Isabel Klein

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Isabel Klein
Player: Merg
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 40
Personal Data
Real Name: Isabel Klein
Known Aliases: Izzy
Species: Human
Age: appears 17
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 125
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Praetorian
Occupation: Arcane Specialist
Place of Birth: Italy (Praetorian Dimension)
Base of Operations: Unknown (Praetorian Dimension)
Marital Status: Dating
Known Relatives: None living
Known Powers
elemental magic
Known Abilities
master of a few forms of martial arts, sneaking, able to read ancient arcane languages
staff, throwing knives, all-purpose unlocking device/smartphone
She is older than she appears.

Isabel Klein is a seemingly-young magic warrior from the Praetorian dimension. She has a well-ingrained sense of right and wrong, and uses her skills to fight villains of any kind - especially arcane threats. While she can tend to be glib on missions and in times of combat, in her downtime she's friendly, if slightly aloof.



(coming soon)



Her exceptional fighting abilities were acquired through years of training. Isabel is a master of several martial arts styles focused around taking on arcane-powered foes such as rogue mages and demons, but her skills in fighting non-magic villains are more than adequate for living in a city like Paragon. Her primary method of combat uses a bladed staff, though she's comfortable using a non-bladed stick as well. When fighting demons and other supernatural foes, she's able to quickly figure out their weak spots and exploit them, usually ending up with the demon in pieces. She's also capable of defending herself without the use of a weapon at all, though not quite as effectively.


Isabel is well-trained in the art of magic, able to weave spells into her melee combat effectively by sending magic energies flowing through her staff. Though she can be hard to hit without them, she usually employs elemental-based protection spells to beef up her defenses: Her Air shield deflects and reroutes physical attacks such as bullets or even fists, and her Fire shield deflects or absorbs energy-based attacks. Her Earth shield keeps her grounded and focused, along with making it more difficult for close enemies to move, and her Water shield is able to rejuvenate her mid-battle at the expense of her opponents' stamina. She also employs a Darkness spell to render her nearly invisible, and a Light spell for times when the situation is dire.


She's able to see supernatural things normally hidden from view such as invisible ghosts and demons, magical glyphs and traps, and the life force auras of those around her.


She does not get sick from disease, and she is resistant to many poisons and medicines. This can be both a blessing and a curse; harmful substances don't affect her as much, but the effects of beneficial medicines are also suppressed.



Her staff is technological in nature, which may seem like a contradiction when wielded by a magic user. But Isabel is nothing if not practical, and will gladly use technology where appropriate. When in use, her staff emits a laser-blade which is easily able to cut through most materials. When not in use, the staff collapses and folds down into a roughly foot-long object which she stores on the back of her belt. It can fully unfold and activate in roughly one second's time, so it's always ready for her when she needs it.

Throwing Knives

The belt of her combat outfit is lined with these small, metal knives. Unlike her staff, the throwing knives aren't special or high-tech at all, having been purchased from a local dealer.

All-purpose Unlocking Device/Smartphone

A device she carries with her at all times. Its technology is Praetorian in origin, likely stolen from one of the MICIR's labs. It can be used to break many encrypted electronic locks, as well as decode computer systems and break basic password protection. It also doubles as a communication device, usable for phone calls and wireless internet access. And yes, it can play Angry Birds and Draw Something.

OOC Info

Izzy is a character I've had in mind for a very long time. In CoH, I originally made her as a Dual Blades/Energy Aura Brute, and even got her to 50 and IO'd out. Then I had a sudden change of heart and deleted the 50 version, switching her out to Kin Melee. I got her up to around 35 or so before the Staff Fighting set was leaked. She was always meant to be a staff user, and so I shelved her until its release in 2012. Now that it's out, I'm slowly making my way back up to 50 in order to use all those IOs I pulled off the original.

Current Status

Izzy is currently living in Paragon City with the Nuevo Crysaterra group of Geneseen. She and Kairi Kirebirg are romantically involved.

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