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Iru Kandji
Empire of Atlantis
Player: @BrandFrontier
Empirical Standing
Division: '
Rank: Paladin of Oceanus
Origin/AT: Magic/ Tank
Security Level: 35
Atlantean's Personal Data
Real Name: Iru Kandji
Known Aliases: Dark Scale
Species: Meridian
Age: 439
Height/Weight: 6'11"/ 266 lbs.
Eye/Hair Color: Red/ Blue
Citizenship: Atlantean
Current Residence: Beneath the shores of Paragon City, Rhode Island USA
Breeding Status: Widowed
Known Relatives: Wife, Aelena - Deceased; Brother, Hapaloch
Known Mutations
Increased physical strength. Heightened metabolism. Enhanced senses, and sonar capabilities
Training / Abilities
Excellent hand to hand combatant. Master of mace and shield.
Personal Items
Iru carries an expandable rucksack, used to carry all manner of items used in his rituals.

This page is a stub for Iru Kandji, wayward scion of Atlantis and proud warrior of the Empire.

Long Ago...

In the early days, during the golden age of the Empire’s reign, conflicts were the norm. Many warrior clans rose to power during this time. In legend it is mentioned that certain clans became bloodthirsty, lustful for power and coveted the throne and all that went with it.

These clans were cast out by the reigning kings. They went against the Atlantean codes, spiraling into a pit of hate and evil. Nothing more than ultimate power would satiate their hunger. Even being cut from the lifeline of the Empire their evil flourished in the outer reaches. The empires of Mu and Lemuria were formed during these conflicts. The outlanders settled far away from Atlantis, evolving to their new surroundings over thousands of years. They adapted to the hostile nature of their new lands, becoming on the outside what they already were on the inside.

These creatures, now as far away from their noble birthright as evolution could bring them, have sunk into the dark depths below their origins. Existing in the perpetual darkness of the subterranean catacombs the former clans have forged new alliances. They have grown even stronger in their resolve to reclaim what they have learned through their own legends as belonging to them… and only them, Atlantis itself.

Because of this ever constant threat the Empire created outposts hundreds of years ago, located on the fringes between the darkness and the light, used as forward observation points, to protect against the things that dwell in this ‘Underdark’.


Iru Kandji , brother of Hapaloch, first son of Caervus, grandson of Toeranon, and descendant of the Oracle Hepzibah was hatched in the outer regions of Atlantean territory. His family had long lived outside the boundaries of Atlantis’ main provinces. The family had taken it as their duty to guard and protect Atlantis from the creatures that dwelled within the dark waters far below their beloved Empire. This area, known to all as the “Underdark”, is a volatile place. The denizens below have been the spark of many legends, mostly about the evils they perpetrate in the sake of ‘survival’. To this day, when the name of the vile place is mentioned it makes the blood of most Altanteans run warm.

For the Tribe of Toeranon however, the edges of the dark water are their home. They too, over countless hundreds of years, have evolved to handle the harsh environment and even harsher reality they have come to exist in. Looking much like the standard Meridian. They appear alien next to most true Atlanteans and are treated as such by the general populace of the Empire. Often they are treated as ‘second class’ citizens, and have long ago taken the tenants to act as such. Taught from hatching to bow and make way for those they called Fair Bloods, it is a practice that is thought outdated, decried by the King as an abolished practice, but performed nonetheless. Fierce in combat however, none would deny their formidable prowess and undying loyalty to the Crown and its people.

While his brother became a renowned shieldbearer of the borderlands Iru Kandji took a different track in life. He met his future wife during the Festival of Poseidon and together they entered into the Shamanic Order of Oceanus. Aleana, now his wife, became a priestess in the order while Iru became more of a paladin, utilizing his skills, talents and affinity for the divine to stand by his brother in defense of the Empire. Their life was meager, but good. Conflict was an everyday thing and when a cycle went by with no bloodshed or a repelled incursion the down cycle would light up with celebration. It was during one of these impromptu celebrations that tragedy struck the tribes.

Earlier in the cycle Aleana had announced the impregnation ceremony was a success and Iru would soon be a father. Along with Hapaloch they had brought back many of the copper fish they considered a delicacy and the festivities were well underway. The claxons sounded and the festival was torn to pieces as a barrage of the Underdarklings swarmed the outpost. Thousands upon thousands of the creatures swept through the encampment, and like a school of piranha, they devoured anything and everything in their way.

Four of the clan escaped the encounter. Over three hundred Meridians lost their life, including Iru and Hapaloch’s father, mother and Aleana’s entire coven.

Iru, Hapaloch, Aleana and a scout named Deavish recovered from the onslaught in an alcove nearby; all were badly injured trying to save as much as they could, all except… Deavish. Hapaloch noticed first, eyeing that the only wound the scout suffered appeared to be from Atlantean steel, not sharp teeth. The warrior called it to question, and both Iru and Aleana confronted him. Suddenly and with devastating effect Deavish leaped forward, driving his claws deep into the stomach of the priestess. She lashed out in defense pushing the scout back as Iru bared his spiked teeth and dove at Deavish, tearing him to shreds much like the Underdarklings had done to his kit and kin. And just like that, Aleana’s life blood pillowed out of her stomach mixing with the dark waters as she died in Iru’s arms.

Now Hapaloch and Iru Kandji were all that were left of the Toeranon Tribe, brothers alone at the edge of existance. They reported back to the Empire, the betrayal and devastation that followed, and left the golden walls behind. Their new purpose, destroy the evil that had caused their loss, protect their people at all cost... and thus a new war with “Those That Dwell Below” had begun.

Mutations, Trainings & Abilities


Identifying Marks & Physical Details

Additional Minutae

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