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Genesis Finale
Player: @Chernobyl Blue
Origin: Science
Archetype: Dominator/Brute
Threat Level: 50/14
Personal Data
Real Name: Aikaterine Devaki Akavirus/Prototype 790-A
Known Aliases: Katie, Aika
Species: Alderian/Android
Age: Appears early to mid-20s
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 120lbs.
Eye Color: Right eye is scarred, left is icy gray with mid-gray pupil
Hair Color: Bright red
Biographical Data
Nationality: Aradelian
Occupation: Exotic Dancer (previously), Magical Artifact Hunter
Place of Birth: Highridge, Barnstead
Base of Operations: St. Martial, Etoile Islands
Marital Status: Married to Shintou Akavirus
Known Relatives: Emerald and Jasmine Donnelly (adopted mothers)
Known Powers
Gravity Control/Electrical Blast
Known Abilities
No additional information available.

Emerald liked to play the news networks sometimes when there was little business. That was usually during the day. Her place was a farce for a restaurant. Really, when people came in it was for the girls, and I was one of them. I’d lived with Emerald and her wife for the last five years, and it was they who taught me how to dance. They loved me like a daughter, and they were like the mothers I wasn’t sure that I had ever had.

I’d been told a fever took my memories away. However I had ended up in this rainy country, however I ended up at that particular doorstep, all that I had been left with was a piece of paper with hand scrawled writing that said, “Aikaterine Devaki”. So the old ladies figured that it was my name, and that is what I had gone by ever since. It sounds cliché, but that’s how it was.

OOC Warning: Much of the following information is not public knowledge. The storyline, unless otherwise noted, has taken place on a separate, player created world.

Publicly, Katie Devaki is known to have worked as an exotic dancer in St. Martial for the last several years. Anyone she may have seen before would have been a patron of Emerald's Bar and Grille (the dance club that she used to work for) or from the Golden Giza Casino if not from a random public meeting. She is outwardly friends with D.J. Zero and many of the bartenders at Pocket D.

If any of the below information is approached without contacting me out of character prior to the interaction, it will be ignored. No physical records of the 790 Android Project exist on this planet, nor is it outwardly obvious that she is an android. Please send me a tell if you have any questions regarding your own character's extra sensory abilities. Thank you! <3

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Background Information

A Dream Destroyed

Doctor Aikaterine Donnelly
Aikaterine Rhea Devaki had always held an intense interest in the sciences. While other girls played dress up and dolls, she spent her time with her little brother dissecting electronic devices around their home. It was natural for her to pursue a degree in engineering when she entered collegiate study…and she was elated when her hard work earned her participation as an intern in Doctor Patrick Donnelly’s bipedal android project.

It became somewhat of a dream to be an integral part in the project’s completion. So much so, that the subtle affections of the Doctor of himself…an intensely awkward, clumsy man, went unnoticed for several years. It took a blow to the head (quite literally) and his nervous date proposal to set the wheels in motion for what would later become a truly devoted marriage.

Together they were able to create many successful android projects, but none that held so much the soul or the true physical appearance of Alderveraan’s native races. For a time, this progress was acceptable. The original intention was to create hazard replacements for humanoids, thusly there was little desire by those that provided their funding for the androids to be more humanoid. Chiefly among the goals of the scientists themselves was to achieve a semblance of the androids the ability to learn, feel and grow. The Government of Barnstead held no love for Doctor Donnelly’s project to continue further in this direction and began to deplete their funding…diverting it to other research endeavors.

Had the Doctor not fed them the schematics for his first truly evolving positronic brain, their funding would have disappeared entirely. Aikaterine herself had devised a technology that would take human thought patterns and convert them into data. Extensive research also allowed for the creation of a full system of organs and nerves that would produce a physically viable “living” being. This offered a second chance to those with terminal illnesses or crippling handicaps to have healthy, working bodies of their own. At the government’s refreshed interest they created a public model: Prototype 790-A, which was a replica of Aikaterine herself…

The new project consumed the couple entirely, having discovered that Aikaterine was unable to bear children. What was first an intense love of a dream soon fell into obsession, and later, into tragedy.

As one of the finishing touches, the skin solution, was to be applied to Prototype 790-A, a foreign contaminant entered the volatile environment, which caused a chemical explosion. Aikaterine did not survive the accident, and the explosion left Patrick with extensive and nearly fatal chemical burns.


Prototype 790-A Concept Art ©1999 Eli Mintzer
Although the experiment ended with disaster, the skin solution was precisely what was needed to cmplete the prototype. It was nearly a year before the project was continued. Members of the research team that had not been killed in the explosion were dying as a result of strange accidents, and many speculated murder. Doctor Patrick Donnelly…somehow fully recovered from his injuries, had been given the moniker “Chernobyl” by the scientific community at large over the apparent gross disregard for proper safety procedures. In order to repay his debt to the Government of Barnstead, he was contracted as a permanent employee, and was ordered to continue with the activation of the abandoned prototype.

Prototype 790-A’s Evo-Encephalon (self-evolving positronic brain) had been imprinted with the data-copy from the late Aikaterine Donnelly. Before activation, however, the Government of Barnstead ordered that all memories be wiped clean, leaving her only with primal instincts and the physical learned behaviors of an adult female. In this sense, the android was much like a woman with amnesia. As the first activated model in her series, she was to be studied as the basis for all future models.

Over time and study, modifications were ordered upon her which created a more combat-ready machine. Other devices, which had been created for use as weaponry, were implanted directly into her body. Of which were highly acute hearing sensors, targeting optics with varied vision spectrums, hyper-conductive coils that used body heat and energy to generate electrical bursts, and area-focused means of modifying gravitational fields. After each application of a new piece of technology, her memories were cleared and they began the training process anew. What had originally been intended by the scientists as a means of hope for those with incurable disabilities had been bred into a soldier.

Under the belief that she was a war veteran who had suffered severe head trauma, the gaps in her memory were more easy to cope with, and she felt herself indebted to the Government for having saved her life . She served in their army for nearly five years, learning to pilot their Mechanized Infantry Unit with unmatched skill. She and her partner M.I.U. became known as the feared "Genesis" and "Apocalypse".

Many died as a result of campaigns in which she was ordered into combat. Memories of the emotions triggered by the grisly images were studied in order to compare their similarity to those of humanoid emotions, and then forcibly erased afterward.

When not in combat she lived in a simulated "real life" environment under constant observation. Her only visitors were the leaders of her unit, and the troubled Doctor Chernobyl. Slowly, the stresses of her faulty memory began to wear on her. Feelings of loneliness, and the thoughts that something was 'not quite right' with her life began to grow and take a steady hold. It was not long before she made an attempt to run.

Her escape was thwarted, however, and in the process she became injured. Although the 790 series androids had massive regenerative capability, the damage could not be repaired individually. When the men who intercepted her returned her to Doctor Chernobyl, a jagged scar marked her right eye, and has not been repaired since.

A Second Chance

Chernobyl was a man shattered by the death of his wife and the insurmountable debt that he owed to the Government of Barnstead. The trauma of being forced to see her in the form of the activated prototype, and force that image into physically dangerous and mentally troubling circumstances was almost maddening for him.

Although the repercussions would be great, word of his plight had fallen upon ears that were willing to help him. Though they remained anonymous, their promise to move the android to a safe location and protect her held great appeal. In his desperation, he agreed. It took years to put their plan into motion, and 790-A's attempt to escape provided the perfect window of opportunity. In a defiant act of treason, Chernobyl cleared her memories once more to a primal state...and waited.

In a rushed attack, the complex was destroyed and the android recovered.

She was taken out of country, to city of Legion in the nation of Aradel. There, she was left with the owners of an Exotic Dance Club.

The Fool's Revolution

This is a lot of effin' information <_< Rawr.

The Choice

Coping with the knowledge that she was not Alderian, but an android, proved to be very difficult for her in the aftermath of the Revolution. No number of things that she could try would allow her to feel 'normal' again. She kept the company of KWYNN, Forsaken and Hyla'cour...the other three independent androids, in an attempt to better understand herself. What boggled her the most about the experience was how drastically different each of them was from one another. Even with similar had evolved differently in each of them.

"We're not in Legion anymore, Toto..."



Inner Workings

How an 790 Series Android "Works": An Educational Segment

The Evo-Encephalon

Forced amnesia: Multiple counts of having her memories tampered with have resulted in a girl who is extremely forgetful. Just as a computer will slowly lose some of its function by having files rearranged, added, removed or overwritten, the Evo-Encephalon reacts similarly. As result, she has a difficult time with remembering recent events and repeats things often to herself in order to reinforce them. If she does not hold a deep interest in the subject at hand, it's likely the information will be forgotten entirely.

When she was released into independence, Doctor Chernobyl ensured that none but he, his own android copy KWYNN and Katie herself would have the ability to enter her evo-encephalon. Any attempts to forcefully remove her memories, alter, add to or overwrite them are met with severe backlash on the end of any that would attempt to "hack" it, and no longer have the ill effects to her as they would before.

Outer Appearance


Ambassador Shintou Akavirus
Shin and Katie <3
Shintou Akavirus - It didn't take much more than a red dress with a plunging neckline to bring the two of them together, but now they are practically inseparable. The Torian Ambassador and Katie met amidst the headache of that which is Pocket D, and quickly became friends...then lovers. There is no one that she holds more dear to her heart, nor has more respect. Much to her relief, the man is no stranger to intrigue and danger, yet does not collapse underneath his troubles. As the two come from completely different worlds (literally), they give truth to the phrase that "opposites attract". Although often outward affections such as theirs are dangerous in the Isles, she does not care. She proudly wears the engagement and wedding ring that he gave her; a simple silver skull with black eyes...and is very proud in the fact that she has become his wife. They were married on September 1, 2009.

Doctor Patrick Quinn Donnelly - In some manner he is technically her ex-husband, though in her current state she looks upon him as more of a father and a friend. When presented with the option of taking in the memories of her "old" life or forging her own destiny, Katie chose the latter. However, they remain very close. He helps ensure that she is maintained, and is the only one that is able to perform drastic repairs if they are needed.

Emerald and Jasmine Donnelly - The lesbian couple that own Emerald's Bar and Grille. She looks upon them as her mothers, and worked for them as a time as an exotic dancer. They too seem to have been pulled through the strange time-space wormhole that finds them in the Rogue Isles, although unlike Katie, they act as though it has always been this way.

Jei Akagi - Her old comrade from the Fool's Revolution, and the closest female to her other than Emerald and Jasmine. The woman's rough exterior plays off of Katie's open friendliness, but the two care very much for one another, as they share not only the significance of the Revolution itself, but the sense of displacement from being forcefully and inexplicably relocated in the Rogue Isles.

Punjabi Strike - More to come soon.

Exigence - More to come soon.

Reshien Akavirus - Cutebug is cute <3

Raid Engineer Harper - More to come on Pinkskirt later.

Mindbender Heba - More to come on Hugglezombie later.



Follow the link to listen to Katie's theme "Fiction (Dreams in Digital)" by Orgy

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