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Killer Wave is all that remains of Abram Maddox. Born in Gatewood, Seattle to two loving but strict parents, Abram Maddox lived a relatively sheltered life. Not quite a nerd, but not "cool" either, Abram had few friends in high school. His parents pushed him to be more friendly, to participate in something to get him out of his shell. He joined the swim team as a last resort, as it was too late to join any other clubs or organizations.

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He didn't mind the water; he was a fairly decent swimmer. He minded the swim team itself. Abram was more academic than every member of the team combined. And he let them know it, alienating himself in the process. They never bullied him in the traditional sense, they just ignored him. He hated them for it. His string of successes went unacknowledged as the team's golden boy, Calvin Callahan, eclipsed everyone else on the team. Naturally gifted, Calvin garnered more attention then the entire group. Jealous of Calvin's success, Abram immediately assumed he'd been using steroids. No one swam that fast naturally. So he spread the rumor. With Calvin flaunting his abilities so unabashedly, it wasn't much of a leap for everyone else to believe it. After Calvin refused to undergo a drug test, he was kicked off the swim team. Abram was ecstatic.

But it wasn't enough. Abram's family couldn't afford to send him to an out-of-state college so he was forced to enroll in community college, along with Calvin. Even after ruining Calvin's future, Abram's jealousy grew. Feelings of inadequacy and envy gnawed at Abram. When the town was threatened by a mutated and sentient whale, a costumed Calvin defeated the monster, saving the town. Abram immediately suspected Calvin as the town's "hero".

Now sure of Calvin's mutant abilities, Abram set out to reveal him for what he truly was. Abram disguised himself as a supervillain named 'The Reefer' and held the college hostage, demanding a face-off with Calvin. Calvin subsequently defeated Abram, though he was forced to reveal his identity to the public. And to Abram's dismay, Calvin was hailed as a hero instead of a mutant freak.


Abram avoided imprisonment after the police car he was riding in was sideswiped by another vehicle. To escape, Abram dove off a cliff into contaminated waters and swam away as far as he could. Abram fell unconscious and upon waking up on shore, was horrified. He'd been turned into a monster. Organic coral and aquatic plants had bonded themselves to his body. The contaminates had mutated him, and as side effects, Abram discovered he could now breath underwater and he had gained superhuman strength.

Driven partially mad, Abram blamed Lagoon for his horrible transformation and vowed to kill him. That day, Abram Maddox died. And Killer Wave was born.

Killer Wave possesses extreme physical strength. He is immensely resistant to heat, cold, and conventional damage, allowing him to survive. His body possesses a highly accelerated healing factor that allows him to quickly regenerate from most damage. He is immensely resistant to heat, cold, and the pressure and the cold of the deep oceans. His specially developed vision allows him to see clearly in the murky depths of the ocean.

Unlike Lagoon, Killer Wave requires water at all times, which forces him to wear a sort of "reverse" re-breather which feeds water directly into his gills. His stamina, agility, and reflexes are reduced when out of the water.

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