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Dobok clad and battle ready
Player: @Kedeawyth
Origin: Magic
Archetype: DM/SR Stalker[1]
DB/SR Scrapper[2]
Security Level: Confidential
Personal Data
Name: Karathanos
Species: Kierkor
Age: ??
Height: 5'3"
Weight: Confidential
Eye Color: Silver
Hair Color: Blonde
Biographical Data
Title: Confidential
Occupation: Battle-mage
Place of Birth: The Nexion Enclave
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: NA
Known Relatives: Mother, Father, Sister
Known Powers
Manipulation of ambient energy and Twilight, minor telepathy[3]
Known Abilities
Mage-sight, mage-speed, savage-chi, savage-blade
Dobok, shortblade & kogatana, various charms/amulets
  • Her sister was born half-mage, unable to manipulate ambient energy, but can use mage-sight and move with the extraordinary quickness of mages (mage-speed).
  • She is a master of both savage-chi and savage-blade.
  • If in the presence of another mage (from her world), her blood smells of cinnamon, ginger, and mint.

Hydra was originally made as a PvP toon, destined for the Infinity server. Create on Virtue for its larger villain population, she has turned into something more, and will probably be my first villain to reach 50. A large portion of her inspiration comes from the author Faith Hunter, with a dash of World of Darkness added in for good measure (the Bohagande bloodline of the Gangrel clan). Although where the overlying theme of Mercury came from, don't ask :P

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Though she may seem rude or aloof or haughty when you talk to her, it isn't because she's a bitch. She comes from a world were mages are superior to humans in every way and doesn't know any better. Having gotten used to seeing super-powered humans she isn't as bad, but still thinks Kierkors are the superior life-form. And no she doesn't have a problem working with humans, although usually they are seen as tools to be used, she'll grudgingly admit they can be resourceful on their own.


The Seven Tribes

The legend of the Seven Tribes states that "In the beginning there was the Sorceress, who bore herself seven sons whom called themselves Progeny. The Progeny took many wives from among the human population, siring the beginnings of the Tribes. Each tribe was then named thus, as the name of its sire." Eventually each of the tribes formed into nations, independantly seperate from each other. Over time, the magical blood of the Sorceress was diluted to nothingness and mages became extinct. Through a random miracle, the Sorceress' blood once again came to the surface some 800 years after the tribes formed. A whole generation of mages were born, fundamentally different from normal humans, and were called Kierkors (harbinger in the Old Tongue, believing that they would mark the return of the Sorceress). These new mages could manipulate ambient energy, leftovers from the original mages. Realizing their differences from humans, the Kierkors formed enclaves, seperating themselves from humans, studying and developing the Gift. From these original Kierkors (and the first generation after) came savage-chi, savage-blade, the dobok, and almost 90% of know incantations. As time went on, though there is little contact between the Enclaves and the Tribes, humans began to fear and loath mages, when rumors of the grandeur of the Enclaves spread.[4]


   A few hundred years after mages were reborn, their magicks more refined, Kierkors began using portal spells. Trying to find other “places” they searched the multiverse through their portals. One such portal brought them to our world, ancient Greece to be precise. Fascinated by the Greeks’ political system, the Kierkors stayed and exchanged knowledge with the Greeks. Of the many things they were taught about our world, one captivated their attention more than any: mercury.


   Called Hydrargyros in ancient Greek, the silvery, fluid metal was like nothing the kierkors had ever seen. Strangely it had an affinity for the magicks wielded by the kierkors, being easily manipulated into maintainable shapes. Taking a stock back to Darkskor, study on their homeworld began immediately. Eventually a young Kierkor, by the name of Junii, discovered a way to double an amount of mercury’s mass without changing its density. The metal was then used in arcane rituals, forged into armor and weapons by the mage-smiths. It could be forged sharper and stronger than any metal found on Darkskor, stronger and lighter than even Titanium. Little did any of them know its metallic sheen would become their savior.

The Darkness Beckons


Bringing Light to the Darkness


The Rogue Isles / Paragon City


Magicks & Mage-abilities

Ambient Energy

   All mages are born with the Gift, the ability to manipulate ambient energy (or left over energy from the original mages long past). This allows a mage to do almost anything, turning imagination into reality. Although there are a few limitations, rarely does one run into them. For this reason alone did Humans become jealous and the Enclaves formed.    The original mages didn't use ambient energy, they could twist reality to their will. It was from this changes to reality that ambient energy is present, a kind of leftover/waste from such endeavors. Though the Kierkors can't force their will on reality, they could sense ambient energy, and in turn could manipulate it.

The "Soul's Eclipes"

Twilight (Dark Melee)

   Select mages, born during the lay of Twilight, could use their Gift to channel the dark energies of Twilight itself. Called Dark Mages by their peers (unlike most uses, this doesn't mean the mage is evil), they are more powerful than ordinary mages, though prone to mental instability. By channeling the Twilight into her savage-chi, Hydra's attacks become more damaging, even slowing/clouding her enemy's mind with Twilight's nether strands.[5] It has even allowed her to see glimpses into her opponents fears and doubts, using those to her advantage.[6] One of her most difficult savage-chi moves, Soul's Eclipse, can kill almost anything instantly, violently tearing its life energy out in a spray of dark energy.

Mage-speed (Super Reflexes)

   Humans are slow, clumbsy creatures. Mages, on the other hand, can move with the grace and speed of a dancer, at all times; This is mage-speed. Many times faster than human eyes can see, a Kierkor can have an incantation cast or his/her weapons drawn and at an opponent's throat before then can even react. Dodging sword slashes, punches, bullets, even the rain. Coupled with the dobok, there is little that can down a skilled battle-mage.


   All mages can make use of special nerves in their eyes, granting them mage-sight. It allows them to see the energy auras that surround all things, both living and inanimate. While it doesn't do anything else for them, they are more easily able to ascertain who/what it is they are looking at by analyzing its aura. It also allows the user to see invisible or otherwise cloaked beings. While they may be invisible to the naked eye, their aura still shines brightly through mage-sight. That is, unless they can mask their aura too.
It would be good to note that carving out a mage's eyes and implanting them in someone elses eye-sockets does not give them mage-sight.

Savage-chi & Savage-blade

   From the age that the Gift is discovered, all mages are taught the basics of two martial styles: savage-blade & savage-chi. While normal humans could learn the intricacies, moves, and stances of both, they would look sloppy. Created to make full used of the Gift, they are almost useless without mage-speed or channeling of ambient energy.
   Both styles are fairly self-explainatory. Savage-blade is a style incorporating at least one sword (though it can still be performed with shortblades, daggers, longknives, etc), usually two. Savage-chi is a hand-to-hand style similar to the Chinese martial arts of Earth, designed for speed rather than force, relying on the mage's grasp of ambient energy for strength.


The Dobok

   The Dobok was originally created as the armor for battle-mages. Designed for strength to deflect attacks yet flexible enough to not impede movement, casting, or mage-speed. It also includes a number of pockets to hold amulets or other small items and sheaths for throwing knives or daggers.

1. Her headguard was created with an incantation, protecting from both physical and mental attacks. Fashioned in the shape of the Wings of the Guardian.

2. Shoulder guards, belt, and arm guards, all mage-forged from a mercuric alloy.

3. Alloy breastplate, supple like leather, but stronger than any known Earth metal.

4. Bodysuit of the Dobok. A nylon-like material infused with mercuric metal, making it resistant to all attacks but the most dire. Designed with the crest of the Nexion Clan.

5. Mercuric alloy boots, similarly supple yet strong like her breastplate. Also fashioned with the Wings of the Guardian.

6. Made of a similar material as her bodysuit, the cape has a multitude of uses ranging from warmth to defense.

Straightblade & Kogatana

   These blades were created specifically for Hydra upon her ascention to the rank of Master in savage-blade. Forged by mage-smiths, the blades rarely dull and are extremely hard to nick, let alone break. Specifically keyed to her soul, held in anyone elses hands they lose all properties of mage-forging, becoming little more than worthless metal rods.


   Hydra always carries with her a small stock of amulets[7] with a variety of uses. They are usually carved from gems, metal, or wood. Although she mainly caries healing and defensive amulets, she has some that restore energy, lessen pain, and can even bring you back to full health from Death's gate.



Make one?

   Let me know if you want to make a Kierkor and hunt for the Light together. There are two types: normal mages & battle-mages.
Mages are never Masterminds, Battle or not. They rarely have the patients to deal with humans like that.

Normal Mage

There are no Dark/Dark mages as no mage can manipulate Twilight to that extent.


   Battle-mages break down into two categories: Savage-chi & savage-blade.


Again, there are no Dark/Dark mages as no mage can manipulate Twilight to that extent.



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