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Keen Frost
Player: @Keen Stronghold
Origin: Science
Archetype: Tanker
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Daisuke Matsumoto
Known Aliases: Frost, Frosty
Species: Human
Age: 31
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 182 lbs.
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Japan
Occupation: Hero
Place of Birth: Sapporo, Japan
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Twin Brother (Kensei, 31)
Known Powers
Ice Armor, Ice Melee, Arctic Mastery
Known Abilities
Fighting Styles (Boxing, Wrestling)
No additional information available.

((I am addicted to ice. Keen Frost, at first, was an Ice Blaster, but I couldn't get him past level 14 solo. However, after I started playing Keen Stronghold for a while and found out how teams can be fun, I decided to recreate him as a Tanker. Not only it was a better concept for his story, but tanking is fun, and nothing can beat Ice Armor at aggro control! Rawr.))


Different; and Not


Aside from their hair, and that one keeps a beard and other does not, they are identical. At least, looked identical.

Daisuke Matsumoto carried a very different life style than his twin brother, Kensei (Keen Stronghold). Daisuke was the all-around nice guy and liked to talk and hang around with everyone, had a nice and normal childhood, and enjoyed going to school.

He didn't finish College, though, because an event abruptly interrupted his life in Japan, and he had to re-adapt himself to have a new, cool life.

A Cold Awakening

During the first couple of College months in Japan, Daisuke woke up one day encased in ice. His guardian, George Breston, who was a brilliant doctor and radiation researcher, took him to his laboratory and, using induced healing radiation, broke him free.

Since that day, Daisuke stopped attending to College. He had to wear a belt with a radiation stone attached to it, to counter the effects of the ice coming from his body. He was scared, because he started losing his normal life — it didn't take long until he found himself away from his friends, because he didn't want to hurt them.

George contacted other researches and found contacts in Paragon City. After a quick setup, he and Daisuke moved to Paragon, along with his assistant, Tomomi Nakamura. Coincidence enough, in the same flight, they found Kensei and his wife, Elysia, also moving to Paragon. The whole family had, then, moved abroad.

Origin of Powers

An accident that caused the death of his parents in the past had caused long-term mutations to his cells. They could, now, synthesize a number of gases and components from environment and manipulate molecules to generate very low temperatures, creating ice out of his skin. In the past, little was known about radiation, and nothing could be done to save his parents at that time. George was named the guardian of the two boys, and raised them in a very wealthy life.

Daisuke's powers didn't kick in until he hit the age of 22, and George didn't expect him to manifest such powers. Daisuke's father, Hasaki, was a close friend of George. He didn't want to see Daisuke dying by the same reason his friend did, and used all his radiation knowledge to help Daisuke control his powers. But in the end, the radiation hurt him more than helped.

It also concerned George and him that his brother Kensei didn't develop any symptom of radiation infection, hence not having any ice-generating powers.

More than Radiation

After many adventures as a hero, Daisuke learned that, with enough will, he could manipulate any aspect of his powers. He went through a lot to find this out, and had advice from many people. Mirror Spirit, member of the W.I.S.D.O.M. group and a great magic user, was his trainer, and although she didn't use any magic on him, and as magical his power controlling abilities looked to be, it was "all in the state of mind."

Family Background

Much more than his twin brother, who had quite an independent life, Daisuke was always attached to his family.

The Invention

Hasaki, his father, and Himeko, his mother, allegedly died from the effects of the radiation they were infected with. Hasaki was a great engineer and inventor, while Himeko was an scientist. They were looking to create cooling, attachable devices to allow containers (and their content) to be cooled down without the need of refrigerators. They called these devices "Frosters".

In the year of 1977, they got together a small team of competent people, but again, knowledge about radiation was limited. A process with the rechargeable batteries went awry, and that had gone unnoticed for a long time. During this period, they tested the new invention personally, at home, to perform simple tasks. The invention process itself had slowed down, as one member of the team — the one in charge of the rechargeable batteries — disbanded for no apparent reason.

Unknowingly, the radiation leakage from the batteries merged with the chemicals used on the invention itself, creating a specific pattern of piercing radiation that got to Hasaki and Himeko through the air and food, and they got infected from inside.

In the meanwhile, Himeko gets pregnant and gives birth to twins. One of the babies (Kensei) stays at the hospital for observation, since he had come with breathing problems. The other is taken home with the couple, going daily to the hospital to check on their other kid. At home, Daisuke gets breastfed, and the couple start having the symptoms of a cold, and they go back to the hospital a couple days later to be looked at.

George examines them and finds traces of chemical components within their bodies. He also found out that it was just recently that such radiation start flowing within their blood, giving them the cold-symptom effect. The couple gets admitted into the hospital for more exams, but it started getting worse and out of control. Daisuke was conducted to exams to see if he had the same radiation issues, but nothing was detected.

George is a proud doctor, and didn't want to lose this battle, but even he knew better that he couldn't do much to fight against it, at that time. Hasaki and Himeko had realized it as well, and they asked George to send them home. They also granted him official guardianship of their newly-born kids.

In the meanwhile, Kensei got better, but never got to see or touch his parents, due to the risk of getting infected.

After Hasaki and Himeko were sent home, George would go and visit them every day, but in the second day, their bodies were nowhere to be seen — the floor of their house had polls of water everywhere, like cubes of ice were left there to melt.

The Police then came and blocked access to the area, and they were given as dead by the authorities.

(more to come soon)

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