Iron Joe

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The best science can make.
Iron Joe
Player: @ironjoe
Origin: Science
Archetype: Many
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Joseph
Known Aliases: Iron Joe
Species: Human
Age: 57
Height: 6'0" (1.82 m)
Weight: 200 lbs. (90.7 kg)
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Russian
Occupation: Field Commander, KGB Special Section 8
Place of Birth: Moscow
Base of Operations: 1311 Industrial Avenue, King's Row
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Known Abilities
No additional information available.

Iron Joe is a genetically enhanced hero from the former Soviet Union. A member of KGB Special Section 8, he is a flexible fighter, created by the Soviet Union to combat super-powered threats. Iron Joe powers are inspired by Red Guardian.



Iron Joe is the Field Commander for KGB Special Section 8. He has never been a member of any other supergroup.


Iron Joe has a very serious demeanor for the most part. He occasionally shows his less serious side with the pulling of a prank or dropping on a knee to give his dog a pat on the head.


As an artificial intelligence in an organic host, Iron Joe has the ability to reboot himself into multiple modular powers.


Shield Defense - Super Strength - Level 50

Dark Armor - Dark Melee - Level 50

Electric Armor - Electric Melee - Level 50

Radiation Armor - Radiation Melee - Level 50

Fire Armor - Fire Melee -Level 50

Dark Armor - Fire Melee - Level 50


Fire - Kinetics - Level 50

Dark - Radiation - Level 50

Fire - Time - Level 50

Fire - Poison - Level 50


Robots - Force Field - Level 50

Robots - Time - Level 50


Fire - Kinetics - Level 50

Electric - Electric - Level 50


Dark - Ninjutsu - Level 50

Ice - Ice - Level 50


Archery - Ninjutsu - Level 50

Fire - Fire - Level 50


Dark - Ninjutsu - Level 50

Shield Defense - Electric Melee - Level 50


Dark - Dark - Level 50

Weaknesses and Limitations

He has some.

Character History


Comrade Iron Joe is the product of genetic experimentation to create a perfect hero of the people. Step one was perfecting genetic cloning. The team soon was able to achieve this but the natural human development period was too long. They developed a method to have the clones mature quickly but their minds were still that of infants.

To overcome this they created a neural interface and successfully programmed the minds of those in the program. They then developed the base coding that the enhanced humans would use to interface with their power source. On top of that they poured all of the ideals of their great leaders into the subject. Their first success was Iron Joe, who was also their last as this success came as the Soviet Union dissolved. Joe left the lab behind and now he fights for the people and his ideals in Paragon City.

((Telepaths Joe’s mind is programmed in Assembly.))

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