Kitten Boy

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Kitten Boy
Kitten Boy
Player: Zedrik
Origin: Science
Archetype: Stalker (Claws / Reflexes)
Security Level: 7
Personal Data
Real Name: Christopher Arthur Tennison
Known Aliases: Kit
Species: Hybrid (Human/Cat)
Date of Birth: April 12, 1987
Age: 22
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 115
Eye Color: Orange
Hair Color: Grey
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Rogue
Place of Birth: Wyoming
Base of Operations: Rogue Isles
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Super Reflexes, Cybernetic Claw Systems
Known Abilities





Jennifer Tennison and her son Christopher were shopping one day. After putting four-year-old Christopher in the car seat, Jennifer went to the trunk to put the groceries inside. Unfortunately, she was shot by a dart gun and rendered unconscious. When she awoke, Christopher was gone.

Christopher was taken to a facility where he was altered at the genetic level. This facility supplied genetically engineered people as pets to rich people around the world. Christopher was trained as a pet, trained to do as he was told, trained to show affection no matter how he was treated, and trained to protect his owners.

This last bit was a big part of the program and the main reason people were used as the base subject. Christopher was given the genetic qualities of feline animals. Lithe, flexible, quick, agile. He was fitted with cybernetic claw systems to better act as bodyguard. To make sure he cannot use these against non-hostiles, his cybernetic systems are linked to a control mechanism that acts as a fail-safe in case something goes wrong.

Kit the Pet Catboy

After this process and his training, he was sold to a corrupt businessman for his son. Christopher had been named Kit in his new life. Though he was in his early teens, he was still somewhat small. His new owner, Charles Tucker Grant, Charlie to his friends, treated his new pet with love at first. The kitty, though, as Charlie got older, was less of a lovable pet and more of an object of abuse from a teenage brat and his friends.

Kit, for his part, took the abuse like he was trained, at first. Being kicked, having his tail pulled, punched in the face... Kit took it all like the trained little genetically altered, abuse-trained pet. But after a while, this abuse started to get to him.


One day, when Charlie had friends over for the sole purpose of abusing the catboy, a disgruntled former employee of Charlie's father sent an assassin after the businessman's son, Charlie. This assassin, though, being cheap, was hardly a professional. he invaded the house, as he was mostly a B&E specialist to begin with.

But when he came in on the abuse of the catboy, Charlie let Kit at the assassin. Unfortunately for Charlie, Kit also turned on Charlie and the other teen boys. The control for Kit's cybernetic system, never having been needed until now, was left forgotten in a drawer.

Just as Kit had tore up the assassin, Charlie and his friends were left in a pile of torn-up human bodies. Kit escaped, as the assassin had disabled security systems. Kit fled into the city, a semi-feral creature, killing those who would try to catch him or even merely startle him.

He fled onto a cargo ship, having fled from the scene of an attack. The ship unloaded its cargo at Mercy Island, including the unknown cargo of Kit.

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