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Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology.
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(The following is a recorded interview by reporter Annalyn Torres with the superhero known as Gadgix)

Annalynn Torres(AT): We’re here today to talk with the heroine Gadgix, who many listeners may know from her wor—honey, don’t..don’t mess with that. Steve? I think she needs help with her mic.

Gadgix(GX): Nah, no, I got it. Was just checking this out. You know if you switched these wires here and tweaked the dimensionality, you might be able to use the feedback to—

AT: No! No, that’s okay! Please, leave it as it is. There we go. Now. So! Why don’t you tell us something about yourself, Gadgix? Tell us a little about your history, if you will, your childhood and how you became a hero of Paragon.

GX: So like the stars aligned, and the moon moved into some house, and Jupiter got it on with Mars and bam! There I was. August 15th. The Techie Goddess debut. Pretty sure there were a few angelic choirs singing that day. Uhm, Mom and Pops were pretty stoked at their luck. They recognized epic when they saw it. Ah, Mom had some complications after the birth and well, passed. So that left me and Pops, and like he’s been a great dad. He’s a dork, but a great dad. You rock, Pops!

AT: That must have been very difficult for the two of you.

GX: Yeah, Pops had it rough for a while, but he managed pretty well. I kept him busy, you know, running around and climbing everywhere.

AT: So you could climb?

GX: What do you mean ‘you could—Oh! You mean like did I have two arms or was I just la mano’ing it around the crib? I was born with one, but Pops figured I’d reach my full boss ability with an extra so he made me a cybernetic replacement. The one I have now is my own design, but he made the original. Kinda got him into the whole field. Yeah, I’m inspirational.

AT: You certainly are! To many listeners, in fact. People want to know just how you make all the gizmos you use in your day-to-day crime fighting.

GX: Well, I can’t go giving you deets, but I can tell you about them a bit. (Sounds of movement) This is my Cell 6. It’s a holding container for the Radi-Tabs I use. Those are full of clean radiation, by the way. I’m not nuking Mother Earth, so Hippies, back off! I’ve got Juice Jumps in the boots, the bow, course, with its genetic targeting system, and oh! the taser! I supe’d up this Wii remote I had and combined it with a taser gun. (Chuckles) Good times with this baby.

AT: Very impressive! And did these inventions spur your desire to help rid the city of villainous groups and their work?

GX: Actually, gonna have to say that was Pops again. He’s pretty inspirational to me as well. He’s always said that the worst crime is not trying to live up to your highest potential if you know you can help others by doing so. He’s full of those Obi-Wan lines. You could put that on a coffee mug.

AT : (Laughs) We may do that. So tell us what your plans are for the future. What are you hoping to accomplish in your career?

GX: For now, I’mma keep kicking butts and taking names. I’m still working on my Engineering degree at SCU, and I’m hoping to help Pops in his biz when I’m done. Just taking it day by day, ya know?

AT: We’re sure you’ll have an exciting and fulfilling road ahead of you, Gadgix. We want to thank you for taking time t—(Sounds of movement) Gadgix? Honey, you shouldn’t—Steve? She shouldn..

GX: Dude! I didn’t know you had one of these bad boys! Totally underpowered, though. Let me see if—

(There are sounds of people moving and protesting before a loud popping is heard and the recording abruptly ends.)


Gadgix employs a number of devices to aid in her hero work, most of which are of her own design. In addition to her bow and Radi-Tabs, she has recently developed a new beam gun prototype that uses self-replicating nanorobotic technology. This same technology is utilized in the delivery system for her radiation tablets.

As for weaknesses, if asked, Gadgix would say, "Hawt guys are totally my kryptonite." In truth, it's her self-doubt that often cripples her. Living in a world where she is surrounded by supers has left Gadgix feeling less than adequate and resentful of her reliance on technology when facing her foes. She has begun to realize her merits through self-reflection and growth, but at times, still has difficulty accepting she isn't faster than a speeding bullet...least, not without some nitro.


The Bees Knees
Personal Data
Real Name: Gidget Anne Addams
Known Aliases: Gidge, Gadgix, Gadge
Species: Human
Age: 30

Height: 5'5"
Weight: 127 lbs
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Blonde
Occupation: Student, Hero, Inventor
Place of Birth: Fort Wayne, IN
Marital Status: In A Relationship
Known Relatives: Jason and Patricia 'Trish' (deceased) Addams
  • Gidge is a french fry junkie and believes them to be the perfect food.
  • Thinks if God were in a band, he'd play metal.
  • As a typical girl, Gidge is rather self-conscious. Though she's learned to deal with it, her arm and her still have a way to go.
  • Usually keeps her bot Glitch, a copy of her friend Finn's personal mek, nearby to act as a secretary and walking toolbox.


  • Finnicus -Every girl needs a bestie, and for Gidge, it's Finn. The two met roughly 4 years ago when they joined The Teen Templars, and despite the breakup of their former supergroup, have remained exceptional friends. Gidget looks to Finn for not only advice, camaraderie, and Monday Movie Nights, but also for inspiration. She believes the ice-flinging, pen-wielding heroine to be a true role model.
  • The Challengers - Having been introduced to The Challengers through Replacer, Gidge found herself pulled into the elite group by none other than Red-Havok himself. Though unsure of herself and her benefit to the group in the beginning, Gidge has since flourished under their guidance and fellowship. She is honored to be a part of such an amazing assembly of superheroes.
  • Evan - Gidge considers the smooth-talking, lightning hero to be pretty cool. With an assortment of skills from foe smiting to Xbox owning, Evan is one guy Gidge is happy to hang with, whether it's while battling baddies in a sewer or kicking cans in pinball.
  • Garret - The immortal vigilante warrior is a mind stumper to Gidge. His social suavity ranks in the negatives, and he's more prone to break necks than bread, but nonetheless, Gidge believes that with enough encouragement, pop culture, and junk food, he can be saved from the 1,000-year-old chip he seems to carry around on his shoulder. She considers him a valuable ally and friend, and hopes he can one day stop reliving the past so he can enjoy the future.



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  • Gidge is the best. She's the first person I talk to when I'm frazzled and one of the only people I think about when I need to figure out how something can be exploded. What better endorsement is there than that? OH. Right. She's fun and smart and wicked funny, too. I'd have her on my team anyday. Ohwait. HA. I do. - Finn
  • This kid never ceases to amaze. - Havok
  • Kid's good at shooting giant octopi. I'm sure that's a useful skill somewhere. - Flea

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