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Kaori Rion’s biography (for virtue verse wikia; due tweaks/edits)



Kaori Rion
Sa Ji-Soo
"Should be? Can be? He Thinks She's Trouble! He Hope's She's Trouble~"
· Technology Arachnos Widow ·
Player: @friezaliveson
Real Name
Sa Ji-Soo
Kaori Rion (Stage Name), Sa Boo-Boo (Twitch Name), Sable (Nickname)
Miho-ri (Ulsan), South Korea [Jung District (중구; 中區)]
Miho-ri (parent's household, mainly for off-season/breaks from concerts), Chattanooga, Tennessee (current studio condo for )
For her K-Pop group
K-Pop Star, Unregistered Vigilante
Legal Status
Records indicate that was in the hospital in India for 4 years but recently returned to the K-Pop scene.
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Yun Ae-Ra Pae (Mother; Alive), Ha Ji-Soo Dae-Hyun (Father; Alive)
Physical Traits
Modified Human (Cybernetics)
Apparent Age
27 (Post-implants)
Body Type
Classified as 'mesomorph' spoon body type. Her Bust, Waist and Hip ratio is 22 B-Cup, 32 inch waist and 49 inch hip (BWH).
Course shoulder length
Powers & Abilities
Epic Pool
· Known Powers ·
Super Strength This is a very low grade form of strength since getting her technological upgrades, being only slightly above an average light welterweight bodybuilder.
Cybernetic Technology - A good portion of her body has been altered from the beginning of time when she was hospitalized to the very end. With a serious benefit of: enhanced speed, increased vitality, peak human durable attributes from her previous common five as a denominator, implants for one of her eyes akin to special forces or black-ops teams and better reactions in overall movement. (To view the full subjects on each of the upgrades on this matter please use the context panel!)
· Other Abilities ·
Cybernetic and Synthetic Augmentation, self-trained combat efficiency


Overtime // A Hard Reset

Sa Ji-Soo 23 was enjoying the time of her life: a five person K-Pop group she was proud as by the name of 5PZ6 Party, a schedule full time of tour dates, many over eager but cute boyfriends (or girlfriends) sending fan mail in over the dozens, and over 1.8 billion views on the two hit singles 'Baby, I'm Losing Control', 'He Hope's She's Trouble'. Her group appeared to be very successful and had looked to take overtime yet again but only as a

However the media announced that it was a P.A.R. attack a.k.a. the People's Arabic Republic, an offshoot of Al-Nursia, had raided the electronics and equipment staff during the downtime of exchanged staff. This was in between the 24/7 Neon Light Show Party of Indore, India; just west of the skyline of Mangal City. Their objective from the authorities was to sabotage the neon waterproof subsystem. This caused a mass surge which short circuited the power grid, killing 330 people, criticality wounding 83 with 2nd and 3rd degree burns... Sa however left right arms completely crushed by fallen debris (glass, metal, brittle, hemp, dense insulated siding, etc...), her stomach, right lung pierced and left eye completely slashed apart.


Sa Ji-Soo, her life, her fans, her music/singing career with the 5 others completely over due to a bunch of postal engrossed religious zealots that invaded the country in secret. She laid there unable to move, unable to speak out, cry out of her pain for help, unconscious with the only question that came to mind as the world was spinning around her... "Why?"

Spoilers! Highlight box below to view the hidden content.
But her life was not at its end, not just yet. After realizing the woman-- Sa Ji-Soo had done so much for donating and spreading awareness technological immunity deficiencies of the Indian Heath Services as the first thing they did was send her off to hospital branch at the Oriental Institute of Science and Technology, whose latest graduates were done researching prototype hardware and software upgrades for 'in-need and on demand' surgery. That turned out to be one of the most successful breakthroughs in medical technology which saved her life. 769 mainframes, wiring, tubing, 2 interfaces, macro/micro internal coating (mainly to protect the organs as well as replacing what was left of her hands), a brand new OIST retinal scanner.

This information was likely kept mutual exclusive as a form of privacy for not only just the students who finished their degrees there but also for the sanctity and decency of Sa, mainly because it was mostly unanimously undecided what to name such a revolutionary surgical tooling life-support/recovery system. Thus they chose to allow whatever Sa wanted to decide to do about this moving forward.

Now this is rumors going around Sa Ji-Soo ala Kaori's supposed 'Secret Life' is multiple cybernetics on her body but no records indicate its from G.E.O. or even Motion Temptress Technologies as there is extreme subtly with her implants. MTT has specific barcodes they're augmented & G.E.O. doesn't take folks with extensive history. However if you work in cyber manufacturing plants or graduated at Oriental Institute of Science & Technology (OIST) know they likely came from there.

Spoilers! Highlight box above to view the hidden content.

Rehabilitation // 4yrs Later

After four long years of rehabilitation, recovery, catching up with the news, spending time with family (mainly for 1 full year before deciding on doing anything) then having a decorated and tough coming out talk with a post on her Twitch Channel (twitch.tv/Sa-Boo-Boo), stating that "...I was happy to be alive and I made a lot of people happy and hopeful for me again and NOT just the men in suits." This statement eventually got posted on Twitter, Facebook and so on, receiving so much traction that it raised the question as to whether or not 5PZ6 Party would continue and in that she did after 6 months of: removing the rust of both her movement/dance skills, going in/out of the studio again, talking it out with the other members who unofficially were in Hiatus and were about to move on without her and convincing the music company that she would do more and work harder. Sometimes fate works out in the end.

One can say that she spent those last 4 years there at OIST in the form of a 'graduation' clause rather than just a , whatever she has chosen to include in her upgrades it was definitely improved her livelihood but it remains to be seen as to what other modifications, features there would be.

OIST Medical Review of Sa Ji-Soo

Path to Recovery System_ Date____ _____
As of the date ___ ____ ____ the person by the name of Sa Ji-Soo is subjected to our facility at the institute and has receives full medical treatment. Pending additional changes. - Physician ____ ______ on staff.
Pre-Concert Incident Report - Date is ____, ____, _____: Sa Ji-Soo is perhaps a pretty above average Korean woman of 27. Her legs represent her effectively as a woman built pretty strongly like the backbone of a type grade submarine or ______ battleship. Though she doesn't seem to boast about them, she occasionally gets a comment here or there about 'what her goals are/were in achieving such powerful thighs' exclaiming that "...well originally in middle school, I did have a sort of diet I was starting on this was definitely true later on in life (especially when I went Dance Class lol) that, you need to have maintained a very good standing health, energy and exercise regularly as part of your routine on the ala dance floor. The movement and actions per a minute, specifically if you miss a day, week or a couple of weeks; it starts to get harder and harder on you. Think of it like going to the gym without stretching. In my case in a K-Pop music group, we tend to have dozens of places for motion be it body bending, hips swinging, butts shaking (LOL), ankles (and heads!) turning so with all this motion, speed, movement and gracefulness its basically required of us to have not only just the energy but the body to do so. In-fact the other members have about... nearly the same strenuous workout as I do abet it varies and it is subjective but, I personally stretch five times within a single hour to ten hours, avoid eating foods that "
C6OPHCG.png Medical Update Phase I - "Authorization of theoretical artificial implant for the left eye. Dubbed OIST M.o.E. Micro to Echolocationary Scanner Date, ___, ___, ____. On this date, we hereby announced the replication methods on the OIST M.o.E. as complete; the subject is responding nicely and is taking a liking to eye's retinal chances. Her original left eye we thought wasn't clearly recoverable at first but after convincing and proper planning, we will move on to the next phases. In short OIST M.o.E., also known as the Micro to Echolocationary Scanner is a series tracking device only used to fixate alpha, beta, charlie, so on organic individuals based on height, body, size."

  • = Update ___ ____ ____ - "I must say within the four years of the recovery; the women takes very good care of her legs, not much else to say on that matter, she just loves to dance a lot. Eat healthy, do regular warm up workouts, set a schedule diet (for which we understood fully of this choice) for months on end. They are very powerful despite the other physical injuries, Sa Ji-Soo stubborn but goal-oriented push for change was a net positive for all of us. After their first procedures of surgeries, her active response to the drug VioletMalaposide to congest and corresponds the DNA compounds, proved hopeful. Although because of these mechanical implants which were made as a series of other adjustments, Sa is taking half of the 5,456mg/5.456mL VioletMalaposide tablets that would be an 1,000 mg over the regular medical capsule calculations done is by clinical doctors and prescription taking over the counter but split up over the course of half a pill which would be 2728mg/2.7 ml. So from the 5456mg ordered, Sa has a 37 tablet bottle, taking 398.14ml per 2 months (bla diz math is jargon, will fix it later). Known Side Effects include: Slightly sour aftertaste, dry mouth and occasional mild-low mood swings."

cuC7tww.png feVvbH1.png Cybernetic Implants Grade (1) - "Update, replacement of Left Eye has been mostly successful. Project resumed, continuing on to report further progress of recent OIST project. Sa Ji-Soo's left eye comes with two command programs: Program 1 aka "Micro-to-Echolocation" sized grid scanner that scans the entire area in-front and in-back by 115% in the patterns of a "####". Tracking targets at least every 10 meters based on both low-high frequency audio queues included shifts/micro/macro shifts in both the environment. Additionally, this scanner can locate individuals hiding via reflective surface lighting, through smoke or obscurities normally suppressed or altered by vision and she can change it INFRARED; WHITEHOT/BLACK. the second program aka "Medication Backtracking Composition", mainly designed to keep track of her medication as well as regular maintenance support from the institute; there are always being monitored and kept under check by them from 0600 to 1200 hrs
Which will be broken up into 3 categories Grade 1, 2, ad 3 respectively.

AMtH4uU.png Cybernetic Implants Grade (2) - " We are (have) been fostering continuation from previous changes on ___ ______ _________. Sa Ji-Soo's arms (shoulders to hands), stomach, right lung pierced and left eye come complete with a field dampening of nanobots, a sturdy chassis to protect her full chest as well as a newly installed 'VioletMalaposide' by the Oriental Institute of Science and Technology which converts her waste into bio-energy as well as provides a soft [ human durability https://powerlisting.fandom.com/wiki/Peak_Human_Durability]. Heading into the final stages in which, Sa Ji-Soo turned out for a lack of a better word 'limbless'; the incident was regarded as catastrophic as it tore both sides of the muscular tissue clean through, crushed bones in totality and fully damaged the nerve endings that were supposedly being to amputate both of her arms in. But the lack of a really strong artery and nervous system for the weapon plus arm components 'on paper specialist', presents other problems for Sa Ji-Soo. four month long coma..."

smNiyri.png Cybernetic Implants Grade (2) -The third stage or grade of her implants were mainly for her legs. As previously stated with the damage not only done to the muscular tissue above, Sa Ji-Soo suffered nerve damage that was inoperable to work with. Hence a third triage of cyber technology contained and addresses the problem correctly. These included a OTIOS chassis and rotatory. Allow with quick and instant snapping toward things behind her or diagonally, this also is an advantage for her to run @ approximately Mach 2 and shift positions accordingly. A featured trait is the ability to scale or stick to tricky surfaces for extended duration (i.e.e sides of diagonal walls, ceilings, etc.).

yGEejic.png Alternated Ultra-Metabolism - Is required to take up to 5-6 dosages of VioletMalaposide or Symvene which is the current on-going treatment so that the body's internal system's level acting as inactive nanites which are only on standby until sun-rise and sunset. She is scheduled a new supply 2 times every year for 2 months.

Social Status // 5PZ6 Party's Birth, Inspiration, 4 year Hiatus & Future

5PZ6 Party's Birth
Sa-Ji Soo comes from an industrial part of South Korea....
5PZ6 Party's Production Values and 1st Logo
[place holder for logos, etc] Inspiration
Sa has been known at the Studio to binge Godsmack songs off her Spotify which was confirmed via Twitter that "...most of my musical favoritism happens to be based off the rock band Godsmack." 1/3
"I got to personally see them in Massachusetts as a brief run in with them, unfortunately I had another tour on-going at the time and sort of wish I had the chance to hear them live." 2/3
"I was a bit nervous because of the obvious reasons: 1. They are rock, we are well... upbeat but who said music requires rules to make? As you could tell, I listen to them, perhaps too much :sweat:." 3/3
"@jumbleb0t ...but yeah most of 5PZ6's influences are from Godsmack."

A follow up question was asked by another fan within her public Twitch channel by the user uiihigihi.

"Yes, the song Desert PassingxPassage is a reference to Serenity."

4 year Hiatus & Future
5PZ6 Party released a new single Desert PassingxPassage on January 5th, 2015 which featured new dance compilation done by them as well as lyrics that emphasize reflection and soul searching. Half of the video was made with 3D CGI sculptors, high quality ray tracing that then the actual group dancing to features of several Central Asian cords and drum set equipment that are put on heavy emphasis and focus for the transitions of the video's audios. Something that was indistinguishably different from typical K-Pop groups.

Due to this, the YouTube video actually peaked to 2 billion views, something which the group originally only peaked to 1.8 billion views thanks to 'Baby, I'm Losing Control', 'He Hope's She's Trouble'.
Dating [IC]

  • TBA

Current Friendships [IC]

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  • The first piece of Sa's stage name Kaori means "fragrance", the (ka) combined with 織 (ori) meaning "weaving". Alternatively, Kaori separately (ka) "smell, perfume", (ori) “weaving” but together Kaori can also mean "youthful" and even "wholesome".
  • The second piece of Sa's stage surname Rion 理 (ri) meaning "reason, logic" and 音 (on) meaning "sound". Together Sa has chosen the definition best suited for her stage singing style as "gallant sound".
  • 5PZ6 Party is working under the music surplus known as Woollim Entertainment.
  • According to the statistics of Korean National Tax Service, 5PZ6 Party makes the following concurrent revenue in KR₩: After the first single release of 'I'm Losing Control’ in 2008; 5PZ6 Party made 28,611,000,000KR₩ (24,565,363.962 USD). This is just slightly short within the big four K-Pop groups: Super Junior, Girls' Generation, Big Bang, and 2NE1. So roughly speaking, about the top 11%, who all of them combined are still making more than 5PZ6 Party's income post-2011; without producing a full album to carry through into the new century of 2020. Although Sa Ji-Soo and the five members make adequate income since these are just purely first hand estimations for values that the group makes and as for the top four, their numbers have likely changed by a value of 5 or 7. Moving on, in 2011, their second single released 'He Hope's She's Trouble' came out on August 19th; 200,277,000,000KR₩ (171,933,929.988 USD), making seven times their original release day-view; a resurgence. For a while, the company in-which they were signed with Woollim Entertainment had been promoted in a way that was solely production of single song release as opposed to full length albums. Each one of the members has a: Bachelor of Music (BM) or Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), Bachelor of Music Education (BME), Bachelor of Arts in Music (BA) of some degree and tend to share, create, borrow or trade and even combo musical resources as self dependency of some degree. This is why upon their reemergence basically taking their hard earned earnings and using it wisely to make even better videos later down the line. An example would be their 2011 music video 'He Hope's She's Trouble' boosted their stage live time sales nearly to the top 11%. Technically speaking, overseas concerts earn a lot more than albums even singles because 5PZ6 Party does back-to-back concerts around the world, the group staging prices have increased in the months, the moment once going overseas. This is a value that’s either between 4.1x or 6.3x for a total of 3-5 tickets purchased by 1 person(s); maybe more.
  • On Sa's Twitch Channel dubbed Sa Boo-Boo, she mainly streams Tamagotchi Gameboy emulator (https://www.pygame.org/project/3138) through the help of some moderators on the r/tamagotchi/ sub-reddit. In the description panel, her stream hours are as follows: "4-7pm South Korean Time. GMT+9."

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