Flux Redstorm

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Flux Redstorm
Player: DAY
Origin: Science
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Jason Redstorm
Known Aliases: Flux
Species: Human
Age: 22
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 245
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: Citizen of Rogue Island
Occupation: C.E.O. of Flux Industries, Test subject of Crey's Human Genome Project
Place of Birth: Brickstown
Base of Operations: Grandville
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: James Redstorm
Known Powers
Electrical Manipulation, Demonic Energy
Known Abilities
Fighting Training, Medical Training
Rocket boots, Goggles, Power Suit
No additional information available.



Early History

Jason was born into a world of corruption long before he was labeled a villain. At a very young age, His

father James Redstorm was CO founder of Flux Industries along with Julianne Thompson. James was interested in small

company investments such as, and not limiting to, Military technology. Julianne showed a very strong interest in

the rising population of meta-beings and superpower related individuals. Along the course of time the two co-

founders found love and eventually birthed a child in the city of Brickstown. Jason grew up with the greatest

scientific minds in Paragon constantly visiting and discussing important issues arising in the city.


Early in his life James fell violently ill and died. His mother Julianne, at the age 22, Seemingly vanished

off the face of the earth, leaving Jason in an orphanage. Jason later took over the buisness when he reached 18 at

the company HQ in Brickstown. He tried to hunt down ties to his mother, who had seemingly vanished, and stumbled

over a villainess who called herself Countess Crey. Jason was so interested in Crey Industries and the incredible

advances in medication and Genome therapy that arose. Clarissa van Dorn, AKA Countess Crey, took Jason under her

wing like a mother would to her child. She explained many of the legal and illegal opperations that Crey was

involved in. Jason even got to stand witness to the capture and genetic manipulation of Steven Berry. After

Steven's daring escape and display of new powers against the greatest creations Crey had put in his path, Jason was

convinced that the "Hero Genome Project" was perfect for him. He approached Clarissa van Dorn with his proposition

of unlimited use of Flux Industries resources for a chance to genetically enhance himself much like what was done

to the now super powered Synapse. At first the Countess, for unknown reasons to Jason, refused the process,

claiming it may do him harm in the long run and that it was not fully tested. Eventually the Countess broke in and

allowed the experiment to take place. Jason was infused with a pure sample of Steven's Genetic enhancing genome.

Jason's blood was injected with a new metalic protein that allowed constant conduction of electricity threw his

body. At first Jason showed true promise as a hero. He began by cleaning up some of the streets around the Prison

in his home town, but eventually his power began to take a massive toll on him. Like an odd addiction the use of

his power caused him to want more, to do more, and to leave a mark no one would forget. On a routine patrol, he

overused his power destroying a good city block and leaving hundreds more with out power for weeks. People claimed

that a giant red bolt leveled everything, and from the ashes stood Jason in shreded clothes. He was sent to the Zig

on many counts of murder and destruction of Pargon City property.

Second Chance

Jason was one of the inmates that could not be bothered by threats of a Death penalty.

Electricution...Would have been a waste of time. He had hardly served a year when Arachnos came in full force,

apparently looking for him for a certain "Project: DESTINY". He also heard a few soldiers talking about how his

"mother" ran Crey Industires and possibly made a deal with Lord Recluse to help in his breakout. Jason shruged them

off as mere rumors believing that the Countess was merely a good friend and trying to recover her experiment. Jason

made his home in the Rogue Islands and has continued his life as a Villain, pushing his powers to the limits.

Recent History

In recent History, Jason has begun to manipulate the fabric of time through the Ouroboros. He had always

wanted unlimited power and the ability to leave his mark in history, and found it by constantly reverting time and

appearing in historical events where he never attended. He became powerful enough to challenge even Lord Recluse

one on one and came out the victor. He now sits at the right hand of Recluse's Throne as one of the greatest

Villains in the Rogue Islands.


Jason's personalty is much like his powers, a constant Flux (Hence his nickname). Due to continous use of

his powers his synapses and mental processes have begun to show signs of dementia praecox, aka schizophrenia. He is

normally kept together and quite intellegent, but there are times where he seems delusional and isolated. He is

quite dangerous when in this secluded mode and is prone to violently erupt in electricty.


Electric Manipulation

Jason has been enhanced with similar powers that Synapse carries. However instead of projecting them

outwardly they shield him and allow him to shock his victims at close range.


During his time in the Zig Jason was tough to fight and weave through combat, giving him a greater edge on

the capes he loves to thrash around.


Though constant manipulation of magnetic electricity Jason is capable of flight. He has also adapted to

using Flux Industries personal rocket boots to allow him a more stable flight.



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