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"I can taste them, and it's delicious."
Player: @Odegra
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Corruptor
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Confidential
Known Aliases: Kaschei, Leech, Cancer Cell
Species: Human
Age: 30
Height: 6'1
Weight: 195
Eye Color: Dark Brown before scarring. Currently white.
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Biographical Data
Citizenship: Confidential
Occupation: Retired Arachnos Huntsman, Co-Owner of Hangman's Books, and current fugitive
Place of Birth: Saint Petersburg, Russia
Current Residence: Confidential
Marital Status: Widow
Known Relatives: Stephan Demidov - Father (Deceased) / Catherine Demidov - Mother (Deceased)
Known Powers
Radiation Blasts / Kinetic Manipulation
Known Abilities
Modified Arachnos Mk. Armored Uniform, Crab Spider Webmaster helmet with modified function
No additional information available.

- I created Kaschei when I decided I wanted to try out the idea of having a character that was Arachnos loyal. I also liked toying around with a character of a military character who's been raised in military surroundings, but with the Rogue Isles influence. In other words, a place where rules only matter if you are the strongest. He's chronically immoral, has a distaste for authority, and above all else, hates Longbow. He's a sociopath ex-soldier with powers. -

All information upon this page should be considered Out of Character



Previously an officer within the Arachnos loyalist group Wraith Syndicate heading his own strike unit to coordinate missions regarding external and internal threats. Currently working with Nikolai de la Larken at Hangman's Books a book store catering to books of a mystical origin and other select hard to come by texts.

Compressed History

-Alexander is born to KGB operative Stephan Demidov and geneticist Catherine Demidov in Saint Petersburg, Russia. -Stephan migrates his family to the Etoile Isles entering the service of Arachnos. -Alexander is sent back to Russia for school and graduates with a masters in cognitive psychology and sociology before returning to the Rogue Isles and joining the military. -After spending time as a Wolf Spider Alexander is promoted to Huntsman and given a contingent of soldiers under his command. -A mission in Paragon City goes wrong and heroes and Longbow ambush his team. He is severely burned and left with a permanent scar across the side of his face. -While in the medical ward at Zigursky penitentiary his parents break in and graft the organ she had been developing onto his body. -Scans by personnel modify the organs genetic make-up. -Arachnos stages one of it's many "project destiny" break outs. Alexander uses this to get on one of the fliers to return to the Rogue Isles -Alex joins the Wraith Spiders as an officer. -Alex leaves the Wraith Spiders do to differences and conflicts of interest. -After a prolonged period of inactivity he opens a book store with another operative previously in the Wraiths

Recent Events

After becoming disillusioned with Recluse's motives and deception he began conducting terrorist acts against Arachnos interests that personally benefit Recluse. At the same time he's been taking freelance jobs disrupting longbow objectives to keep what he deems "the balance".

Public Knowledge

A decorated Arachnos operative who's well respected by other soldiers within the Arachnos ranks.


Outwardly Alex makes attempts to have himself perceived as a psychotic anti-social sociopath. His child-like teasing and insulting manner are a deceptive taunt to disillusion his opponents. This behavior also allows him to con them into believing they can anticipate his tactics based on the mindset he expresses. Behind this personality or facade he's stalwart and critical. He fits into a classic soldier mindset leaving the rest of his life outside military actions to a more spartan lifestyle. After a prolonged period of utilizing his dual personality traits he has unintentionally melded the two persona's into a single cohesive personality. while the extremes still sometimes come into play he is effectively a mix of the the stalwart soldier and the immoral sociopath.

Powers and Abilities


Alex's radiation blasts are entirely derived from the organ grafted into his body by his mother.It changed him on the cellular level making him immune to the ill effects usually associated with the form of energy, however the power is somewhat unstable and has in the past caused him to essentially "leak" radiated energy a problem seen often in meta-humans with similar radiation based powers. Because of this, Alex routinely must vent off access energy. Usually his energy is expelled in combat, however he must check his reserves on a daily basis. When in times when he sees no combat he's been known to use a chamber built to hold the energy and clean it of radiation for use as a power source.


The organ that is implanted in his body is his only source of nourishment as his stomach and other accompaning organs were removed. The organ allows him to siphon or "leech" energy from anything containing readily available energy around him. This energy can come from humans, any sort of plant, or for that matter any living thing. Energy stored as electricity disrupts his bodies functions and thus can not be used as a tap for energy. Regardless of what object or person he uses to gather his energy his body has modified his taste buds to fire pleasant tastes at energy sources that are cleaner or rather more pure in a biological effort to cause him to consume energy that is easier to use and burn as fuel.

While consuming actual food would cause him supreme illness and death he regularly consumes water as it is still a vital requirement he can't get from regular energy siphoning means. The energy is dispursed through his blood stream and can be used to rapidly heal him. While he can heal from grevious wounds his energy reserves are severely drained in the process of cellular re-growth. He can not effectively drain energy while healing his wounds thus, while able to heal mortal harm should he not be at the top of his energy capabilities he is as susceptible to harm as any other normal human being.


Alex's siphoning abilities allow him to increase his potential in a variety of ways. By extending his reserves he can push his body's muscles to extend fueled by his energy. While not a permanent enhancement through this process he can cause his body to mimic the energy output of "speedsters" allowing him to move at similar speeds, he also has the ability to enhance his leg muscles while not increasing his overall body mass. This allows him to jump great heights. Both of these modes of transportation however require sustained energy. As long as his reserves of energy are replenished he can remain in the states of heightened locomotion.


See kinetics

Military Training

Having spent years within Arachnos in some form or another he's gained extensive military training in various combat maneuvers as well as combat experience from numerous campaigns. He also trained under his father and has knowledge of KGB techniques varying from torture methods to combat training in Systema. add link to Russian martial arts here

Psychological warfare

Alex applies his degrees in psychology and sociology to combat to fool his opponents with feigns or expose weaknesses that would otherwise not present themselves.


As stated above under Organ and Radiation Alex can regenerate damage done to his body. However, should his reserves be low or he is otherwise incapable of using his energy as a regenerative source he is simply a human. He is susceptible to damage and harm like any other human being.

Random facts

-Alex's blood is green. -Any injury sustained before the organ, scars, birth marks, etc. can not be be mended as they have

technically "already healed". Thus the side of his face, and eyes cannot be fixed.
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