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Art drawn by @Adipup
Player: @Adipup
(Homecoming - Everlasting server)
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Wesarax "Wes" Golgaz
Known Aliases: Glacis
Species: Infernal
Age: 24
Height: 6'3"/1.9 m
Weight: 180 lbs/81.6 kg
Eye Color: Light blue
Hair Color: Very dark blue
Biographical Data
Nationality: United States
Occupation: Part-time hero, aspiring musician
Place of Birth: Paragon City, USA
Base of Operations: Steel Canyon, Paragon City, USA
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: • Parents (both demons)
• Other relatives? (he's unsure)
Known Powers
Ice and water manipulation, extreme temperature resistance, basic demonic magic
Known Abilities
Wrestling, guitar-playing, singing, sewing
Quick change device, bass guitar

Glacis (real name Wesarax "Wes" Golgaz) is an aspiring musician and part-time hero currently residing in Steel Canyon.



Early years

Wes' parents moved to the mortal world in hopes of giving their future child a better life than they had. So, as a result, Wes has lived among humans his whole life. He has never been to the underworld, and he's not even sure if he would be allowed in. He enjoys living on Earth, but can't help but yearn for a deeper connection with his fellow infernals.

Present day

Wes currently lives in Steel Canyon, and is trying to get his big break as a bassist. To pay the bills, he does hero work for city hall, and does a few odd jobs around town (mostly retail). Even though his identity should be obvious to anyone who knows him, he's taken up the codename "Glacis" while crimefighting. He is not currently affiliated with any supergroup.


He's an easygoing and mellow guy, yet somewhat awkward around other demons since he doesn't know how to approach them. Naturally friendly, Wes likes helping people out, and is also a bit of a flirt to guys he finds attractive. However, he isn't sure whether he wants to commit to relationships just yet, and is fine with keeping things casual. In his spare time, he enjoys playing his bass guitar, wrestling, and going out to bars and nightclubs. He's currently training under a pro-wrestling legend known as El Lone Lobo, who is also one of his closest friends.

Powers and abilities


Due to his heritage, Wes is adept in ice and water manipulation, able to freeze and liquefy it with some effort. He is also resistant to extreme temperatures, with a tolerance for both hot and cold that surpasses that of humans.

Demonic magic

He isn't entirely sure how to do actual demonic magic yet, but he can sometimes make the shadows around him move if he concentrates particularly hard. He'll have to work on that...


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