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"The Legendary"
Grae Knight
Player: @Grae Knight
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 50+3
Personal Data
Real Name: William Grae
Known Aliases: Grae, William, Lord Grae
Species: Human
Age: 47
Height: 6'02"
Weight: 211 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: White
Biographical Data
Nationality: US Citizen
Occupation: Super-Hero, spokesman, author, actor
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Married
Known Relatives: Lady Grae (wife), Princess Grae (daughter), Grae Squire (son), Lord Grae (clone), Grae Blizzard (clone), Grae Medic (clone), Grae Savior (clone)
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Expert fighter with a sword and in hand to hand combat. Remarkable leadership skills.
Magical Broad Sword (Tim), Magical Plate Mail and Ray-Ban sunglasses.
It is believed he has power over females that causes them to lose clothing in his presence but this has yet to be prooved.
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The Grae Knight is the signature hero of the player Grae Knight in City of Heroes. Grae Knight, over the years, has made a name for himself as a avid role player, supporter of the greater server community and a wealth of knowledge in SG management.

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Supergroup: Paragonian Knights - Legends

Grae Knight is the Knight Lord of the Paragonian Knights and its associated supergroups (Paragonian Knights – Elite, Paragonian Knights - Legends, Paragonian Knights – 2nd Battalion, Sisterhood of the Paragonian Knights, The Grae Academy and The Honor Battalion)

Grae Knight maintains close associations with the Legion of Freedom, The Defenders of Paragon, Gods of Virtue and Silent World Order. Has joined with other heroes to form the loose coalition The Peacekeeper Initiative to deal with threats that one group alone could not handle.


Gwen Snow

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Grae Knight wielding his magical broad sword, Tim

Broad Sword (Tim)

The Grae Knight wields a mighty broad sword against his enemies. The sword is approximately 4 ft. long and he carries it in a shealth on his back. Grae refers to his sword as “Tim” and he has formed a sort of telepathic rapport with the sentient sword. Grae received the sword from Merlin himself at the same time as he received his enchanted armor for his dedication to the defense of Camelot. The sword is made out of some unknown type of material. Many attempts have been made to pry the sword from Grae’s grip but have ended in failure.

Magical Plate Mail

The Grae Knight wears a set of magical plate mail into battle against the evils that plague Paragon City. Grae’s armor is forged from the same type of material that his magical sword “Tim” is forged from. The armor protects Grae from all forms of harm save psionic attacks. Also, the armor is rumored to boost Grae’s stamina and ability to weather vasts amount of damage.

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The Knight Lord

Grae Knight inspires all those that are around him. During his brief time in Paragon City, he has assembled an army of the bravest and mightiest heroes in all of Paragon City if not the world! The Paragonian Knights supergroup is his crowning achievement. The roster of the Paragonian Knights has over 150 active superheroes and 600 reserve heroes that can be called upon during times of global crisis.

Grae Knight's leadership skills also extend outside the supergroup. He has inspired heroes from other walks of life during moments of crisis to dig deep inside themselves and muster the courage and ability to overcome many obstacles.


Grae Knight and Lady Grae

The Grae Knight has an unnatural power over the opposite sex. Many female Crey Industries agents have never been heard from again while investigating this subject. Our first impression was that he wielded powers over the mind but later investigations proved that his natural charm is winning the hearts and minds of females over.

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Character History


Charging into battle!

Sir William the Grae was once a proud and brave member of King Arthur’s court. He was known also as Sir William the Vain for his unnatural obsession with his appearance (early day metrosexual). One fateful day Sir William was answering a call of help from a nearby village that was being forced into slavery by the evil wizard, Gargamel. While fighting Gargamel, Sir William was frozen and cast down a deep canyon and left for dead.

Hundreds of years later a mining exploration team came upon Sir William’s frozen body and had it transported to Paragon City for examination. Scientists worked feverishly to attempt to revive Sir William and breathe life back into his body. It worked! At first Sir William was overcome with grief by the thought that he had been frozen for so long and that all his friends and ladies were dead and gone, until he hit the streets of Paragon! He was in awe of the beautiful women, abundance of evil to be dealt with and the wide array of hair products now available! With a new lease on life, Sir William removed his helmet in honor of his fallen comrades and donned a stylish pair of Ray Bans to hit the streets with his trusty magical sword, Tim, and rid the city of evil. The Grae Knight as been joined in his battle against the forces of evil by a band of brave and powerful superheroes that have banned together under the banner of The Paragonian Knights!

Notable Events

Leading the Raid on the Hamidon

Grae Knight leading the Raid

The Grae Knight led a band of Paragon City's heroes into 'The Hive' to stop the uprising of the Hamidon. Grae Knight proved himself to be an accomplished raid leader and was able to rally the heroes to a success. In a time when good Raid Leaders were hard to find, Grae Knight proved himself to be among the best. Able to call on the support of his immense supergroup and the support of his many friends and allies.

The Grae Knight now spends his time training the new crop of superheroes to deal with the threat the Hamidon poses to Paragon City and beyond. It is rumored that the Hamidon is going through an evolution which may demand the Grae Knight once again deal with the Hamidon himself.

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Wedding of Eden Avenger and Wynne Aislinn

Eden & Wynne

The Grae Knight officiated the marriage of two long time Paragonian Knights, Eden Avenger and Wynne Aislinn. Grae has spent many months fighting along side both of the heroes and has a strong relationship with both of them. Many of the membership of the Knights and allies of the Knights were in attendence.

Eden Avenger and Wynne Aislinn have since disppeared from Paragon City. The couple, along with a small group of elite Knights were sent through a temporal rift on Monster Island near Peregrine Island. The Knights were alerted to the rift and these two volunteered to lead a team comprised of O-Hitsuji, Hitsuji, Knight Alpha 9 and Sir Cavalier even though they knew there was a possibility that they may not be able to return. The last words heard from them across the Knight communicator before the rift closed was the word "Azeroth".

The Z Games

Z Games.jpg

The Mysterious Mr. Z, benefactor of the supergroup United Sanction Society, organized a tournament of champions to take place in the Arenas located in Talos Island and Port Oakes to decide who is the mightiest. Many heroes and villains took part in this battle such as: Justice Prime, Seadevil, Xanatos, Bloodywedd, Dragonberry, Gwendolyn Snow, Ledgerdemain, Mr. Mud, Coyote Storm, Darknesse, Capt. Starfall, Inertial, Umbral Wrath, Humor, Vindicator, The Widowed, Grae Blizzard and many, many more.

Mr. Z's "partner" President SK was unable to officiate one match so Grae Knight had to fill in. This many heroes and villains in one place proved to be quite a challenge. In the end, the tournament dissolved into a free for all where the heroes and villains squared off against one another. No champion was ever crowned.

1st Annual Spring Fling (Paragonian Knights Event)


Faced with the ever increases stresses of being a superhero and leading a mighty supergroup, Grae Knight decided to host a annual event to let heroes unwind. With the help of RadioFTW, Gwen Snow put the word out and got the heroes to come to Spanky's Boardwalk in Talos Island. There heroes danced, joked and enjoyed each others company well into the evening. New friendships were made and old ones were reestablished. The event was a huge success with well over one hundred heroes stopping by.

Fall Extravaganza (Paragonian Knights Event)

October 06.jpg

Grae Knight along with several other Paragonian Knights planned one of the biggest fall/halloween events that Paragon and Crotoa had ever seen. Most of the registered heroes at the time made an attempt to at least make an appearance. There were of course some bumps in the road, but the event went on as planned and turned into the huge success they had hoped it would. After following in the foot steps of Lady Grae's masterful planning of the Spring Fling of 2006, Gwendolyn Snow surely had her hands full and some big shoes to fill, so to speak. There were all kinds of costumes, from a male wonder-woman to the devil, Lucifer, himself. Even Ghost Widow found a way to come and enjoy the festivities, even though several heroes there had long time grudges on the woman she came anyway...and no one cause too much of a problem. She was gracious and even thanked the Paragonian Knights then dissapeared where ever she had come from. Several contests were had and events were held including a race of super powers and of course a kissing booth. All were great hits.

Celebrity Roast of The Grae Knight


2nd Annual Spring Fling (Paragonian Knights Event)

Cover copy.jpg

Once again a party was a success and once again The Paragonian Knights, led by Gwendolyn Snow and The Grae Knight, were the hosts...The day was a success, a nice crisp clear day, the area of Faultline had been cleared of badies, so even the lowest of clearance heroes could join in the fun. Mirror Spirit was in the best of moods and let Gwen and her crew set up the biggest party to hit Paragon City since the last Spring Fling the Paragonian Knights had. Everyone that was in town was there, it was a blast...special DJ appearances by DJ Rocket and DJ Suburban Hell of RadioFTW were there, even the hottest DJ of them all Larke, herself, showed up. What an extra special event. Even DJ Zero allowed heroes to access his establishment to gain direct access to the party, of course he had to decline his invitation, but the party still took off. Lots of beautiul bodies were in the best designer suits...plenty of drink to go around...great atmosphere, it appears everyone had a grand time.

Black Christmas (Assault on Siren's Call)

Sadistic Seven

This first attack was the Seven's first attempt at an assault on the City, and was conducted on the 28th of December, 2006. Their plan was simple; dressed in Black Santa Claus suits, both designed to be a mockery of the Christmas holiday and to disguise their appearance as to not allow heroes to prioritise targets during the inevitable battle that would follow, the Seven and their army would attempt to storm the gate into Paragon City in Siren's Call, inacting all kinds of destruction and mayhem once they were inside.

The plan was reported to the Paragon City authorities, Longbow and the city's heroes by Captain Riggs, a member of Longbow who had been sent to the Rogue Isles undercover as the villain 'Jumpsuit'. He was uncovered just days before the assault, but was able to send a transmission warning the city before his recapture at the hands of the Seven's lackeys.

The Seven were eventually beaten back by the heroes at this assault and forced to retreat, despite the fact that a small group managed to enter Paragon City and fought the Freedom Phalanx to a stand still.

While the attack was threatening enough to cause almost all of Paragon's heroes to come to Siren's Call, the plot has been marked a faliure due to the fact that eventually the villains were unable to hold out and were forced to retreat to the Isles.

My Bloody Valentine

Mud and Mindswipe harvesting Shivans

The second assault by the Sadistic Seven, planned for Valentine's Day 2007, revolved around them harvesting an army of alien Shivans and marching them into Paragon City for all out destruction and mayhem. However, Riggs once again came through and warned the heroes of Paragon City of the impending attack, but this time charged them with stopping the threat before it even happened, rather than waiting for the assault itself.

The heroes headed to Bloody Bay on the 12th of February and fought with the villains who were busy harvesting Shivans for their attack. For a start it looked as if the villains may win, as they had charged Lord Grae and Lord Paragon with leading teams to prevent hero interferance. However, eventually the villains were beaten back and besieged in their base, and were unable to finish the harvesting, meaning that their armies would not be strong enough for an attack on Paragon.

This assault was a marked success for the heroes, as they managed to stop it before it even happened. However, they lost one of their own in the process. Captain Riggs was eventually caught, and killed by Emperor Xanatos. His corpse was dropped from an Arachnos Flier and landed in the fountain in Founder's Falls.

The Future Is Ours

Tired of being beaten in their standard attacks, The Seven decided to try a different tactic. This time, they would try and change the future, rather than attacking Paragon in the present. The future they wished to see come to pass is actually in some question, although it can be pieced together from what information they let slip during the battle that the future they were fighting for was one without Lord Recluse and Arachnos, and more importantly one without heroes. It was a world in which superheroes had been purged and their 'leader' was in a position of great power. Exactly who this leader is is a matter of great debate. They gathered the materials they needed; Chronal armor so that they could jump in and out of Recluse's Victory without using Arachnos portals, anchors to attach to each of the pillboxes, and a central machine which would shift the zone several timelines to the future they wished to see come to pass, and solidify it.

The heroes of Paragon were alerted to the plot by Century, an interstellar omnipotent being who is charged with the protection of linear time. He appeared in the thoughts of every hero and warned them that they must stop the plot. Heroes did indeed arrive in Recluse's Victory and fight the armies of the Seven, some of them going so far as to form the 'Eidolon Eight', a group completely dedicated to stopping the Seven from messing with time, led by the time travelling hero Graphite. However, they were unable to stop the threat, which was only put to a halt when Professor Echo appeared in City Hall where the main equipment was being stored, and started to rip wires out of the stolen temporal machinery, shouting about saving the world.

The Seven failed again, and were forced back into the present where cracks are now appearing in the group and animosity grows between some members.

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Creator Notes

Grae Knight had never been created prior to City of Heroes. He was never planned out of intended to become as large in-game as he has become.

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