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Jinkourai themoon.jpg
Execute/Jinkourai listening to the sounds of the PTS
Player: @Lightning Senshi
Origin: Mutant/Technology
Archetype: Stalker
Threat Level: Unknown
Personal Data
Real Name: 彩斗 佑貴 (Saito Yuuki)
Known Aliases: Execute ( 実行 ), Jinky
Species: "Evolved" (Mutant with Nanotech enhancements)
Age: 16 (Maybe even fifteen)
Height: 5'8
Weight: 117 (Without equipment)
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Purple
Biographical Data
Nationality: Nihonjin (Japanese)
Occupation: High school student
Place of Birth: Tokyo Medical and Surgical Clinic [1]
Base of Operations: Unknown
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Electrical creation and manipulation, enhanced senses, speed and strength. Eidetic memory, lightning calculator, and various nanite enhanced programs
Known Abilities
Unknown style of martial arts, data copy
Nanites, black-ops equipment, Custom Firmware PSP
Top ranking Japanese honor student & highly athletic

"...I expected better from you."

- Jinkourai (After his duel with No Mind[2] in Atlas City)

Jinkourai started off as a random idea because I was bored. The original idea was some sort of thunder god ninja (Elec/Nin) idea, but as I took him out through Mercy Island, I slowly began to really hate the name, I then changed it again and added a spin, the whole nanite thing, only to hate the second name I came up with him. But I went through with it, only after an extremely akward situation in Pocket D did I decide to change it again. Partially due to the encounter, but more so because of how much I came to conclude: I just --really-- hated the second name, even more. I then fell into another problem.

As I played on with the second name, I was truthfully bored of /ninjutsu and really toyed with idea of changing the secondary to /electric armor, but five minutes on the CoX forums and you'll learn just how much the general community despises it on stalkers (Though some parts I admit I understand why), but feel it even needs fix for brutes. So, I continued along with that second build, until I jokingly made a comment to an in-game friend who suggested I try it anyway. Looking at my measly threat level of 12, I decided to give it a try and figured if the absolutely worst came to worst, I can just redo it. Cue a "be right back" and 3 hours later I returned, with a name I --really-- like. Jinkourai [じんこうらい] which translates too "Artificial Lightning". At the beginning I wanted to avoid the use of Japanese names like I do with 90% of my characters, but this one really just flowed to me and it made sense with the Mutant/Technology background I came up with. Armed with my new name, pseudo-new look I began my adventure into the Rogue Isles (Again).

I won't lie, I don't find electrical armor amazing for stalkers, but it just --really-- fit for concept, but after much words of encouragements from my friends saying I could pull it off, it just motivated me to try even harder. 37 levels in as I write this and I've had an absolute blast. It's a tight build, but by far my favorite stalker build I've played, and I love it even more on the stalker play style which I enjoy. ..It helps that Assassin's Shock is one of the best animations too.

Jinkourai is really different from my usual style of characters, yeah he's the young pretty boy that I play, and yeah, he's Japanese as most of mine are, but the odd thing is. There's really no weird quirks or extremely tragic background. He's not like Shinrei who didn't talk for over a month and barely could unless he devoted himself too. Or G'nyaskrnattu who has a very strange back-story with oddball quirks and the fact he talks in almost nothing but riddles. Jin is.. just Jin. His early life was great, his teenage years sucked, but, he's gotten over it. He went through his 'crazy' times when he was younger, but really, he's accepted his past, as, his past. To add to the weirdness, this is the first character I've had to date (Since Pocket D first opened) that I actually take to Pocket D to try and socialize. While Jin is indeed the shy type, the fact he's even at Pocket D is an absolutely huge step to me. The odd thing is, he's a character I've kept in the spotlight, despite being the stalker type. The public, press, seem to adore him in their own ways as I decided when writing for him. Just another odd strange touch I haven't done before.

Jinkourai's two major inspirations (In my eyes) would come from two things. The first is my enjoyment of SNK Fighters such as The King of Fighters[3] which is possibly why he tends to be seeking fights and willing to do the usual fighting game tactics. Fake tournaments, random attacks on anyone who can register a blip on his fight radar etc. Plus he somewhat reminds me of the whole: Kyo, Kusagani, K', Nameless thing, just with electricity instead of fire. The second big influence would be the concept behind the Reyvateil from the series AR Tonelico[1][4] with Jin representing the Reyvatiel and the nanites being the "Tower" in essence. It's also where I got the style of the names for the nanomachine commands to act as the "Songs".


Insert Credit

"A mutant? No, more like a freak. How do we 'fix' him? Is this going to interfere with school?"

- Yuuki's father. (After finally admitting his son was a mutant.)

The moment he was born was a sign, electrical disturbances began to occur within a two mile radius, if only he changed colors or the fact was just a bit more obvious his parents might have been able to accept the fact that their son was born a mutant, or even if they couldn't accept it, perhaps grow on it and encourage him. But we don't get what we wish for, and Yuuki had to work extra hard in life. Yuuki knew he was different, he was able to control his powers, but as various manga and anime taught him: Revealing those powers to his family and friends would change his life completely, maybe for the better, maybe for the worse, what he did know is, if anything, he had to prove himself to his family before they could even accept the fact he was different.

Born to the upper crust high society,heir to an absolute fortune, his life was that of a typical Japanese student (Albeit overly rich and with no financial problems ever.) going through school, work, study, work, more study, and some sort attempt at a social life while repressing his innate powers over electricity, manifesting and controlling it. His grades were always nothing but top of the class, his natural talent for athletics was amazing, he also was able to squeeze in multiple after-school clubs. His parents swelling with pride were happy with the fact that their son wasn't a social outcast either, he had great looks (If you're into the whole bishonen pretty boy thing), common sense, and even had just started to begin to date. It appeared that his parents got that perfect son they had been hoping for. All the time though, ignoring the strange events that had begun to circle around his life, simply blaming it on some sort of mythical supernatural version of puberty.

As fate would have it, he met with another young mutant who was going through a similar strange lifestyle, the two were very much alike, both rich, both excellent students, both from prestigious families, it was almost as if they were destined to meet. Saigonoshi Hiryu and Saito Yuuki had a few discussions and debates about revealing his 'mutant' status. Hiryu, having a general idea of what Yuuki was going through and with a genuine desire to help, suggested that he tell his parents the secret the boy was harboring and what inform his parents what they have been refusing to admit.

Yuuki was horrified, he'd rather fight a demon world invasion with his bare knuckles, or play a 70 hour RPG with no memory card then to confront both his mother and father. They were a scary pair in his eyes, but finally, drawing forth the courage that rested within himself he revealed the secret that he's been harboring for so long, his powers.

"How do we fix you...?"

Press 1P Start!


- Nanites (After initial installation)

There wasn't really much time after his revealing and what his parents choose to do. Visiting clinic, after clinic in an attempt to remove his 'mutant-ness' or his 'disease' as his parents put it, the parental units put an extremely large reward out for anyone who could suppress or outright kill whatever it was that killed his mutation. Fake treatments, borderline military torture sessions later, another response came through from a new-age clinic which offered to remove his 'problem', and keep his studies, school and everything else a teenager his age needed to go on with normal society. The offer was too good to be true, so his parents bought into it, and decided to visit this benefactor.

Who of course would be no one else but the black-op Government funded secret project. While under the pretenses of 'working for the Government', it wasn't the --whole-- truth, but regardless, his parents sold him to them, choosing not to want a single thing involving their son until he was fixed. He was enlisted as the one and only candidate for this project: "Operation: SWORDIAN"

His life in a mere matter of seconds was erased and he was taken away to a hidden installation where he would began his military training and receive his first injection of the nanites, starting with EXEC_PAYA=RE://CHRONICLE which would act as the base installer, linking his vitals together with the new nanomachines which were taking up a residency inside of his body. Even then, there were still more changes, Saito Yuuki was 'deleted' and in turn, he was given the new codename "Execute."[2]

Life in the military wasn't really all that wonderful for him, for the most part, his day consisted of training, education, nanite enhancement, food, with very sleep at the end, only to repeat it the next day. Experiments were conducted on him weekly, with the longest one running for about half a year. With a new nanite installation program installed, Execute was shipped to a mecha facility where he was 'installed' as a living battery core into the robot, which in turn would act as a data absorbing, seeing if the teenager could be used in bigger and better projects in the future. Execute has very little memory of what exactly happened during this time, but, he barely recalls much the day he exited. Only seeing men in bio-hazard suits extracting him from the core, and the base overrun by beautiful flora.

Spoiler warning: Details about a player-created storyline, or information currently unrevealed about a character, follow.
In truth, many of the scientists working the project began to have doubts about using an innocent teenager as a host for such a lifeless project, even if in their eyes the 'greater good' was at stake. The thought of: "What if this was your child.." instead cross many minds. Word was leaked to a mutant supremacy group, and an 'agent' was dispatched to 'handle' the situation. As the commanders discovered the leak, they began to order the extract for Execute as reports of a "Sentai Ninja" dressed individual appeared in a flash of smoke, and hundreds of plants began to break their way through. More reports came in on how their worst fears in regards to the "Sentai Ninja" began to come true, and all those 'ninja myths' were real indeed. This prompted the change in location as well as a 'breakthrough' for the OPERATION: SWORDIAN project.[3]
Spoilers end here.

The next year was better overall, Execute had a more hands-on approach with the staff in the 'new' base (though the absence of any plants whatsoever was a bit depressing for some of the staff), he received a more personal hands on teaching experience, learning from the best that could be found, as well as having his nanites upgraded a few more times until they were at their top function. The final dosage of nanites given were the best yet and even take care of themselves, evolving and replenishing themselves when needed. A truly perfect time for him for once, and the teenager had finally begun to accept the destiny that he had been given, content with how the cards were.

Here comes a new challenger!

"No amount of corny justice related or 'in the name of the Moon!" speeches will save you now."

- Execute (First appearance vs the Reiki Ken Sentai)

Whatever happened exactly in the result of Execute leaving the military base is something that no one really knows, or at the very least, is openly willing to talk about. Regardless, Execute first appeared to the Japanese public soon after his leaving of the military. While the Reiki Ken Sentai (Spirit Fist Task Force) were making a public appearance at the famous Tokyo Tower[4]Execute appeared in what would become his infamous entrance, and started a fight right there. At first, the audience thought this was some sort of on the spot stage show, but as the fought broke out and became more serious, the on-lookers knew they had to escape. For the first time, in their career, their leader, the mysterious "Elemental Emperor" didn't appear, didn't save them, it was time for them to learn an important lesson, and that lesson was how to be defeated. While Execute choose not to kill them and leave, what it did trigger a crime wave that gave other villains the hope and knowledge, that the Reiki Ken could be defeated.

What follows is the start of the obvious mercenary work that Execute would become infamous for, taking up various offers to join with some of the groups that happened to want a strong fighter like Execute around, such as the Infernesia Empire, The Oninokageshi, and the Terror Toad Fleet lead by Admiral Deathtoad the XVIII. Still, despite the unique sights, powers and gifts given to the young teenager, the one thing he truly wanted, he never got, and that was a --real-- fight. One where he didn't know the outcome, and that a combination of mind, body, soul, technology and even common sense influenced it. Usually his fights were one-sided or only a display of one attribute and that wasn't what he was seeking. Still, Execute had something coming to him, and that was going to be his first real defeat.

The sixth member of the Reiki Ken Sentai to appear was the Elemental Envoy and he was by far the strongest of the Reiki Ken, only second to their leader the Elemental Emperor himself, that was the one who caught Execute's eyes for combat potential. When Elemental Envoy appeared, it was over just as quick, leaving Admiral Deathtoad the XVIII almost speechless. Execute decided then and there, that was going to be his fight. The Reiki Ken didn't exactly --want-- there to be problems with Execute, and in truth, they wanted to turn him away from his path of evil, while that clouded their minds, not the Elemental Envoy, who when Execute appeared manipulated the earth to form a spike trying to impale the youth. The Reiki Ken were shocked at their new ally, who's overuse of force might have potentially killed Execute, but rather only motivated young Execute to further pursue this fight further, and Execute only sided with whatever villain of the week he had too just to get closer and to distract the 'weaklings' from his primary target.

Over the course of this time, Execute would go about, challenging whatever he could to his 'random fights' if they registered as some sort of real combat potential. Monsters of the Week, other Sentai, other heroes, other villains, he didn't care, and in truth, he accomplished in some people's eyes, some good deeds. Maybe not for the right reasons, but he did save a good deal of lives sometimes just from interrupting whatever scheme was going around in his search of a fight.

The End?

  1. Also one of Jinkourai's favorite video game series as well.
  2. As in computer lingo; to run or an execute program such as a .exe
  3. ((I was always at a blank at how he got away exactly, but the fact that Shinrei Jusatsushi would be the best way made perfect sense being an agent for Nation and all.))
  4. Because everything important has to involve the Tokyo Tower somehow right?

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