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This article is a work in progress. Kozzma is my favorite.



Kozzma Is quirky, friendly, helpful, and a bit nuts. He enjoys helping bring criminals to justice, and has been known to just sit on the power lines in various city zones just watching people, while chatting to team mates on his communicator.


Kozzma is able to generate, manipulate and store electricity in his body. He can sense and manipulate any nearby electrical field. His Ability to “Manipulate” and throw electrical “Blasts” Are known to many a criminal.




Weaknesses and Limitations




Character Story

Born Sava Kozzma, But known only as Kozzma to the people around him. The Road to the present was not an easy one, but is now a Proud upstanding member of the Defenders of Paragon.

Kozzma was in the Garden of the “D” laying down on the grass and leaning a tree he closes his eyes tight pulling up images of his parents…his parents, why did they have to go!? What was so important that there work called them away from there vacation? They had left him with the babysitter, and headed out to the reactor. It was a marvelous thing, the reactor. When he was near it, he could feel the buildings and the power lines he could tell that people were nearby even through the walls; as if there was something different about the space they were in. He never told any one of this.

Relaxing Kozzma could make out there images His mother with her long blond hair tied back and his father with the short military type cut, and that Silly Grin that always made him smile. He could make them out the day they left, the vision became a nightmare as it often did, when he remembered that day. The memories were always overpowering. the men that came to the door that night with that wicked lady that took him away, Children services Humph! Children Served was more like it! 5 years in the children’s home. He did try to escape once and made it out, making his way back home, only to find that his house had burned down. After that he lost himself. But now it was his 14th Birthday. The “house parents” had stated that he along with several other children would be adopted tomorrow. They were told to pack there rooms up nice and clean. A group of them at once, Something bothered him about that. He had seen some of the others go usually the little ones but they had met there new parents, but he remembered that ever so often some of the other kids would be adopted overnight. Something about it did not seem right. None the less he settled in to get some rest for the night and was looking forward to the morning to get out of this place once and for all. Lying in bed trying to sleep he tossed and turned. Noticing that the camera in the room was coming on more than usual that night, Smiling he made a face at it because he had “Fixed” it a few months ago. He had a knack for electronics His uncle used to tell him that, when his parents used to take him for a visit. A few minutes later he sat upright “something” was wrong there was a cold chill, and an odd energy to the air. Getting up and creeping to the door he peeked out. What the heck was that?!? There was his foster parents leading a small group of people down the hall, and they seem to be Collecting all the children that were to be “Adopted” there was one that was tall and dressed in purple robes and glowing eyes that seem to be in charge of the others in the green robes There was something else behind them something in Dark gray uniform and another in black and red armor he could not make out, he also noted some one with a bright red silk robe and a hat. Watching horrified he watched as the children were sorted out. What the??!? He thought the circle of thorns, the Tsoo, the 5th column, and who else all taking kids!?. In the years he had been there, he had seen a lot of things happen in the children’s home. Humph home? It was five, 4 story dorms. There was a main office and some smaller buildings and one larger building that was large commune type kitchen. Each dorm had a set of “house parents” there were stories that they would swap children for favors or other children. The children would do chores and work to maintain the dorms. And on the weekends they would be taken out to perform manual labor. And then there were the hot boxes and ditches to be dug, these were general punishments for the ones that were bad. But then there were the bruises and the faces that were filled with pain and guilt that was not there own. And then there were the children that would just disappear over night mostly girls but not always…

Closing the door and turning around he took one step and fell flat on his face with a loud thump. He tripped over his bag. he rolled over just in time for two of the cloaked individuals to bust though his door. Kozzma Sprang to the window and fell short slamming into the wall, reaching out he hit the lamp cord knocking it partly out of the wall, the figures were upon him as his hand slid down the wall making contact with the outlet. Power raced though him surging and making him feel like he was going to explode. His attackers we upon him as he turned and put up his hands in defense, the surging power flowed out from his hands and jumped to his attackers. The figures rocked back dazed from the shock, he quickly jumped up and jumped out the window glad he was only on the second floor, he hit the ground hard, he had practiced jumps like that before but never thought that he would be doing it to escape. Catching his Barings he ran, and ran and ran until his legs could no longer carry him. He made it to the yellow line and stopped to rest where could he go? His Uncle he lived in his shop in steel canyon, if he could get there. He did not have any money and he was still in his pajama’s. he looked around maybe he could find or beg for enough for the tram. Looking around he noticed the two cloaked figures coming toward the tram. The tram was pulling in he might be able to make it. He scurried around and jumped the turn style and bumped into an officer that was coming around the corner the other way. “Hay kid what are you doing out at this time of night”. Shouted the officer. He turned and mouthed sorry, then leaped on to the tram as the doors were closing. He hated this feeling when he did something wrong, he wished he could have warned the officer of the figures that were coming up behind him. He wished he could do something, if I was only strong like Manticore, Synapse, Positron, or.. or.. he hung his head. How could he be a Hero when all he did was run, and to top it off he broke the law just getting on the tram. He was tired and scared and hated it. The tram arrived in Steel canyon. His Uncle, if he could only find him, he scurried though alleyways and dodging gang members he soon discovered he was lost it had been five years after all. He needed a place to sleep but where? Climbing behind a dumpster he found a pile of old work rags he laid down and covered him self with a box and some news papers and promptly fell asleep.

It was hot and humid and something stank badly. “Hay Boy what are you doing there” an old voice yelled. Memories of last night flooding though him, He jumped up and back up agents the wall. Looking around all he saw was an elderly man with white hair with a bag of trash in his hands. The man set the bag down and rubbed his hands. Hay boy, what are you doing there!? Why are you out like this? You should be in school or home with your parents? Kozzma caught his voice and said, my parents died in the terra volta accident five years ago sir, I am looking for my uncle that used to have an electronics store some where around here. Would you happen to know a Sava Kosanovich? The man’s face grew Dim. He looked at the boy… Hay there what is your name Lad? Kozzma Sir. The man nodded. Well Kozzma, help me with this trash and come inside lets get you some food and cleaned up, maybe I can find some chores for you. If you want you can stay with me for a bit. I knew your uncle, he was in an “Accident” right after your parents. This was his Shop. Sava was my Nephew. You can call me Nikola… and with that the man lowered his head sighed deeply. Kozzma fell back, his uncle dead too? Tears welled up in his eyes, slumping against the wall he wiped at his face. The old man looked up. And stated firmly, now boy, that won’t do any one any good, get this bag in the dumpster and get inside. Kozzma got up and nodded, his parents had taught him to analyze and react appropriately. He knew Hellions were in this neighborhood, he grabbed the sack and tossed it in the dumpster, following the old man inside.

Months went by, Kozzma worked around the shop, and learned from his uncle all kinds of mechanical, electrical and chemical details. His uncle also schooled him at night often giving him extra chores for missed answers. But Kozzma was happy for the first time since is parents died. He had learned that a large number of scientists and engineers disappeared and or had accidents. Most revolved around the Cray facility’s. but his uncle never could explain why there would have been so may different groups the night he escaped. He secretly hoped that he one day he could become a Hero, and avenge all the wrongs that had befallen the children in the home, and protect others from having to suffer though what he did. “The children are our future” his mother used to say.

By the time he was Sixteen he had found out with the help of his uncle and a few people that became his friends that he could harness energy in his own body like a bio organic battery, his uncle explained that his mother had hid her pregnancy as long as she could as the needed the money to buy there first house. When he was born all of the correct appendages seemed to be where they were supposed to be and no one thought anything of it. The problem was where he could harness the energy, he could not release it and it would get uncomfortable after awhile. He had meet some aspiring heroes that were very good with gadgets so he had worked and saved his money and bought some old power gloves with a minor modification he was able to use the gloves to make little zaps and focus his energy’s, nothing too dangerous but he could make a quick spot weld if he needed to. By the time he was seventeen he had made his first “power suit” but he was still having problems regulating his body and would often get dizzy after a few minuets in the suit. He studied and researched and could not figure it out. On the night before his 18th birthday is uncle sat down next to him on the back porch, they often discussed his projects after the store closed. “You know Kozzma, back before I came to this country I lived a different life, I used to be a great engineer and worked a lot with electricity as well. I want you to tell me, how does a light bulb work? He looked puzzled at his uncle for a moment and stated “glass enclosures are made from hot glass that's first thickened and then blown into molds to form the bulb shapes. These enclosures are then cooled. The filament is formed by drawing tungsten metal into a very fine wire. The finished filament is clamped or welded to the power leads, which have already been embedded in a glass supporting structure. This glass support is inserted into a bulb and the two glass parts are fused together. A tube in the glass support allows the manufacturer to pump the air out of the bulb and then reintroduce various inert gases. When virtually all of the oxygen has been eliminated from the bulb the opening is sealed at that point the bulb is ready for use.” “Why did you ask me that?” His uncle smiled at him very good, now I know you are as bright as that bulb over there, but what is it that you could be missing? Well I’m off to get my tea and into bed. Oh and there was a delivery a few minutes ago for you. I left the package on your bench, he said good night to his uncle and sat there, what was that all about? He learned about light bulbs a long time ago, and often had fun making them light up just by holding them. He was confused and went over it again, and again. What was his uncle telling him? He wouldn’t ask a question unless there was some meaning to it. It was starting to get cold out, so he went back inside, passing his bench he noticed the box, he did not remember ordering anything. Opening it up he looked at the contents confused it was a respirator. A real nice one too it had valves and tubing where you could pre set the gas flow…. . . . . . . . GAS! That was it! He did not know whether to laugh or cry! He started to work immediately. Finishing up he looked around I need to coat this looking over to the paint he had grimaced, all he had was a bright yellow and a small jar of blue, well it would have to do.

Morning came way too early. His uncle gave him a cup of coffee when he sat down at the table. Well my young man, you were up late last night. He said with a smile. Yes and thank you very much for your gift uncle. It was not just from me we all pitched in we all know how you always wanted to be a hero, and since it IS your birthday I only have one delivery for you. But first I want to see what you were up to last night. Finishing his coffee he nodded, just don’t laugh to hard. A few minutes later he walked out of the back room bright yellow with a blue electronic print that he painted on. His uncle turned around and took a step back and looked him over. Not too conspicuous are you? He said. Kozzma looked at him. Itz ta best I kood do with wht I had, dahm breather and gass caushing me too tauk funny. He uncle laughed Sounds like Kozzlish to me. but does it help you control your release? Yeas look at dis and with that he pointed at a stool a few feet away, an arc of electricity shot from the tip of his hand and made contact with the stool causing it to catch fire on the edge. Quickly grabbing an extinguisher he put out the fire that he just started. His Uncle stood there with a funny look on his face for a moment. Now that was a lot more impressive than I imagined it would be. Here I forgot you need to make this delivery by 10 am, handing him a pair of overalls, “I need you to go deliver this crate of communicators to officer Flint. I’ll get the address for you no, don’t bother changing you don’t have time! They need to be there in 30 minutes. Now get a move on. Oh and tell him that he owes your uncle Tesla big for this.”

Mortal History

Spoiler warning: Details about a player-created storyline, or information currently unrevealed about a character, follow.

Early Hero Career

Present Day

It seems that with the help Of the Defenders He has managed to make significant advancements with his power suit. Operatives are to attempt to acquire it and the subject for inspection only in large numbers, as he tends to travel with other members of his affiliated group.

We have also acquired surveillance from a recent LAB experiment, where one of the Lab techs was making incredible advancement. The lab tech is also now in the custody of the defenders of paragon at this time: Audio and video transcript follows. Note: This has been edited to fit timeline from multiple cameras and mikes from our Lab.

Subject appears to be relaxing just trying to take some time to clear his head walking down the street when he heard sirens heading his way, with a great sigh, he started to look around and called the base to see if any one could tell him what was transpiring.

External building monitors: Voice of Exodus Piped up “Seems Like a tech was manipulating genetic material and used him self as a lab rat”, “better get in there and check it out before the information falls into the wrong hands”. Kozzma keyed back “there all ready here” as the Crey vans started coming down the street, ”I need backup quick who is nearby?” Kozzma was already jumping up to a balcony on the third floor.

“You have Korpershutz, Red Switchblade and Buran Proton, inbound”.

You could hear the mirth in the voice as Korpershutz signaled back, “Ill “negotiate” with them at the front door” there was some one shouting at him to get out of the way, the only response they got was “Moo?”

Switchblade stated that she was coming in the service entrance as Buran joined Kozzma on the balcony.

Office Monitor: Stepping inside the building Subject grabbed some lab coats off of a rack and tossed one to Buran, as he asked Exodus where the lab in question was. “Make a right and go down the hallway and it is 3rd door on your right”.

Lab Monitor: Walking into the room they were surprised that there were only 3 assistants at the moment picking things up. Subject Grin’s and shout’s. ”Don’t touch anything I need you names and your employee numbers now, then get to the decontamination room NOW!” At this the Tech’s jumped and started to move.

Picking up a desk phone subject appears to punch an ext. “Security lock down the elevators and get a proper decontamination crew up here now.” As the tech’s started to hurry out the door giving Buran there information as they left. Note: according to the Phone system Logs No call was made.

Subject takes no time in gathering what was left of the material, while his PDA appears to be downloading Data. “What the hell!” Korpershutz’s and Red Switchblade’s voice come though the communicator at the same time. “Damn protectors on the roof” shouted Switchblade, “I am heading up!”

Exadus, voice piped up, “this is not good! That tech was working on some pretty intense stuff don’t let Crey get there hands on it or we could have another generation protectors! “ Subject pick’s up his PDA and All monitors go dark. Halon system was activated approximately 42 seconds after electronice interference.

Hallway Monitors: Buran and Subject exit the lab door just as Red Switchblade enters hall from out of the stairwell followed by about 12 protectors. “Hay Catch!” Shout’s Kozzma, Red switchblade jump’s back as a ball of lightning exploded in the doorway Disabling 2 out of 3 of the hall way monitors as well a several protectors.

The last two protectors turned to run back into the stairwell. As quick as mercury on a glass plate Switchblade moved in on the last two, in a blur she kneeled down and bought up her arm impaling and lifting the protectors off the ground. With the protectors looking as if they were sitting on her fists, she turned smiled sarcastically and stated “See, I told you the Crey’s people are puppets”.

She then Kneeled back down depositing the incapacitated Protectors on top of the pile. there was a Shhhink as she stood up straight, tossing a bacon that would take the pile to the Zig’s infirmary. Switch looked at the two and said into her Comm “were done here”. Followed by Korp stating “aye aye!” The muffled sound of body’s being tossed into the building coming though the communicator.

Exodus stated “meet me back at the base, I want you all to take a look at this”.

End of transcript.

External References

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