Frozen Trojan

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Frozen Trogan
Player: @Domo Origato
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Burt Conners
Known Aliases: Frozen, Kronic Man
Species: Human
Age: 34
Height: 5'11
Weight: 210lbs
Eye Color: Ice Blue
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Canadian
Occupation: Zamboni Driver/ Referee
Place of Birth: Red Deer Alberta
Base of Operations: Vancouver B.C.
Marital Status: Married to Amber Conners
Known Relatives: Ron and Margret Conners
Known Powers
Ice Blast/ Ice Manipulation/ Force Mastery
Known Abilities
Hockey bag filled with pucks.

Born in Red Deer Alberta, Burt Conners was raised on hockey. His childhood was filled with dreams of hoisting the Stanley Cup above his head, and to have his name engraved into history. Little did Burt know this love of hockey would forever change his life, in a way he could have never forseen.


To make ends meet, Burt Conners picked up a job at the local arena as a Zamboni driver and part time referee. The pay wasnt much, but it was enough for him to persue his love of hockey, and try to make it to the NHL. One day while cleaning the ice after a morning public skate, Burts Zamboni started to shake violently, and he was thrown onto the ice in front of the Zamboni.

Burt was trapped under the zamboni for 3 hours before a group of young hockey players saw him under the ice. When they began chipping at the ice to free him from his frozen prison, everyone thought he was dead. But when he was lifted out of the ice, they could see that his fingers were still moving, and they rushed him to the hospital.

Burt woke up in the hospital surrounded by doctors and nurses who seemed shocked to see him alive. He looked in the mirror, and saw his skin had turned black, his entire body had been completely frost bitten. He noticed that everything around him had a small layer of frost, and the hospital equitment that monitered his vital signs had all but turned to ice. The doctors then explained to him that his body temputure was now minus thirty degrees celsius, and it was some kind of miricale his organs had'nt shut down.

After extensive testing, it was found that his cells had mutated somehow to place him in a hibernation state, but due to some kind of complication the prosess was never complete. His body went in a state of limbo, rather then producing heat, his body would secreat an unknown vapor that would turn the moisture in the air to ice.

At the begining Burt had no control over his powers, and he isolated himself in the mountians near Smithers BC. But as the years past he began to use his curse to help his community. Gaining more and more control over his new found abilitys. He eventully started a junior hockey team, and used his powers to build skating rinks in the summertime. Many of the locals said it was "the summertime rinks, that drove the Trojans to the championship", and after 3 more championships Burt became known as the Frozen Trojan.

Burt refused to return to playing hockey, knowing that his mutation could give him an advatage over other players. So he focused his energy into helping others enjoy the game he loved so much.

Keeping the Ice Clear

The Hero Life

Burt Conners never intended to become a hero, but seeing that his powers could do alot of good for alot of people, he left his home to become a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He worked within the police service for a number of years, but left due to corruption within the ranks.

After moving to Vancouver, Burt was contacted by a little known Canadian agency known as the "Outsiderz". He was recruited into the organization by Amber Wend, the heroine known as "Kronic Gal". She conviced him that with the proper training he could do alot more good fighting evil as a super hero, then he ever could working within a corrupt police force. Burt would eventully fall in love with Amber Wend, and they were married.

Frozen Trojan and Kronic Gal first left for Paragon City in 2004. They answered the call for heroes to help rebuild the city after it's near destruction during the Rikti invasion. Burt saw this as an exellent oppertunity to teach a new generation how to play a clean game of hockey, while cleaning up the streets.

They returned to Vancouver in 2006, after relative peace had been restored in the city, and being homesick. However Frozen Trojan did return to Paragon City in 2007 to help battle the Rikti during the second invasion. And has since been seen patroling in both Vancouver and Paragon City. Although it's not known for sure, but is speculated that the now Amber Conners gave up the spandex, to take up other persuits, but the details are a closely guarded secret due to the nature of hero work.

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