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By: @FredrikSvanberg



The ocean between Paragon City and the Rogue Isles hides one of the deepest trenches on the planet. This nameless depth is home to a small but highly advanced civilization of submarine humanoids who had remained unnoticed for centuries, possibly millennia, until ocean explorers sent a small unmanned probe down there in 1965.

What the probe found was a city of marvellous crystalline beauty, coral gardens, fish herded like cattle and everything glowing with is own luminescense. The inhabitants of this world were the descendants of humans who had adapted to life in the sea through magical gifts granted to them by their sea-dwelling god in the ancient past.

The half-mad queen of the sub-mariners ordered one of her warriors to follow the probe back to the surface to learn about what had transpired there since their ancestors left land. The warrior, Hadal[1], arrived to the surface just in time to save the scientists on the exploration vessel from a terrible storm which threatened to capsize their ship.

Hadal returned with the exploration team back to Paragon City, where he joined the heroic community of that era. His honorable but somewhat rash nature caused him to clash with his fellow heroes almost as much as he fought terrible villains, and he was always a bit of a loose cannon.

When the Rikti attacked Hadal decided that this was a surfacer problem, and returned to his home. He was convinced that the land-dwellers had doomed the planet by drawing the anger of the Rikti upon themselves, and he wanted to prepare his people for war. News of the Omega team's success eventually reached even the deepest ocean trenches, and Hadal was once again sent back to the surface to find out more.

Hadal recognized a surface world in turmoil, weakened and fighting not only the alien threats of the Rikti and Rularuu and other such entities, but even among themselves. This would be the perfect time for his people to return to the surface, to claim the U.S. as a colony. From there they would be able to conquer the rest of the world within a few decades.

Recognizing Arachnos as the strongest and most coherent fighting force on the surface world, Hadal settled in the Rogue Isles and began working his way up Lord Recluse's organisation. He has vanquished the mutant beast Captain Mako, an easy task for someone who controls water and water-dwelling creatures, and if it wasn't for his complete lack of interest to serve under Lord Recluse he would probably have taken Mako's place among his lieutenants by now.


Like all members of his race, Hadal is super-strong and invulnerable and has some degree of control over water. He can also fly and summon deep-sea animals to devour his enemies.


Hadal's first and main concern is the safety of his people. He is their first line of defense on the surface world and his efforts to protect his home has often put him in direct conflict with heroes and villains alike. His disregard for human life and property in these pursuits has earned him a villainous reputation, despite his heroic past.

He is currently trying to form an alliance with Arachnos in order to ensure the quick defeat of the United States. If it wasn't for the fickle mind of their insane queen, his people would already be marching upon Paragon City, riding on wave after terrifying tidal wave of destruction to crush its war walls and topple its sky-scrapers. It is high treason but Hadal is considering a coup to replace the inbred monstrosity that sits on the throne and replace her with a different kind of inbred monstrosity, one whose madness is less debilitating and more enabling.


Surface-dwellers of all kind are only there to be crushed under his finned sandal. Some of them may prove useful as allies for a while but eventually they must all succumb to his rule or perish. Such is the will of Hadal.

He is also worried by the Hamidon's presence in the Abyss, dangerously close to the trench which hides his home. He is looking into countermeasures against the creature and its monstrous followers.


  1. Greek, referring to Hades and "that which is hidden".


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