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Player: @1337VV4ff135
Origin: Mutation (Evolution)
Archetype: Stalker
Security Level: 32
Personal Data
Real Name: Seth Beedle
Known Aliases: Indy, Freak, Freaky Thing, Bug, Toad, Lizard, Spiny Rat, Etc.
Species: Human (Evolved)
Age: 25
Height: 6'5''
Weight: 210 lbs (While in Carapace)
Eye Color: Burnt Orange
Hair Color: None (Green Spines)
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Unemployed freelancer.
Place of Birth: King's Row
Base of Operations: St. Martial
Marital Status: Awkward
Known Relatives: Classified
Known Powers
Spines, Regeneration, others.
Known Abilities
Athletic and flexible.


Ingame Description

This man is a baffling sight indeed. He stands somewhat taller than an average Human male and is covered in a tough, lightweight insect or crustacean-like carapace. Throughout the shell are thin creases in which lethal, wretched spines are extracted. In short, he is, well, Indescribable. Shortly after the awakening of his mutant genes, he was drafted into the ranks of Arachnos, and has more recently, broken free from their bonds.



Childhood and Early Adolescence

Living in King's Row was tough for a young Seth Beedle. With a drug-addicted mother and an abusive, corrupt cop as a father, life was a struggle to survive, and Seth, for the most part was made to take care of himself. It seemed as though crime was not limited to streets alone, as even in limited educational facilities available, violence was a common sight on a daily basis. Seth began to associate with less than acceptable crowds and lesser-known street gangs and resorted to petty crimes to make a living--armed robbery of street vendors and convenience stores, mugging and purse-snatching, and drug dealing.

Adolescence, Puberty, and Mutation

It wasn't until sometime after his fourteenth birthday that Seth had begun to notice a few unusual changes in his body. These changes, however, proved to be very different compared to the usual process of puberty in many boys his age. At first, it was common for layers of skin to build up and harden overtop of Seth's original flesh; he found it easy to pick these bits of "shell" off and toss them aside. He considered the anomaly to be nothing more than a skin condition brought on by dryness. Small bits of hair had begun to fall out, and atop Seth's head, a series of tiny, fleshy nubs of a deep green hue had begun to sprout, hardly noticable of all. As years passed, however, these strange changes grew more dramatic, more noticable, and Seth's mutations grew increasingly obvious. Hair was lost, and the spine-like growths that took its place grew larger still, to the point of where they could have easily been mistaken for a green mohawk. His gums bled, and teeth fell out. In their place, new sets of teeth would grow, varying in size in shape. The front rows of teeth were certainly the largest, resembling a series of long, thick, and only slightly curved needles, while the few rows behind that were much shorter and resembled the teeth of a blue shark. Over time, layers of skin had begun to build up over a greater area of the body, and it became increasingly difficult to remove it. It was often that Seth was referred to as a freak, an abomination; some wretched, horrible thing by uncaring parents--something that troubled him to the point of committing his most gruesome act at the time. Extensions from bones that long lied dormant beneath flesh burst through muscle and skin throughout the entirety of his body. As blood poured through open wounds, words could not describe the pain, the horrible, horrible agony that was felt. It would not be long after that Seth's parents would be made to feel the very same pain as they were torn limb from limb and consumed by their own son.

Villainy and Arachnos

After the violent murder of his parents, Seth retreated from the bloody mess that was his home, taking refuge within the sewers of King's Row. It was there that he lurked for a period of several months, feeding off of whatever he could find; rats, gang members, and even the occasional lone hero. As more and more of Paragon's inexperienced heroes were found mangled within the sewer systems, the deaths were blamed on an unseen creature which would be referred to as the "King's Row Sewer Monster". Arachnos was never an organization to resist recruiting another sadistic mind to its ranks, and the notoriety of the King's Row Sewer Monster caught the attention of one of Lord Recluse's highest ranking lieutenants; a certain Gideon Ray, or as he is better known in the ranks of Arachnos, Captain Mako. There was little hesitation in the savage Captain's attempts to capture the man or creature that dwelled within Paragon's sewers. And so a squad of Gideon's own Crab Spiders were sent to apprehend Seth. After a long time of searching the King's Row sewers and a savage battle in which a number of soldiers were lost, the Arachnos squad came to capture their target and return to the Rogue Isles. It was there that a very pissed off Seth found himself in the presence of Captain Mako. And yet the vain Seth refused to allow himself to become a tool to Arachnos. The two mutants fought tooth and nail, and yet once again, Seth found himself quickly subdued. After coming to the realization of Gideon's apparent ferocity and power, Seth reluctantly agreed to work alongside long as it suited his interest. Seth's mutant appearance was unlike anything seen in the Isles at the time, and as such, Captain Mako came up with an appropriate name for his new henchman--the Indescribable. The Indescribable had no problem spilling the blood of others--in fact, he reveled in the sensation of tearing through flesh. The taste of blood and of entrails was like no other. Though not a true "Destined One," he was certainly on par with with the other villains of the Rogue Isles.

Powers, Abilities, and Weaknesses

Quills Swipe.pngSpines: The Indescribable's bones are coated in a series of tiny barbs. These barbs, however, are capable of rapid growth, in effect tearing through muscle and skin as they make their way out of the body. These spines are hollow and contain a potent neurotoxin; Tetrodotoxin. This toxin, upon entering the body blocks action potentials in nerves, effectively paralyzing a victim and eventually leading to death. Likewise, the spines upon his head, although relatively useless in actual fighting secrete bufotenin, the hallucinogenic alkaloid found in psychoactive toads, as well as certain high plants and mushrooms.

Regeneration Hide.pngCamouflage: The Indescribable has a highly developed background adaptation response capable of generating a number of different colors very rapidly, easily blending in with any background. In short, the Indescribable is a master of camouflage and hiding, to the point of becoming practically invisible.

Regeneration FastHealing.pngRegeneration: The anatomy of the Indescribable is a very strange thing. If the Indescribable is injured, loses a limb or suffers organ damage, it is possible for cells inside to de-differentiate into a stem cell-like state. At that point, these newly created stem cells develop into new tissue--more or less in manner like how the tissue was originally created. Likewise, a great majority of his organs (including the brain) were all transferred to one general area within the torso. As such, attempts at decapitation have later been proven to be ineffective in killing the Indescribable.

SonicBlast Medium.pngTongue Strike: The Indescribable's tongue is capable of stretching at will, snapping out in a manner much like a chameleon's, possibly knocking an unwary opponent back. While relatively harmless as a physical attack, the Indescribable's saliva contains septic pathogens and high traces of bacteria. Should this saliva enter an open wound, it is likely that an affected creature suffer from infections such as Sepsis. Likewise, immediate effects can vary from rapid swelling, localized disruption of blood clotting and shooting pain throughout the area of the wound; it is possible for these effects to last for several hours.

PlantControl VenusFlytrap.png Animal Empathy: The Indescribable isn't quite sure how or why he came across this power, but after the awakening of his mutant genes, found himself capable of communicating with animals and vermin in a manner not unlike telepathy. This ability is dependant on the intelligence of the animal itself, with less intelligent creatures only capable of understanding basic statements and commands such as "Food," "Run," "Enemy," and "Friend."

Quills Taunt.png Lure: The Indescribable has multiple ways of attracting prey, some of which have been inspired by actual means used by animals in the wild. For instance, the Indescribable has a strange way of "fishing". By dipping his tail into shallow waters and wriggling it in a way much like a worm, it is possible to attract small fish. These fish, beckoned by what they believe to be a worm dinner take no hesitation in grabbing ahold of the Indescribable's tail, and with a firm jerk, the Indescribable is capable of impaling the barbed tip of his tail through the mouth of the fish, at which point, escape is impossible. Likewise, the Indescribable uses his eyes to attract larger "prey". Lying in wait in dark forests and similar places, it isn't uncommon for the occasional lost explorer to mistake the Indescribable's glowing eyes for the lights of civilization--a big mistake on their part.

ColdDomination Infrigidate.pngCold Vulnerability: Having the characteristics of many animals can have negative side-effects; namely, being ectothermic. Though due to his large size compared to many reptiles, the Indescribable is gigantothermic, and thus not AS effected by lowered temperatures as an ordinary garden reptile may be (however, this also means that it takes longer to restore heat). That as it may be, the Indescribable is very vulnerable to low temperatures and arctic energies. Cold and Ice based powers have been known to stunt the rate of, or even halt the Indescribable's amazing feats of regeneration completely--at least until he can manage to restore his body heat.

Disposition Towards Organizations

Along the path of villainy, the Indescribable has stumbled upon many organizations. These are a few of them.



The Indescribable was once a vicious force in Arachnos' Mako Faction, but with his ties severed with them, former allies have become enemies. While Arachnos as a whole cares little for the Indescribable or his leaving Arachnos behind, it would seem as though the monstrous Captain himself holds a certain grudge against him. While other factions treat the Indescribable as they might any of Kalinda's "Destined" scum (which the Indescribable is not a part of), Mako and his faction are constantly at the Indescribable's throat for his betrayal--Gideon wants him back, or wants him dead.


The Breakouts

The Indescribable originally found the members of this organization within the Pocket D, and while not "official," believes that he has "integrated" himself into their ranks--to the annoyance of some of its members. Similar dispositions towards Arachnos as a group may very well be their only common ground, and yet it has been proven that the Breakouts are composed of..many sorts. In short, the Indescribable finds the Breakouts as a whole to be "a cool group to hang out with," and that "they have free booze". Clancy is unamused.




On several occasions, the Indescribable has found himself working under the Vahzilok on the most gruesome jobs. It was violent and bloody, as organ "collection" usually was, but the pay was good, and the Indescribable loved every bit of the job. Of course, his "allies" in the affiliation may have made..awkward comments regarding the usefulness of the Indescribable's unusual anatomy. Could it have really been possible that the Vahzilok were planning on harvesting the organs of their own helper? Such is uncertain, but for the time, the Indescribable states his relationship with them as "neutral at best."


Disposition Towards Individuals

The Indescribable is a very talkative person..thing. As such, there's no surprise in that he has met more than a few people. Whether these people really WANT to know him, however, is a question that they can only answer for themselves.

Juliana Jaws


Juliana "Jaws" McKenzie is the Indescribable's "kinda-sorta" girlfriend, with whom he shares an awkward relationship. It seems as though when out in public, the two have a tendency to bicker and fight, even to the point of bloodshed--many a time has come in which the Indescribable received a kick to the balls or stab to the back of the knee, courtesy of a certain Juliana. And yet, despite how the Indescribable may act in front of others, private conversations between the two have proven to be quite the opposite of what one might expect. In the Indescribable's own words, "she's the bitch I'd kill fer."




Derek Prewitt was the first of the Breakouts that the Indescribable had met. It all started when he found a certain Bioshift harassing a lone Arachnos Soldier at the Pocket D. The Indescribable, being the "fun-loving" type that he is took no hesitation in joining in, and it seemed as though the two had found some similarity between themselves. That as it may have been, that doesn't stop the Indescribable from heckling Derek behind his back with the other Breakouts.




Mason Maddox is the "clown" behind the Breakouts, or so the Indescribable tends to think. He knows a certain dark secret behind Mason and Derek--a secret he's not afraid to exploit if need be. It would seem as though Mason doesn't seem to like the Indescribable all too much, and the Indescribable realizes this. Perhaps he is wrong--perhaps the Indescribable is just paranoid. It seems as though recently, Mason has entrusted the Indescribable, of all people, with a very deep secret. Shortly after, he found Mason swallowing a handful of pills that were recently stolen from a pharmacy--he was unamused. After forcing Mason to release the contents of his stomach, the Indescribable gave him a firm talking to--although it was moreso just rambling on about how stupid he was.




Clancy Callahan is the alcoholic of the Breakouts, and the Indescribable believes him to also be the "brains" of the group. This may or may not be the case, but regardless, the Indescribable commonly helps himself to Clancy's personal stash of booze--much to his dismay. And for this, the Indescribable loves him--even if he wasn't necessarily given permission.



Indy explains a woman's anatomy to a confused Piper.

Piper Mihailov is an..interesting girl to say the least. Growing up in a small place in Russia overrun and ruled over by Arachnos was surely not a good way for a girl to grow up. She, like the Indescribable himself has a certain grudge against her former captors, something that he can respect. And yet despite this, there are times when the two seem to have problems getting along--namely, occasions when she had hit him. The Indescribable doesn't seem to mind all too much, and has found her to be one of the more likable members of the Breakouts. Of course, it could just be that she has tits.

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