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Relics of Demonic Affect


Necromancy is a sorcerous art based on lore banned and not publically acknowledged by the church. With this one can heal, and harm, and even revive the recenty dead in many cases. As a scholar, Varasin gained the kernals of this knowledge while in Rome and Rovilio. In other words, this form of Necromancy does not have the same meaning in common usage since the renaissance — it has little to do with the raising of undead and zombies.

Varasin's necromantic lore involves the connection of spirit, and mind, to body. He prefers strongly to focus on the positive side of these studies. The most commmon application he has for it is the healing of himself and others, as well as the revival of someone on the brink of death — in that place and time before their spirit has departed for wherever it would go.

This necromantic lore is can also be used to ward and protect the mind and spirit of someone.

Very broadly, and not be be taken as a definitive statement, this form of necromantic lore focuses on four things: specific forms of will manipulation; illusions; knowledge (divination); and the intimate relation with the connection of another's spirit and mind to a body to heal or harm.

Examples of necromancy in action would be summoning a spirit, reviving the dead, exorcism, divination, and healing. Also the removing of an affect from someone (removing a curse, for example), damning and cursing or harming someone (harming their mind, body or spirit), and warding someone to protect them from another's will or attack (strengthening or protecting their mind, body or spirit).

Relics of Demonic Affect

The outcome of the events which bound the Nephandi entity within him years ago were significant. The changes wrought upon Var, in order to be able to provide this binding, had given him a school of powers of a demonic nature — but without any demonic aura. These powers were faint echoes of those of the Nephandi.

In mid 2008 Varasin needed to relocate the nexus of the binding to another (Kleon). At the same time he invoked a request for aid, and a presence became manifest labir darium). Into labir passed the 'shell' of most of these demonic changes and powers, as a framework into which labir entered.

However, some small relics of this time remained with Varasin, odd quirks and rotes.

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