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A Carnie Nightmare
Julie Surace
Player: @sadders
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Controller : Scrapper : Defender
Security Level: 50 : 50 : 24
Personal Data
Real Name: Julie Surace
Known Aliases: Julie DeVore, Shared Pain, Devore Disciple
Species: Human
Age: 25
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 134 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Auburn
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: None
Place of Birth: A carnival hideout
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Vanessa DeVore (Aunt), Veronica DeVore (Aunt), Victoria DeVore (mother, deceased), Moira DeVore (cousin)
Known Powers
Illusions, Mind-Reading, Mind Control, Energy/Psychic Blasts
Known Abilities
Decent singer, some skill in combat


When she first escaped the Carnival of Shadows, a lot of heroes looked down at her. To this day, people grow distant the moment they know she's the niece of Vanessa DeVore. To avoid this, she's changed her last name and often dresses in non-Carnie clothing. She understands what it is like to be judged and defined by one aspect of who she is, so when she meets a person she tries not to judge them too quickly.

Where as she was once incapable from distinguishing reality from insanity, Julie now has a very unique perspective on the world. Some have even come to rely on her to be the voice of reason!

Though she's matured, Julie still keeps her love of life and carefree attitude. She tries to make everyone's day a little brighter.

Myers-Briggs Personality Type: ESFP

Julie lives with a zest for living life to the fullest by way of multiplying experiences. Always on the alert for what needs immediate attention or what might provide a bit of action, excitement or entertainment, she engages quickly with her environment. She seeks and enjoys freedom, and is good-natured, direct, and tolerant. She is often a source of levity.

She has a way with dealing with people on a very equal platform and is not easily star struck. Rank, celebrity and status mean little to her.

She loves variety and are curious and adventurous, enjoying the unexpected. Julie tends to focus on deeds, rather than words. As long as things are moving along, she's happy. She likes to keep things simple and immediate, going with the flow. She tries to be helpful in very concrete ways, providing the correct tools or specific service the person requires. Julie often has an uncanny ability to respond appropriately in cases of emergencies, often having excellent reflexes. She constantly actswithout thinking and has natural mediating skills.

Julie is very attuned to the environment and the myriad colours, textures, sounds, beauty and the sensuousness of it all. She is quite graceful and agile while moving through her surroundings. Jules loves having fun and if things are too quiet, she may provide the entertainment. Her key method of learning is by observation and imitation. Her attention will always go towards whatever provides the best distraction to her senses.[1]


A Carnie Life

Julie was born and raised a member of the Carnival of the Shadows. She is the niece of the infamous Vanessa DeVore, and was molded by her from an early age. She grew up whole-heartedly believing in the ideals of her kin. To this day, she still see's the Carnival as her brothers and sisters.

Unbeknownst to Julie, Vanessa had been constantly toying and tearing at her grip on reality. Her childhood was a blur of contradicting memories and thoughts. By the time Julie was in her 20s, she had no perspective of right from wrong. Though she never donned a Carnival Mask, she was a "loose cannon" even by Carnie standards.

Unlikely Guardians

So distorted was Julie's grasp on reality that when Vanessa became obsessed with a hero named Bridgit O'Malley, Julie mistook the two for close friends. Anxious to meet a friend of her Auntie's, Julie snuck out of the camp in search of her!

Bridgit was not hard to find, as she was one of the key members in the Silver Guard at the time. Julie signed up as an effort to get to know her better. The Guard was VERY skeptical about having a Carnie in their midst, and treated her with a mix of fear, mistrust and scrutiny. For her part, Julie was convinced everyone loved her and would sing cheerfully through the halls. As the months passed by, Julie began to realize how the Carnival was feared and why. She eventually came to see Vanessa DeVore for the evil monstor she is.

Sensing her grip on Julie slipping, Vanessa tried to bring her home. Backed by the Guard, who had by now accepted her as one of their own, she confronted Vanessa and earned her freedom.

Wishing Upon a Star

In November of '07, Julie was approached by the Cerulean Legion and given a shard of the Source Stone. The shard was a signature part of being in the Legion, and she accepted their offer to let her join their ranks and defend the galaxy.

For a few brief months, Julie spent most of her time among the stars. Soon, she became homesick and felt that her true calling was back on Earth. She's since then retired from the Legion, but she still helps part-time when the situation allows.

Coming Home

Upon returning to Earth, Julie decided to sign on with the Dawn Patrol. She felt that a group with such tremendous standards and ethics would help her focus her abilities. She managed to make several friends there, and hopes to make more each and every day!

Secret Societies

Julie had taken some time off to help her ally, Phaize, with a little Carnie trouble. Though she once planned to return to the Dawn Patrol, she has decided to stick with the colors of the Codex.

It's a Revolution!

For a while, Julie pursued her old calling: freeing the Carnival of Shadows. She believes that the Carnie ideals of living for the moment and celebrating each day are noble ones which women like Vanessa DeVore have used for their own evil ends.

Julie sought to free fellow Carnies from Vanessa's spell. She began to free strongmen and recruit sisters to her cause. She was convinced that one day she'll have enough followers to overthrow Vanessa and lead the Carnival to live peacefully with the rest of Paragon City.

No Place Like Home

She gave up the revolution, however, for as time went on, she realized that she missed the stars. The soul shard inside her heard the call of the galaxy and grew restless. So it was that, the longer she resisted the call, the more pragmatic and ruthless she became. Her Cerulean powers turned a savage shade of Crimson, and she was cast out from the Cerulean Legion.

Yet, they soon called upon her again to defend a princess of an alien species. The princess came to Eath to learn of humanity, donning the name Neurodance and helping the city of Paragon. Her innocence has rekindled Julie's, taking her from a dark path.

Her Knight

Through it all, Julie formed an unlikely relationship with a fellow member of the Codex, Spellknight. It was a whirlwind romance, and the two were married within the year. Together, the two stand united as the auxiliary leaders of the Codex.


Carnie Magic

Illusions PhantomArmy.png Illusionry

As a former member of the Carnival of the Shadows, Julie know their tools of the trade. Trained by Vanessa DeVore as one of her disciples, Julie knows the art of deception. She can project illusions into the minds of others. Often, her foes will look right past her and see nothing at all. Her favorite illusion is that of an "army" to distract her foes.

KineticBoost Transfusion.png Telepathy/Empathy

Though it's not her strong point, Julie can read minds. She hears thoughts and emotions constantly, so her mood often takes the form of those around her. If people are happy, she's happy. Sad, she's sad. Hungry, excited, aroused, vengeful... you get the idea. She's a regualr doppleganger of emotion. It's very dificult for her to block other people out.

Recently, Julie has begun actively shielding herself from other people's thoughts. However, strong emotions and thoughts can still seep through. She's taken to using her telepathic abilities as a means of communication. If a character is trying to communicate mentally, the odds are good she'll pick up on it even if the other character isn't a telepath.

FortunataTeamwork Confuse.png Mind Control

Julie's signature ability is her mind control. In this department, she's MUCH more adept than the average Carnie. There's hardly anything she can't control at least for a moment. This comes with a price, though... the more she tries to control, the crazier she gets!

PsychicWail.png Mental Blasts

By deliberatly shattering psychic defenses and bringing moments of pain to the front of a victim's psyche, Julie is able to make the person believe he or she is in great harm. While this doesn't actually hut the victim, it is often powerful enough to knock them out. In some cases, therapy will be required.

Source Shard

The shard from the Soul Stone was presented to her by the Cerulean Legion. While Julie is still learning the potential of the shard, she has learned a lot about it.

PowerBlast PowerBlast.png Energy Bursts

First and foremost, the shard has given her the ablility to shoot blasts of energy which can knock back her opponents great distances. These attacks are by far her most physically damaging to an opponent. However, the stubborn Carnie still prefers her natural mental talents and rarely uses this power.

Flight TravelFlight.png Flight

Julie can also fly through space at amazing speeds. She takes advantage of this often as she loves seeing new places. In Paragon, she uses her flight to travel form place to place quickly and only uses the transit system to bypass the War Walls.

EnergyAura Overload.png Appearance

Lastly, the shard allows her physical appearance to directly reflect her own self-image. She's become skinnier and her hair changes colors as a result. On a whim, she can change her outfit from one of several stored as pure energy inside her.


Behind her power and magics, Julie is as easily harmed as the next person. She relies on her illusions and tricks to protect her, but if anyone breaks through that she becomes a pretty easy target. Recently, though, Julie's healing abilities given to her by the Crimson power of the shard have made her more durable in combat.

Julielaying shrunk.png


  • Mr. Mountie and Bridgit O'Malley: Perhaps her two "oldest" friends since leaving the Carnival, Julie had a VERY rocky start with these two. With Vanessa DeVore constantly being a thorn in the happy couple's side, Julie's relationship with them was strained. It didn't help matters that Julie herself was so very crazy and clingy. Recently, Bridgit and Mountie married and Julie has come more into her own. The three now seem to get along swimmingly when they cross paths.
  • Phaize: A friend of Alpinist's, Julie and Phaize spent a lot of time together for a while. Their personalities clash constantly. Though at one point she briefly considered dating him, one look inside his head was enough for her to determine they could be business partners at best.
  • Azuria: When Julie first left the Carnival, MAGI's Azuria tried to council her and help curb her unusual tendencies. After weeks of therapy proved fruitless, Azuria gave up. The two still keep in touch from time to time when their individual goals meet.
  • Torch Juggler: A recent acquantance of Julie's who seems to have a similiar dislike for Vanessa. While not much is yet known, she has offered refuge to fellow Carnies Julie has freed. Could this become a potential alliance?
  • Vanessa DeVore: Julie's aunt and guardian well into her 20's. As one of the leaders of the Carnival of Shadows, she taught Julie the crafts of the trade. It wasn't until Julie was away from her for a time that she realized how oppressive and evil Vanessa is. Now, the two are mortal enemies, clashed in a conflict over the future of the Carnival of the Shadows. Overthrowing her aunt and freeing the Carnies is perhaps Julie's single driving purpose.


  • Her email is ExCarnie@gmail.com
  • Julie's "Carnival" name was Shared Pain. She rarely uses it anymore.
  • Julie took on the “Surace” family name as part of an adoption and is not in fact married to the Alpinist, Pyracide, Subglacial, Jade Surace or any other hero bearing that name. She accepted Alpinist's offer to adopt her as his sister to get some distance from the "DeVore" name.
  • Once she accepted the shard of the Soul Stone from the Cerulean Legion, her outward appearance became a direct manifestation of her own self-image. Hey hair alternates between shades of auburn, red and purple depending on how she feels.
  • Julie can read minds. However, because she was trained by the Carnival, her methods are not subtle. If she's poking around in someone's mind, the person will be quite aware. ((If she's invading an unwilling mind, the process is quite painful for both of them!))
  • Though she can read minds, she doesn't enjoy doing it. Even when people ask her to pry, she'll often shy away. Even when she's not trying, she is still quite receptive to people's emotional states and powerful or angry thoughts. ((Julie will often emulate the emotions of those around her. On large teams or groups of enemies, this tends to confuse her, so she'll often act a little silly to try and block out the voices and feelings. Also, if characters have loud or important thoughts that they would like to share for RP purposes, send them in tells.))
  • She often hums to herself. While most people think she is just crazy when she does this, she's usually trying to soothe her Source Shard. It constantly wants to be among the stars!
  • Julie is perhaps my most approachable and outgoing character. She's always up for meeting new people, so drop her a line or leave me a PM on my global if you want to meet her!
  1. Summary adapted from Personality Pathways
  2. Friend links: Mr Mountie, Bridgit O'Malley, Phaize
  3. Neutral links: Torch Juggler
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