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Calypso Bidderman
Player: @TheOneTrueBling
Origin: Confidential
Archetype: Arachnos Widow
Threat Level: 10
Personal Data
Real Name: Calypso Bidderman
Known Aliases: Widow Bidderman
Species: Human
Age: 19
Height: Confidential
Weight: Confidential
Eye Color: Confidential
Hair Color: Confidential
Biographical Data
Nationality: Confidential
Occupation: Arachnos Agent
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Arachnos Military Training
Widow Claws; Wrist Mounted Dart Launchers; Arm Blades; Widow Venom
Keep a close eye on this one, in case her mental abilities manifest further.

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Calm, quiet, deadly. These are just a few of the words some use to describe Calypso. This is likely in part to the fact that the typical brain washing that is done to make the Widow's of Arachnos have unquestioning loyalty never seemed to stick with Calypso. Her reasoning being that you can't brain wash someone into being loyal, when they already are. Living in the Rogue Islands all her life, Calypso has seen what Lord Recluse has done with the islands first hand, and while it might not be perfect, or even acceptable by some people’s standards, Calypso sees differently.

She puts stock in Lord Recluse's philosophy of "survival of the fittest" and that "the strong must inherit the earth", and sees the Rogue Islands as living proof of such ideals holding truth. This is no doubt the result behind why she chose to join Arachnos, and the minor signs of psychic ability within her being the reason for why Arachnos made her a Widow. Regardless of the reasons, Calypso is beyond a shadow of a doubt, a freethinking, ambitious individual who desires to help fulfill her Lord's ideals... Even if she has to kill every last soul in her path to do it, a notion which The Snakes have come to learn about Calypso the hard way as she wasted no time in cutting a swathe of death and destruction through their ranks while in service to the Seer Kalinda and her cohort Mongoose. Now, she has set up shop in Port Oaks, and soon the people there will learn just as The Snakes did just how dangerous of a woman Calypso is...

Calypso locked in combat with one of The Snakes.


Current Activity

Calypso has presently been transferred to Port Oaks as a continuation of her activity as an agent of Arachnos. Currently using the local information networks to weed out Arachnos' enemies, while at the same time making sure the gang wars between and Marcone and Verandi families don't grow to an unacceptable level.


Calypso is a very calm and quiet woman. Rarely bothering to speak unless it is something she feels is important and needs to be said, or she desires to insult or taunt someone. The times she does actually speak to someone beyond the context of what has been spoken, is when she either feels they are someone actually worth her time to speak to, or she's busy telling said person to "piss off".


Calypso doesn't actually have any powers of her own that are of great significance. Though it has been noted by the tests Arachnos put her through that she posses' minor telepathy. Only enough that she is capable of mentally communicating with others over long distances if she desires. But Arachnos has noted this as a possibility to grow into something greater. Beyond her minor telepathic abilities, Calypso also posses' the weapons and training of a Blood Widow that she is able to use to great effect.


Calypso's greatest weakness would of course have to be her mortality. While she may be quick, agile, and deadly. She is very much vulnerable to the same ravages your typical 'Average Joe' would be. Though it is suspected that due to her minor psychic power she is capable of shielding herself to some degree from mental assault.

Public Opinion

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