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Empire of Atlantis
Player: @ChIoro
Empirical Standing
Rank: Warrior
Profession: None
Origin & Archetype: Unknown Civilian
Security Level: 48
Atlantean's Personal Data
Real Name: Kydras
Known Aliases: Ky, Grumpy
Species: Merfolk (Noii)
Age: Appears 23 in human years, (234).
Height / Weight: Tall / Wide
Eye / Hair Color: Blue / Bald
Citizenship: Atlantean
Current Residence: The Temple
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Naolo, Unnamed mother (parents, deceased), Apato (family friend, former pederasty).
Known Powers
Training & Abilities
Biological attributes, expert marksman, ice magic, limited medical knowledge, keen eyesight and minor telepathy.
Personal Items
Apollo: A wooden bow named after the God. Other equipment include arrows, and situational medicine ingredients.
Perhaps proving that his claim of hearing Apollo's voice is in fact true, he appears to have recently gained an as yet unknown ability of infusing his bow with magical energy. He refuses to speak of such topic.

Kydras (pr K-eye-drass or K-eye-druss), is a name originating from an ancient Noii translation of Hydra, though the language is no longer used.

He is a handsome, young Atlantean scout and archer, guided to the surface world by the voice of Poseidon to aid the now King Leviathas and his allies in the many obstacles they already have, and will surely face in the future. Known for his stubborness and critical tongue despite his lack of voice, Kydras has made it clear that his loyalty to the Empire of Atlantis will continue to live on beyond his last drawn breath.

"It took many tides, biding my time in silence and frustration. Now, I believe I have finally found my Apollo."


The Story

Kydras was born the only son of two relatively young Noii Merfolk; his father Naolo, a scholar whom immigrated into the city at a very young age, virtually unheard of throughout the embrace of Atlantis, and his Atlantean born mother whom only begun to study and practice medicine. Their son's birth though once praised, soon became a burden during their shifting circumstances into low-class living conditions. Thankfully Apato, one of Naolo's greatest friends tracing back from childhood and well respected citizen, assisted the family in any way he could during Kydras' first tides, commonly referred to as "a generous man directed into their lives by Poseidon himself". The archer grew very fond of the infant, at times overshadowing his true father.

Unfortunately, it took but one choice, arguably foolish but with well-placed intentions, to take it all away and drastically shift the path in which the Mer would venture throughout the rest of his childhood. Into the abyss of the deceptively calm waters the couple would travel, in search of Naolo's relatives of the deep. They sought out to deliver the news of their newborn, as well as pray for possible aid. What he fell ignorant of however, was the migration that had taken many months prior, phenomena unknown to the Mer whom had spent so much of his life within the city's boundaries. In the place of his cousins dwelled other savage beings, enslaved by their own xenophobia. The two were met with hostility, and in possessing only slight knowledge of combat were literally teared to shreds, their cries entangled within the coral.

Pieces of their bodies were scattered, and when the news of their deaths had finally reached Apato's ears, he decided to take the responsibility of his friend's son, promising Naolo this very act in the past. Kydras was raised as if he was his very own, being granted Apato's unconditional love and respect through pederasty. What Apato did not do however, was raise the boy to be a scholar as his father had intended. Rather, the man instilled into Kydras' life his own expertise in archery. Though Kydras was too young to even remember his parents, all too soon he began to ask several questions once older, and in return Apato willingly gave him the answers.

Kydras could only use words to paint the picture of whom he once had in his life, and felt guilty for not following in his father's footsteps to reach that point of respect he wasn't able to achieve as a teacher of life. He commonly announced his interest in pursuing this dream, but was severely hindered by Apato's constant insistance on taking a warrior's path. This created great friction between the two - Kydras gave into Apato's wish (he claims to have heard Apollo speak to him during slumber, this being the only true reason his resistance weakened), his skill with the bow even surpassing his teacher, but still grew extremely bitter during his climb to young adulthood, and the relationship corroded. It was this very same degree of skill that impressed the city, and guided Kydras into utilizing his abilities as an effective scout, the start of the life he grew into liking opposed to desiring.

"Oh Apollo, I worship you through every inch of my body."

Now a great warrior, he spent many tides honing his skills by simply aiding his city, and doing what was asked of him. It was during a search party that he allowed his newfound arrogance consume him, and it scarred him for life. Several Atlantean scouts, including himself, were directed outside of the walls in search of a missing female youth whom had ventured outside the city at the whim of her own curiosity and adventurous nature, but did not return for two tides. The party scattered into two seperate groups; one would lower to the darker depths, and the other would remain within the light. Kydras was one of the four who descended into the hostile environment expecting the possible consequences of doing so, insisting on doing as such to "reveal his skill to the other scouts". Though the four stood ready for battle, they were not prepared for the alarming numbers of the deep-dwellers that ambushed them.

A bloody battle ensued, but the Atlanteans held their guard, fending off a great deal of the attackers while ending the lives of others. One Atlantean lost his life instantly when stabbed through the head with a serrated spear, another lost his right arm, the limb floating steadily to the surface. Kydras attacked from range, and when the scouts began to fall, he was left with little ability to defend himself from a full-on melee assault. His evasion was swift, but before he could flee, he could not escape the last strike directed toward him; a blade gashing into his neck. He barely managed to flee the scene with the help of the other surviving scout, but the two were able to emerge from the darkness despite their critical injuries, uttering prayers to the Earth Shaker along the way.

After several cycles of recovery, Kydras nearly fell into a state of depression for two reasons: First, the injury to his neck severely damaged his vocal chords, stealing his voice and leaving a horrid scar. Secondly, the young one they were sent to find, was soon found dead within a cave just short of the previous scene of blood. With his ego fractured and the guilt that paralyzed his body flowing strong, he developed an inferiority complex, isolating himself from the rest of his allies. Every little mistake he was ever responsible for was revisted and emphasized. Kydras drew the conclusion that the only way he could possibly prevent victimization, was to rectify any weakness he had shown in the past. His interests turned away from his archery, and for many, many months..his studies would venture to medicine and magic. These were practices that did not come naturally, but through his complex gave birth to his perserverence and drive to be "equal to everyone else around him". With no voice he would speak to no one, with a fear of failure he refused to assist his city until he believed his endeavors created results. His isolation made him ignorant and disinterested of the treason and vileness that plagued their people, and Leviathas' march onto the surface world, an event that shook the city.

Then one day, as his mind and body started to disintegrate in constant searching for a true purpose, he heard the voice...his voice...Poseidon's call, the God of the Sea's mur mur. At first, he could not determine if he had been dreaming, or if his own delusions were attempting to comfort him, and then the voice would return, ensuring him as to what he was supposed to do, that his place belonged with those Atlanteans whom surfaced. Kydras cleared his mind, and succumbed to the force attracting him. That day, his first step onto the sands of Talos Island, new life ignited within his eyes through curiosity, fear and pride.

In current time, he has aided his allies in various ventures, experienced surface culture through autumn and winter rituals, and has made even more close friends within the surface numbers, as well as enemies.

Current Phenomena


Commonly refered to as moody, grumpy, difficult and opinionated, because that is what he purposely projects toward others in order to protect his inner emotions and sensitivity. He could possibly be your worst enemy, ever vengeful, however those that do break through the ice and befriend him or earn his love will discover his relentless loyalty and compassion for them to absorb. His inferiority complex plays an important role in shaping his personality in current day, though it has also encouraged him to always work a little harder. Kydras possesses a certain attractiveness beyond physical appearance, possibly due to his mysteriousness born from his complete secretive nature. Though he pretends to hate compliments, he is quick to smile when no one is watching. He is constantly thinking and speaking within his own private mind, but words rarely make it out his mouth. His greatest secrets are never revealed to anyone, not even friends or family. He is an extremely sensual person when his passions are tapped into. Though others would have to be myopic to not witness, Kydras acquires a deep obssession with the god Apollo, commonly calling out his name within the heat of battle or other negative situations.

"If I were to allow each thought up sentence bypass the haven of my lips, you would never get a word in yourself."


Kydras is a very skilled and very capable marksman, taking pride in his mastery of the bow. Though at first he did not care for the art, he appears to have a natural talent for it, his keen eye leaving little room for enemies to escape his flawless accuracy. He believes he owes much of his skill to Apollo, for driving him to indulge in the use of the perfect weapon in the first place.

At one point, Kydras boasted little self-belief and constantly doubted his own abilities. He acquired knowledge of ice magic and basic medicine for his own piece of mind, and though he is not a natural for either skill, he appears to currently place his medical knowledge to good use, while his affinity for magic is starting to prove stronger than anyone, including himself, first anticipated. At times, he uses ice magic in the battlefield as often as his bow.

Being a Noii Mer, Kydras' body can incognitively adapt, and "tweak" itself to suit various environments (the process requires him to be within a particular environment for at least a couple of days).

"Apollo, guide my arrows!"

Notable Friendships/Allies

His greatest friends, allies, and those he just isn't annoyed to have around him, or would prefer to be around him.

"I would die for you, and that is a promise."

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