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"There's only two rules on the battlefield:
Kill, or be killed."

"I choose the former over the latter."

                                                                                                          -Kurama Bingyi

Screenshot 100710-17-42-37.jpg
Target in my sights, approaching for neutralization.
Kurama Bingyi
Player: @Huatar
Origin: Science
Archetype: Defender
Security Level: '
Personal Data
Real Name: Kurama Bingyi
Known Aliases: ANGAEL Omega
Species: Human
Age: 23
Height: 6”2
Weight: 187
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Japanese-American
Occupation: Cybernetic Subject 001
Place of Birth: Ft. Hood, TX
Base of Operations: Paragon City, Rhode Island
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: '
Known Powers
High-energy Output from his Cybernetic Implants.
Known Abilities
Firearm-Expertise, Great Agility, Great Strength
Advanced Helmet HUD; Cybernetic Arms and Legs; 2x Desert Eagle Semi-Automatics w/ Laser Sight
No additional information available.

Kurama Bingyi has had working concepts since his first inception on City of Heroes - first, he was a mutant with an appearance problem (looked too Villainous for a Hero) and made use of thorns. This was my first character in the game, period, and had been as it was until I had first created the Phoenix Battalion - which failed miserably due to me running out on my trial account. His appearance had gone from an evil-looking mutant to a teenage mutant, wearing standard clothes. (Like that Asian guy with the thorns on X-Men 3.) Since then, the character was re-scrapped and changed until it finally came down to this; making use of the Cyborg costume sets, I decided that it was time to recreate Kurama Bingyi in a whole new light - a vengeful young man who was put through a top-secret operation that gave him a new body. Of course, this forced me to change around his backstory substantially.

However, I'm very satisfied with how he came out. I really do hope that I'll be able to continue him as a character.

~ @Huatar

Kurama Bingyi's origins stem from being a fan character of Sonic the Hedgehog, by the name "Crescent." Over the years, his character grew into something more - branching off into different other games. The character, itself, sees its visual representation as an anthropomorphic Red Fox. As a character, he is owned by his player.




Kurama is rebuilt from anything Science could create - his internal systems is far more advanced than a large percentage of today's technology.


Duel-Pistol and Kinetics Defender

Kurama's preferred weapons are his Desert Eagle sidearms - powerful enough to knock his enemies away, and compact enough to be carried without hindrance. His cybernetic implants also allow him to boost his energy output, allowing him to "Heal" his allies and boost their morale.


Kurama is very quiet, and even he thinks as much. He is usually reserved around others and only keeps to himself at all times, Kurama seems very focused on his personal goals and missions, and nothing more.


Kurama's body was heavily altered during the six-year operation on him. There are stitched scars along his right cheek, and very noticeable scars along the hips and sides of his chest - when he is not wearing his chest armor. His hair is suave, and kept so to personal preference. The rest of his body - the arms and legs - are Cybernetic. His full suit allows a wing to be attached to his back, granting him flight as he had when he was full flesh.


Kurama Bingyi has had a history of horrible occurrences. He was born a mutant, but did not realize it until his powers manifested at the age of twelve - during which he murdered someone in retaliation for schoolyard harassment. Wanted in his hometown, Kurama decided at this early age to leave - for Waco, the next city over. Here, he met a fellow mutant who took him in as a "side-kick." He went under the alias "Phoenix," while his friend was known as "Blastbolt." As a team, they had fought against criminal rings and underground gangs - keeping it up for two years until, finally, those they fought against fought back. Blastbolt was killed as Kurama, age fourteen, watched his only friend be tortured and maimed. In an act of vengeance, Kurama killed the leaders of each gang responsible for holding them and left Waco forever, leaving behind a legacy that had not left the city streets since that time.

Kurama made his way, slowly, to Paragon City - at the age of 17. He had kept himself quiet and out of scope, but soon he would be tossed again into the venues of heroism. When the Rikti invaded later during the year he was first in Paragon, Kurama was forced to battle alongside other heroes as they pushed back the aliens. When the heroes of Paragon succeeded, Kurama was asked to patrol the war zones with other heroes. They were ambushed, and in turn Kurama was killed. His limbs were crushed or broken, without hope for recover.

Scientific Rebirth

Soon after he was killed, Kurama was discovered by a group of Scientists who immediately took his discarded carcass to a top-secret laboratory off in the out-skirts of Paragon City. For six years, they worked to recreate his internal structure, all the while recreating his arms and legs. In short, they rebuilt him with experimental cybernetic components that enhanced his physical and mental performance. When it was finally time to wake him up, he accepted the change to his entire structure. For several days, he trained to make use of his new functionality. His abilities as a mutant had been repressed - however, he grew accustomed to the use of firearms over time.

Despite his death, Kurama retained a vast majority of his memories. Chief among them that he always draws back to his the moment prior to his death - the energy and disparity of the moment that had his heart pounding throughout the entire encounter with a lone Rikti patrol.

Release, or Escape?

The confidentiality of the entire project had kept Kurama from learning too much of the organization that brought him back - the only bits of information he knew were that it was a high-level Government program that was funded countless billions of dollars in order to bring the project to life. Kurama Bingyi was the first subject, though it is unknown as to whether or not there had been more. While Kurama adjusted to this, he had yearned to return.

His release is kept confidential, though those who were a part of the program speculated that Kurama forced his own way out and escaped. Others claimed that he was allowed leave, but never returned. Nevertheless, Kurama was satisfied with his return. Since then, he had worked to keep Paragon safe in his own way.

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