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It is better to die in battle than to perish blindly on your knees
Player: @jupejuperocket
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Kitai
Known Aliases: Kitai, Aiko
Species: Human
Age: Confidential
Height: 5'4
Weight: 105 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Citizenship: Japanese
Occupation: Freelancer
Place of Birth: Japan
Current Residence: Talos Island
Marital Status: Confidential
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Increased metabolism provides accelerated regeneration and stamina
Known Abilities
Miyagi martial art
Katana, throwing knives, targeting drone, web grenades, basic runes, any other gadgets she can get her hands on
Kitai's training is very intensive, and as a result, she has a very high metabolism. Do not be surprised if she whips out a sandwich or other food-item to scarf down at any random moment -- including in the middle of battle.


Throughout her journeys, Kitai has picked up many skills and abilities. Her main weapon is the katana but her abilities scope far beyond just the blade. Working as an assassin earned her the knowledge to use weapons like sniper rifles and explosives. Her affinity for stealth and semi-traditional movement taught her how to make smoke bombs and how to use throwing knives. She often uses a grappling hook and even has a small parachute built into her armour so that when she leaps from tall buildings, she maintains an element of control and surprise. Her affiliation with her significant other has also taught her basic magic and the means to throw an enemy off by using a technique previously she would not be expected to have.

During her time in the Codex a new ability was discovered. Somehow, her physiology was changed. She is unsure as to what exactly was done, but in addition to her current powers, she was given the gift of fire. Initially uncontrollable, Kitai learned to hone the skill and manipulate it with grace and precision. She is extremely resilient to heat and can engulf herself with flames. In addition to this, she has learned how to use the fire as a projectile, or to simply use the heat from it in application to external stimuli. A certain element of fear seems to come with this fire, as the shock and spontaneity of its use will often instil terror in her foes.

In spite of her gruff and stoic personality, she is an extraordinary teacher and has whipped more than one of her colleagues into shape. She takes pride in the things she learned on her path and from her family and passes them only to people she deems worthy. She takes fitness very seriously and has an incredible and almost insatiable stamina when she is running, fighting, and even eating. Some wonder if she even sleeps. The answer? Sometimes.


Kitai is a young Japanese woman with a traditional background. Her family lives, and has always lived, in Northern Japan, in the province of Hokkaido. The family school was founded centuries ago by one of her ancestors and still exists to this day.

It is customary for a Miyagi to train the children in the family who express interest in the family art. It is a way of life and always has been; no Miyagi to date has shown disdain or disinterest in learning it. Each generation of Miyagi brings something new; the Miyagi art is always evolving. This is why each child, at age 11, sets off on a pilgrimage to learn something about the learn and about himself.

There have only been two women in Kitai's family history who have been recorded to have embarked upon the pilgrimage; Kitai is one of those two.

Generally, the hyperactive metabolism and ability to heal rapidly is a trait carried by males in the family, so when they appear in a female, it truly is a special occurance.


Privacy is the one thing Kitai values above all else. She is an introvert, choosing not to speak to anyone when at all possible. She only truly opens up to people she trusts, and has absolutely no problems lying to, or speaking vaguely to people she neither trusts nor likes. Kitai would not necessarily think that she has actual friends: simply equals, rivals, or contacts. It is this detachment from humanity that enables her to do whatever it takes to complete her missions. She is guided only by a strong intuition of what is right, and is not afraid to spill the blood of anyone who stands in her way.

With this being said, it should be noted that Kitai develops a strong loyalty to whichever affiliations she comes into contact with. If she considers you a colleague, she will fight to the death to save your life.


Kitai eats a lot for such a small and slender girl. She spends many hours cooking and perfecting the healthiest recipes to maintain her rugged metabolism. It is not only nutrition that drives Kitai to cook.

Food is a convenient excuse that Kitai uses to get to know a person. She gains insight to their personality and mental state by sitting and eating with them. It is while eating that most people unknowingly lower their guard. She will notice what foods taste good, what foods are eaten out of sheer politeness, and what foods react strangely to her peers. Ultimately, Kitai would not eat with an enemy, but if there is someone she wants to get to know, she will offer to make a meal.


During all meals, Kitai eats ravenously. She feels that if she changes the way she acts towards food, she will set her guest on guard and will not learn what she needs. In her mind, it is a fair exchange, as most people do not use food as a get-to-know-you technique.

Kitai has been known to empty a refrigerator in a single day, and to eat leftovers from nobody knows when. She has an iron stomach, and has yet to eat something that disagrees with her or gives her food poisoning.



Kitai was born and raised in Obihiro Japan, located in the northernmost province. She was born into a very traditional Japanese family. Her mother died when she gave birth to Kitai. Her family inherited a dojo which has been a local secret for the past 500 years. They receive very few students, and those who wish to train there often spend only a few years. Master Miyagi, Kitai's father, is a harsh and vigorous trainer. He runs the dojo with Kitai's brother.

At the age of 11, Kitai's father confronted her and sent her into the world. The only student he had taught longer than Kitai was her brother. He had sent him away at a young age as well, but her father's ailing health brought him back to her. When Kitai left home, she never turned back.

In her early years away from home, Kitai survived on the streets like a rat. She worked any job she could get, and traveled along the countryside. She had only the clothing on her back and the weapon at her side. She used her stealth training in order to steal food to eat, or sneak into a warm bed in an otherwise locked and unoccupied room. She moves like the shadows and is very difficult to trace. She has never been arrested for her actions due to her methodical and covert nature.

Kitai had traveled around most of the world, hitching rides on boats, trains, and even stowing away in airline baggage compartments. She maintained a harsh physical regime, and as a result, has an extremely high metabolism. Because she is always cooking for herself, she has become a well-rounded chef, her skills rivaling even the most famous chefs around the world. Her desire for privacy prevents her from sharing this gift with many people.

Shortly before Kitai turned 17, she returned to her home country, but did not go back to Obihiro. She simply felt that she wasn't ready yet. Instead, she visited many different big cities to get a different perspective. She felt that she didn't want her perspective of her native land be one of a street rat and common crook. By this time, she had her own sense of justice: winnowing the impure and protecting the innocent.

It was during her visit to Hikone one night when she met a person who completely changed her life: Areximacha.


Areximacha was leaving a bar late one night, only to find Kitai skulking in the shadows. The two fought, and the fight ended when Paige was knocked out. Rather than killing her, she had an overwhelming feeling that killing this girl would be wrong, so she brought her to the hospital and left.

Later, the two met again, and Kitai was intrigued by her quirkiness. A bitter, angry, drunken, rude, loud, yet kind girl. Kitai joined Areximacha in her journeys, and over the next two years, they developed a sort of sisterhood. Areximacha would do the talking, and Kitai would be her intimidating quiet shadow. Together, they travelled to places neither had visited. Despite their years of travel, Kitai still did not reveal her hometown or full identity. Areximacha had no problems speaking of her family in spite of this. As far as Kitai was concerned, Areximacha simply appreciated the company. To be honest, so did Kitai. More than Areximacha could ever know.

And so, the two rivals, not yet trusting each other, decided to travel together. More accurately, Areximacha decided to travel and Kitai decided to join her as her silent stoic partner. The two were like sisters; they would argue and bicker and Kitai would be harsh and dismissive about her friend's bad habits (drinking, smoking, sleeping around) but despite the differences between the two, they found that they worked together extraordinarily well.

Areximacha's goal of finding her mother was one that Kitai found intriguing and she felt drawn to the cause. She would protect her friend to the best of her ability -- but heaven forbid she find out that Kitai admired and even loved her platonically. They traveled across Japan together, and then eventually to North America where they found work and comfort in Paragon City.

Their first tasks in Paragon included small jobs. Capturing criminals, disrupting crime rings, retrieving stolen objects. They slowly but surely built a network through Areximacha's contacts -- Kitai wasn't much for talking to strangers -- and Areximacha made enough income with contracts and bounties to afford to settle down.

Kitai, on the other hand, had other things on her mind. There was more to Paragon City than she knew and thus started digging. Her previous affiliations with shady organisations suggested that this was an important enough place to find something.

Kitai started digging around and after hundreds of sleepless hours and nights, came across a clue.



When Kitai left home at a very young age, it became apparent to her very quickly that if she were to survive and remain a deadly shadow, she would have to learn to live off the land. She quickly became adept at wilderness survival, utilizing her stealth training and precise killing skills to kill small forest animals for food and sleep in the woods without leaving a trace. Sleeping on the streets and in the woods had become almost second nature to Kitai. It is commonplace for her to vanish for days or even weeks at a time and simply live off the land while acquiring her target. She has honed her stealth skills enough that wild animals only detect her by scent, rather than movement and noise.

While living in the streets, she would need to resort to killing and stealing to get what she needed. Seldom did the topic of sex ever arise, as she would often knife the perverts and rob them while they bled out. While traveling, she met two separate men who she liked enough to sleep with -- but her sense of self preservation quickly set in, and she left them before they could learn anything concrete about her.

Meeting Paige eliminated any romantic prospects for Kitai. She felt bonded to Paige, but no more than two sisters would share their lives. She managed to keep Paigeat an arm's length, her last name, city of birth, and actual age a mystery to her friend. She regrets not being forthcoming now that Paige died.



Kitai vs Oougel in an eating contest was drawn by Plangkye

Kitai holding her Katana and looking menacingly at the camera (on the left) in the History section was a commission paid for by Phaize and given to me. The artist is Daggerpoint.

The name of the font in the logo and other areas of the page is Kasuga. The fire treatment brush in the logo is from Different Dreamz



Kitai is an extremely secretive person. Most of this information can only really be known if you are close to Kitai or very close to someone she knows. She keeps her relationships painstakingly private. If you come up to her and claim to know about her and her boyfriend, I'll likely ignore it unless you have proof that was approved OOC first.

Kitai, like her relationships, is very quiet about both her last name and the place she was born. Like above, I will ignore any claims that you know where she's from, who she is, and everything about her past. I play fair, so you should too.

Don't be offended if she doesn't talk to you. She's an antisocial ninja.

Kitai's song is Sister Awake by The Tea Party.

The name of the actress to play Kitai in the imaginary Kitai movie is Yada Akiko. There is a picture of her to the right of the this section of the page.

The character was originally conceived about 12 years ago as a half human, half cybernetic creation designed by a company to eliminate corrupt politicians and the such -- only, the people who created her were also corrupt. Ah, the irony. I have all sorts of concept art and story ideas, and actually had the first chapter of a graphic novel written but never got around to doing it. The original name was Nayamashii Kitai, which as I recall, meant "Dangerous Seduction".

Then the show, Dark Angel came out, and it was pretty much the exact same thing.

So, I decided to shake things up. Instead of being a caucasion woman with long long dark brown hair, I changed her hair to white, long, which got cut short, and brought in a few other characters. A cop who hated using guns and used martial arts instead and his super straight cut rookie partner, as well as another cyborg like her, only designed to take her out.

At that point, Kitai was put to rest. Life began to happen. I moved away from home and I dropped out of writing and drawing for a very long time. Although I do still have all the original art, I never really picked it up again. It's an idea that has been dead and will likely stay dead.

When my friend joined Virtue, he wanted to make matching characters. He made Areximacha, and I made a quiet but deadly ninja warrior. I couldn't think of a name, so I chose Kitai, as I've always been fond of it (even though it's not a real name) and changed the last name to Miyagi because it's not as common a last name as most Japanese last names.

It had nothing to do with Karate Kid.

Most of Kitai's quirks and character development came when Jay and I joined Codex. Kitai will never really belong anywhere else, as I have Codex and the past storylines to thank for developing her into such a robust and colourful character.


Asian Gal With White Guy - Kitai is Japanese, her boyfriend is Caucasian
Authority Equals Asskicking - Kitai is a Director in Codex, therefore, she has to kick ass. Right?
Badass - This one speaks for itself.
Battle Couple - Kitai and Davian definitely fit this description.
Big Eater - The appetite of doom.
Brutal Honesty - Honesty is the best policy.
Creepy Cleanliness - Kitai is slightly OCD about neatness.
Death Glare - Don't catch yourself on the wrong side of hers.
Good is Not Nice - You don't have to be nice to do good things. Kitai is very good at demonstrating this trope.
The Hero's Journey - Kitai started hers at age 11
Hyperactive Metabolism - 6000+ calories per day proves this.
Implausible Fencing Powers - There are a few instances in this trope which apply, such as blocking projectiles. It's just too cool to write about.
Katanas are Just Better - Well, they are.
Mundane Ability - Kitai has been known to use her control over fire and resistance to heat for day to day tasks.
Ninja - Even if she doesn't consider herself as such, she totally is.
Odango Hair - Also known as meatbun head.
Older Than She Looks - Someone who does not know her might think she's twelve or thirteen years old.
Secret Relationship - Kitai and Davian are very good at keeping a tight lid on their relationship.
Staring Down Cthulu - In other words, our plucky Japanese girl has big steel balls.
The Stoic - She's a hard nut to crack and maintains that in day to day interaction.
Training from Hell - Kitai has subjected many people to this. Most survived.
Wake Up Fighting - Old habits die hard.
Zen Survivor - Kitai is wise beyond her years.

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