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Player: @Gwendolynn de Danaan
A.K.A.: Gwen
Species: Human? Maybe.
Day of Birth: Classified
Height: Classified
Weight: Um - girls don't tell, remember?
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Golden-Strawberry-Honey Blonde
Nationality: American
Occupation: Priestess, Aspiring Author/Novalist, among other things.
Location: Washington
Marital Status: In a Relationship.

A veteran of RP who's humble beginnings started in Yahoo Chatrooms, moving on to Gaiaonline forums where she ran her own personal RP tavern that lasted a few years. Eventually her interest in Gaiaonline died and she moved on to other venues such as CoH for RP, though that was NOT the initial goal. She has been RPing for roughly 15 years. She is a pretty good sport when it comes to RP so God-modding is rare and if it does happen, likes to be informed when she may be being unfair, but she always like to be fair in all things. Communication is key with this RPer. Is rather cool, laid-back and relaxed and understanding kind of RPer. You want fun RP, she's your lady. Most toons this RPer runs are Non-human or a mixture of heritage, supernatural, magical, or something else to make them interesting. Since real life is already boring enough.

Character Roster

The following is a list of characters played by @Gwendolynn de Danaan:

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