. Mainly she will just fire off some blasts, but if she has time, she'll concentrate her blast and hit far away targets for larger damage. Other attacks include waving her arms to produce a wave of light, good for attacking multiple foes.

One of the more puzzling aspects of her powers is her ability to fly. She can project herself into the air, flying great distances with minimal effort. More at home in the air then on the ground, in battle she'll most likely be seen floating above her enemies heads.

Presently her powers continue to grow, so it is possible for her to develop some new abilities.


Flourescent's Origin, as documented in ((the fictional)) FLourescent #1-3. It featured a high school girl that went to Galaxy High. Her grandfather, Justin Mei, was a well known official in the robotics industry. It was established in Flourescent #4 that he had actually worked at Crey Industries for a time, but had left to establish his own robotics firm. His last project, robots he had christened as "Linabots", were to be the house maids and personal robots of the future.

Lina's character started off rather typical. She was a high school girl, who had many friends. She was materialistic and often spoiled, because of who she was, although she was never stand offish. The spoiled part came from her relationship from her Grandfather, whom took her on extravagant trips to Japan, Hawaii ex cetera. Lina was spoiled, but definetly Justin took on a grandfatherly role, as often times Lina's flashbacks portray him as such during her small childhood days.

But then Lina's world falls apart, when the robbery at the lab occurs. That day, she was told to go visit Justin so they could go out shopping together after he concluded business. It was then that a group of Hellions burst into the lab. Although the story never reveals what exactly went on, it does say that Lina's grandfather was killed, many of the other personnel were as well, The lab had caught on fire, and Lina found in an alleyway in just a lab coat. It was not revealed what happened to all the Hellions, though it was hinted at that some were arrested.

Lina's last conversation with Justin had been a simple sentence. He had told her to travel to Atlas PArk, City Hall. After that, she was placed in Dr. Eisley's Institute for Talented Youths. There she had a new home, but many strange neighbors. The school housed people with Superpowers, people who had no place to go. It was there that she learned of her powers.

The defining moment in Flourescent #2 iw when Flourescent watches a meeting of the Shield of Paragon Coalition. The attending heroes are awarded capes for their bravery and it was at that point that Lina decided what she wanted to do. And it came to her in the form of repressed anger when a few nights later she spoted a Hellion robbing a woman. The bolt of light from her hand changed her life yet again.

Today, Lina keeps fighting crime as Flourescent while attending DIETY. She struggles to put her past life behind her, but sometimes it is noted that the past will pave the way to future stories. She uses her grief and her pain however as a reminder of why she continues to be a hero. "The soft light that shields the innocent from the ugly darkness."

Before Virtue

The character of "Lina" on the Virue server is not the first incarnation of this character. Her real origin started way back on a small Online RPG that ran on Dreamcast titled "Phantasy Star Online". "Lina" was actually the third character made on that game and the most played. She was a Fonewearl, who wore white clothing and was very short. Her red hair and pigtails are also a tradition I adhere to when making this character. It should be noted that "Lina" is not the only persona imported from "PSO" as she also brings with her "Halobot", an android hunter. Presently that character has been renamed "Linabot" and plays a part in the FLourescent story.

There have also been several other character named after her. A new "Lina" on the Gamecube PSO, a blonde haired sister of her names ELena from that game. She has also won the "Women's Championship" on WWE's "Smackdown: Here Comes the Pain" and fought in Azeroth as a gnome mage in Blizzard's "World of Warcraft".

City of Heroes

The best characterization of her though was of course "City of Heroes". The first time I made her, she was Flourescent alright. Originally she was made on the Liberty server and her story was a little bit different. Her grandfather had still passed, but she had found her own way to City Hall and took on the role of hero by herself. This was before I really got into the Roleplay aspect. Unfortunatly the Supergroup I ended up with had the tendency to Power Level. Any and all missions were usually Purple Teamed missions and grey solo missions for me. Not at all surprisingly, I lost interest. While they were a great bunch of people, it just didn't suit the play style. Fortunatly during that time, there was lots of stories about FLour that came to mind.

So when it was discovered that Virtue was a Roleplay server, I jumped at the chance to finally Roleplay with her. Flourescent was re-made and ever since then her character has grown. I look foward to seeing how things play out.

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