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The Battle-Hardened
Phoenix Justice
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· Originicon mutation.pngV archetypeicon brute.png‎ ·
Titan Weapons
Fiery Aura
Energy Mastery
Real Name
Johnny Saint
Johnny Boy, Incinerator, Phoenix
February 16, 1982
Galaxy City
Steel Canyon
Marital Status
It’s Complicated
· Known Relatives ·
Domenic Saint – Father, Deceased

Cynthia Saint – Mother, Deceased

Damian Saint - Son
Physical Traits
Meta Human
American of Greek Descent
Apparent Age
6' 5"
245 lbs.
Body Type
Orange Red Flames
· Distinguishing Features ·
Flaming Eyes
Powers & Abilities
· Other Abilities ·
Fiery Melee/Super Reflexes/Blaze Mastery

H archetypeicon scrapper.png

Dual Pistols/Thermal Radiation/Mace MasteryV archetypeicon corruptor.png

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Fire Manipulation: Johnny can manipulate fire in various ways that include:


Hand-to-Hand Combat: Johnny is rather good with his hands in a fight. From spending a good portion of his life on the streets of King’s Row, he had to learn to survive. His fighting abilities improved greatly after he joined a biker gang by the name of “Brothers of Chaos” and then more so after he became a legit hero and joined several super groups.

Expert Marksman: When you spend a lot of your time roaming the streets where you can be mugged, raped or killed, you learn to use any means necessary to survive. Aside from being able to fist fight, Johnny favored using a gun whenever he could get his hands on one, but any idiot can shoot a gun. However, it takes an expert to be able to shoot one accurately, and Johnny seems to have mastered that ability during his 5 year hiatus, not only with a hand gun, but with any gun really. ‘’’Note: Johnny rarely misses his target.’’’





Early Years

Johnny was born to Domenic and Cynthia Saint on February 16th, 1982. At the start, Johnny had a fairly average childhood, growing up and learning all the things any other kid would, attending school, getting good grades, the whole nine. By the age of 10, Johnny’s life would start to descend into a downward spiral after discovering where his father spent most of his time which was leading the Galaxy City chapter of the Hellions. Known as Incinerator to his blood brothers, Domenic was a fierce leader and a mutant who could manipulate fire at will to burn anyone who stood in his way, making sure that no one could challenge his rank. Upon this discovery, Johnny was offered a place in the ranks of the Hellions, doing small time jobs so that he could still attend school, because as ruthless as his father was, he did care very much for his son and wanted a better life for him.

However, fate would not have any of it. From the moment Johnny robbed his first liquor store, to his first time beating someone to unconsciousness with a lead pipe, he fell further into the depths of darkness, more so than his father wanted. So it’ll come as no surprise that at the age of 12, Johnny was expelled from school for almost beating a kid to death. That night, Johnny would be brought to the Hellion’s lair, expecting to be named a full-fledged member, but instead what he got was a beating from his father. So enraged by the fact that Johnny had thrown away his life to a be a part of a gang, and the only thing that ended up saving Johnny from further punishment was another member running in to inform his father that the Skulls, a rival gang, had plotted an attack on the Perez Park chapter, and that they needed back up. Bruised and in pain, Johnny slowly followed the Hellions to Perez Park, figuring that the night couldn't get any worse, but that ended up being the second mistake he made that day. A Skull had taken Johnny for an actual Hellion, and aimed his gun at him, ready to kill, however, Johnny’s father leaped in front of him, sending a fire ball that incinerated the Skull lackey, but also meant that he had taken the bullet as well and Johnny spent the rest of the night holding his father close as he bled to death, his last words being that he was sorry for bringing Johnny into this world of darkness, and that he only wanted a better life for him.

The night his father died, Johnny disappeared and wasn't seen for years. Some people, including his mother, had even thought he had died that night as well. During the time Johnny was away, he spent most of his time on the streets of King's Row, occasionally doing small time jobs for a place to sleep or a warm meal to eat, it was rough. Johnny learned a lot about survival during this time being as how every day was a fight to just survive and at times he felt the desire to just give up, but the last words his father spoke to him would continually play in his head, haunting him.

By the age of 15, Johnny's luck was about to take a turn for the better when he was found and taken in by a local mechanic, Fenix, and there he would learn everything about cars, from the minor problems to being able to take apart and completely rebuild a car. He also worked on motorcycles. Johnny loved this, he had finally found something, a purpose if nothing else and he was really good at it, and as long as he helped with labor, he was granted a place to sleep every night and given meals to eat. Over the course of the next three years, Johnny would grow to learn a lot and not just about cars, but cooking, fighting, and Fenix even made sure that he was well educated in math, history, writing, all the things he should have been learning at his age. This brought the two very close, like a father-son relationship and this made Johnny happy, happier than he had been in a long time. He even imagined that his father was watching over him, proud of the man his son was becoming.

One night, while lying in his bed, Johnny heard a noise coming from downstairs but chose to ignore it, figuring it was probably nothing. Several seconds went by and he heard it again, this time it was louder and more consistant. By now Johnny was curious and he slowly crept downstairs only to find several people with baseball bats staring down at Fenix, who was on his knees, blood dripping from his nose and a black eye, begging the three men to just take what they want and leave. One of the men laughed, he was wearing a black vest and one distinguishing mark that looked familiar to Johnny was the white skull painted on the man's face. Knowing there was nothing he could do, Johnny watched as the men beat Fenix to death with their baseball bats and after they left, he walked over to the body, staring down at the man who had raised him the past few years in complete despair. Tears started dripping down Johnny's cheeks and he clenched his fists, swearing to himself that he was going to find those men and kill them. Johnny packed up his things and left the garage, not even looking back as he walked away from the place that he was just beginning to call home and began his pursuit of the men who killed Fenix. It only took a few hours before Johnny was able to find their hideout as the garage wasn't the only place they had struck that night. Picking a spot, Johnny laid low for a bit, waiting for his moment to strike and that moment had come sooner than he expected, or so he thought. Once the man in the black vest stepped outside and was alone, Johnny leaped towards him, tackling him to the ground and just started to pummel him. Hit after hit, Johnny just couldn't stop himself, but sadly it had very little effect and the man looked up at him, laughing as he snapped his fingers and within a few minutes, Johnny was surrounded by 8 more Skulls. Looking around, Johnny knew he had no chance and the man chuckled, "I gotta say kid, you have some balls but sadly, they aren't going to help you survive this. I'm curious though. Why are you even here and what were you hoping to accomplish exactly?" Johnny looked at the man in a complete rage, tears starting to run down his cheeks again as he shouted, "You killed that man in cold blood, the man I looked up to and thought of as a father! You took him from me! Why?! Why do you creeps keep taking the people who mean the most to me away?! I'm going to kill you!" The man laughed and motioned for his lackeys to attack Johnny, however, fueled by absolute rage, his body temperature began to rise as he continued to yell at the man over and over, "I hate you!" and in that moment, Johnny's body was engulfed by flames that incinerated anything around him in a small radius, killing all the Skulls.


Lady Sugie: As I would say back in the day, “Dis be one crazy f*ckin’ chica.” I met Sugie and her sister, Sweets, way back when I was, well umm… basically being a criminal of sorts, heh. She’s pretty much like family, but that was before and when I returned to Paragon after my few year hiatus, she hooked me up with a spot in the local Biker gang, the Brothers of Chaos. Fun crew, but during this time I also developed strong feelings for her and we started secretly having something of a relationship, but not really… I don’t know. It was just kind of sex at first and lead to something more. Sadly, poor choices on my part ended whatever it was that we did have, and we haven’t spoken since. Still think about her though, because she is like family and the first girl I ever loved.

Metrazol Mandy: Here I thought that Sugie was f*ckin’ crazy, but boy was I wrong. Her sister, Sweets, is far worse and I’m not even kidding. One wrong move and I swear this chica will and I quote, “Cut ‘cho ass.” Still she was the closest thing I had to a sister and oddly enough, I love her like one too, but like Sugie, we haven’t spoken in years which is a shame, because I kinda miss that slice of crazy in my life.

Kyle Hennigan:

Felicity Hardgrave:

Rex Tuggar:

DeVore Disciple: A former Carnie that goes by the name Julie. She’s a very down to earth girl who I happened to come across in the D due to her taking notice of my flaming eyes. They seem to grab the attention of the ladies, heh. In all seriousness though, we quickly became friends and hung out with one another a few times after the initial meeting. Funny story though, we actually slept together a few times too. I guess it's true that I can't just be friends with a girl without there being some sort of an attraction. Oh well, neither of us complained since there was none of that relationship drama, just two friends enjoying a little bit of freedom. However, she does some off world missions that take up a lot of her time and I haven't seen her for quite a while. Definitely a fun girl though and who knows, maybe I'll cross paths with her again.

Donavon Roivan:

Warden Mal:

Frostbound: Nikki is a fun girl and always seems enjoyable to be around. She listens to the crazy stories I have to tell, and let’s be honest; some of them can be pretty extreme. She also has absolutely no interest in being anything more than friends which is really nice since I don't have very many female friends. Actually I can count on one hand how many women I am friends with. Really sad, I know. Any ways, did I mention that Nikki is cool as hell?


Spyke Strike:

Temper Mental:

Josephine Walker:

Xeden: I can’t say me and Chris were ever friends. He was the leader of LSI and the one who recruited me, but I really never felt welcomed. There was just always this vibe that I wasn’t on their level and that didn’t sit well. Regardless, I can easily say that I do at least respect him for all the work he’s put into being a hero in the city; he even inspired me a bit.




Good-to-Know Facts

 Johnny was originally just another low level alt that was collecting dust until a friend asked me to join a biker gang sg she was in. So he was remade to fit the storyline that her and I picked for him. Two weeks later he was 50 and my most popular character by far. People either love him or love to hate him, not to mention he's a blast to play. Thanks @Lady’.

 If Johnny were to be portrayed in a live action film, he would be played by WWE Superstar Randy Orton.

 Like his player, Johnny HATES clowns with a passion. If approached by one, he will either lay them out or just flat out burn them to a crisp. You've been warned.


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